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Readers’ wildlife photos

Remember to send in your photos, or I’ll run out within a week!  Reader Tim Garrett sent some of his local wildlife, but we should never neglect those plants and animals that live close to humans! Tim’s notes and IDs are indented: My wildlife photos are mostly of the backyard variety but we have a good […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Tony Eales from Queensland, Australia sent a passel of photos of natural selection in action. His notes (species weren’t identified, so I’m putting up his photo labels): To help top up the tank I’m offering up a set of photos of arthropods eating other arthropods. Assassin bug versus beetle larva: Assassin bug versus caterpillar: Crab spider […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Mark Sturtevant sent some nice insect photos; his captions are indented. I have a new crop of pictures here taken last summer. I hope you enjoy them. The first two pictures feature female Eastern amberwing dragonflies (Perithemis tenera) These are very small—and I think adorable—dragonflies with heads that look like they could go into […]

Moths that may mimic spiders

Since it’s Darwin Day, I’ve featured only evolution-related issues, and let’s finish with some amazing pictures by photographer and entomologist Gil Wizen, taken from his eponymous website (with permission; note that he also has a Twitter page and a Facebook page).  (N.b.: the photos are used with permission and cannot be reproduced further.) In a post called “Petrophilia“, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I still need nature photos from readers (remember, we usually go through 7 contributions a week), so if you have good ones, send them in. The superb nature photographer Kurt, also known as “orionmystery,” who produces the website Up Close With Nature, has given permission to reproduce some of his photographs. Thanks to reader Mark […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Rodger Atkin sent a lovely dragonfly photo from Thailand, which may be a mimic. Though I know of no mimetic dragonflies, I don’t know much about Odonata, and Rodger  asks readers if they know anything about this one. His notes: This was taken in my yard in Thailand. I have never seen markings like those […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Kurt Andreas sent some lovely photos of insects, fungi and slime molds (for some reason we’ve gotten a lot of fungi lately after a long dry spell). His notes are indented.  I have a mixed bag for you today. I was inspired by Jim Stump’s wildlife contributions, as I have tons of fungi and slime […]

Here’s the insect!

Here’s the answer to “What’s that insect?“, via Twitter. Thanks to Matthew Cobb for sussing this out. Yes, it’s a hemipteran (a “true bug”) in the genus Formiscurra (F. indicus), and it’s also a planthopper that’s an ant mimic. Notice the fake head in front of the real head! Allow me to introduce you to #Formiscurra indicus, […]

Name the insect!

Devoted Twitter-watcher Matthew Cobb found this bizarre insect, with the tw**ter asking for information. Can you guess what this insect is? We’ll put up the answer when it’s posted. Let's play a game of Name That Insect! What is this? (Don't be a downer & reverse image search). Answer in 2 hrs Photo by L. […]

A new order of insect found in Cretaceous amber

There are about 30 orders of insects (see here), usually ending with the letters “-ptera”. You should know some of these, including Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Orthoptera, Hemiptera (“true bugs”), Diptera (FLIES!), Hymenoptera (ants, bees, and wasps), and as many of the others as your brain can hold. Rarely do we find a new one, as most of these […]