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Wetas, cave wetas, and lagniappe (cat versus weta)

Some of the most unusual endemic insects in New Zealand are the wētā, orthopterans. They’re often referred to as “crickets,” but they’re in the families  Anostostomatidae and Rhaphidophoridae and not the cricket family (Gryllidae). Although Wikipedia says that there are 70 species of wētā (all endemic to this country), there are doubtlessly a lot more, as another guide […]

Travels: Around Glenorchy

Today (yesterday when you read this, though remember that if you’re in the US or UK, it’s tomorrow already!), we toured the environs of the small (population 300) town of Glenorchy, about 45 km north of Queenstown. Our first stop was the beginning of the Routeburn Track, a very famous 32-km (usually 3 day) hike through […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

This will be the last batch of readers’ wildlife photos for a while. But please keep accumulating them to send me when I return. First, Christopher Moss, whose “first chipmunk of spring” photo was posted two days ago, adds a video of what he says is a mating call. (Do female chipmunks call?) His comment: “Beginning […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We’ll have an eclectic selection today, with the first photo from reader Christopher Moss. His notes are indented: In the tradition of a letter to the editor of The Times documenting the first cuckoo of spring, I have the honour to report that the first chipmunk to emerge was spotted today. They disappeared rather early, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Mark Sturtevant sent a bunch of insect photos, and he’s a specialist in great arthropod pix. His notes are indented: There are 16 pictures in this batch, and I have 6 or 7 more batches in the queue. Hope you like insects! I spent some time watching a thriving colony of aphids on sunflowers that […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

This is the 16,000th post I’ve put up since this website started in 2009. Next landmark: getting 50,000 subscribers! I am posting part 2 of reader Loren Russell’s photos of insects he found on the snow in a hike in Oregon. Part 1 was posted yesterday with this introduction: A new camera and an email from […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Loren Russell managed to take photos of arthopods on a snowy hike. Yes, the creatures were on top of the snow! His notes are indented, and we’ll have another batch of ice fauna soon. Arthropods on snow A new camera and an email from a friend in Montana prodded me to combine two of […]

Speaking of linguistics. . . .

Here’s today’s xkcd, called the “Wrong Superhero”. I had to have Matthew explain it to me, as I didn’t get it immediately. I suspect others will.  

Here’s the katydid!

As promised, here’s the hidden katydid, photographed by Mark Sturtevant, that was presented this morning. Did you find it? Click photo to enlarge.

Spot the katydid!

Reader Mark Sturtevant has another puzzler for us today. Can you spot the katydid? Click twice in succession (with a pause between clicks) to enlarge the photo. I’d rank this one “moderately difficult.” I’ll put up the answer at noon Chicago time.