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Guest post: Je suis Charlie?

[JAC note: Greg wrote this two days ago, and I think it will be the last thing written on this site about the Charlie Hebdo murders. One can never be sure, of course, but I think Greg’s post closes out the matter for us.] by Greg Mayer Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, a number of commentators, while […]

Wikipedia is an error multiplier

by Greg Mayer Close readers of WEIT will know that I rarely cite or link to Wikipedia (other than for images), and that I have occasionally promised to at some point say more about this. This won’t be a full account, but a recent spectacular example of Wikipedia’s ability to spread error has been reported […]

Cats in the “Museum of Corruption”

by Greg Mayer After security forces abandoned the Ukrainian presidential palace amidst street-fighting in Kiev, protesters seized control of the opulent mansion and its grounds (which include a zoo and a pirate-themed restaurant). The protesters, who seem well organized, did not loot the palace, but have opened the grounds for the people to tour, and […]

Why there probably isn’t a ghost ship full of cannibal rats headed for the British Isles

by Greg Mayer There’s been a lot of media attention the last few days about the prospect of a derelict Russian passenger ship, the Lyubov Orlova, crossing the Atlantic from Canada (where it was last berthed) and crashing into Ireland or Britain, spilling disease-ridden, inbred, cannibal rats on their shores. The ship was being towed […]

Nature editorial supports science at the Field Museum

by Greg Mayer Jerry and I have written about the plight of science at Chicago’s Field Museum, both here at WEIT, and with several colleagues in a letter to Science. In an editorial, Nature, the leading scientific journal of the English-speaking world, has also spoken out in support of science at the Field. In the […]

First Amendment alert: bill in U.S. Congress gives money to rebuild storm-damaged churches

A piece in yesterday’s New York Times,  the American House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a bill (see link below) to allow government money to be used for repairing houses of worship damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The bill, approved last week by a vote of 354 to 72, had support from Roman Catholic and Jewish […]

The cats win, the cats win

by Greg Mayer The intertoobz has spoken: kittehs rool! By an online poll, a cat has replaced the iron as a new Monopoly playing piece. The Scottie dog’s nemesis now joins him in battle on the board itself, and a cosmic imbalance has been rectified.  (I never knew why an iron was a playing piece– […]

Stewie, world’s longest cat, dies

by Greg Mayer It is my sad duty to report to you that Stewie, the Guinness-certified world’s longest cat (1.23 m, nose to tail tip; also the longest tail, 41.5 cm) has died of cancer at the age of eight. He was a therapy cat, and I’m sure will be missed by his owners and […]

How’d they get it out, Alphie? or Television poisons everything

Thank goodness I have loyal readers who call my attention to heartwarming animal stories, like that of a curious English tabby named Alphie who swallowed a television antenna. And thank goodness as well that Alphie is fine. As the Guardian reports: A kitten has survived after swallowing a 15cm (6in) TV aerial. Alphie required emergency […]

The Piltdown Hoax at 100

by Greg Mayer The Geological Society (London) is having a special meeting today to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Piltdown  hoax. There will also be a tour of a new special exhibit at the Natural History Museum (which also has a nice Piltdown website). It was exactly 100 years ago today that Charles Dawson, […]


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