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Weekend reading

Saturday is a slow day (it’s supposed to be my day off, but that never happens), and so I’ll reserve anything substantive for the rest of the week. But there are two items I recommend reading today—actually three, but I’ll save the other for tomorrow. The first is Andrew Sullivan’s weekly “Interesting Times” column in […]

Andrew Sullivan on the Democrats and immigration

I enjoy reading Andrew Sullivan’s weekly “Interesting Times” columns, and they’re worth following. Each Friday column covers three subjects, and although I don’t agree with Andrew all of the time, more often than not I do. You may still count him as a conservative, but he sure doesn’t sound like one, especially when, as he […]

American Democratic socialists pass resolution favoring open borders

UPDATE AND ERRATA: I have erred, and I am to blame. The DSA Convention hasn’t yet taken place, and will be held August 2-4 in Atlanta, Georgia. This is just a resolution which is proposed to the membership, but it’s not clear that even if this is adopted somehow, it will become part of the […]