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I must be a woman because I like cats?

Here’s an amusing attempted comment from someone named “forsoothredux”, trying to weigh in on my recent post “I get emails from loons.” I’m confused…I thought you Whyevolutionistrue were a woman, not a man because…cats? K🙄 Well, I won’t parse the grammar, especially the absence of two commas and the hanging “because”. But how accurate was […]

I get emails

The volume of comments I have to deep-six has increased, and I’m not sure whether it’s because the moon is full or because the volume of traffic has increased over time. Either way, I thought I’d put up two that were especially striking. Here’s a comment from “The Knot Specialist” whose website is, unsurprisingly, private. […]

I get emails from Christian creationists

The email below arrived this morning from a retired officer in the U.S. Air Force who had read my critical review of Michael Behe’s new Intelligent-Design book in the Washington Post. (I am, by the way, pleased that virtually all the commenters at the Post accept evolution and reject ID—something I didn’t expect). Re the […]

The Credentials Canard, and readers write in defending homeopathy

Very often I get emails or posts from readers incensed that I dare post about anything other than evolutionary biology. This first person, a professor who will remain unnamed to protect the benighted, has, as I recall, written this same email to me a while back. Apparently he thinks I have no credential to post about Islam when I […]

A creationist writes in

I can’t help but post occasional comments from creationists—just to remind us what we’re up against. This comment, sent in response to my post about declining ticket sales at Kentucky’s Creation Museum, goes above the fold, for the writer, one “Lynette,” is just so uninformed, so willfully ignorant, that it makes me despair of America. How […]