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Sirocco the kakapo is missing

The big news in New Zealand is that Sirocco, the most famous kakapo (Strigops habroptilus, the world’s only flightless parrot, a bird endemic to this country) has gone missing; or rather, his radio band slipped off his leg. But no worries—this has happened before. It’s his 20th birthday, though, and if they don’t find him he’ll miss his […]

Winner: Comedy wildlife photos

Reader John O’Neall called my attention to a cool site: “The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards,” and I suddenly realized that that is a very important site to have on the Internet. Here are a few winners and commended photos from 2016. Go to the site to see all the finalists and the 2015 winners:  WINNER The […]

Tee shirt logos from a reader

Reader and artist Pliny the in Between has posted a number of tee-shirt logos he/she has designed over the years and put on the site The Far Corner Cafe. As far as I know, none have actually been put on tee-shirts, but I wouldn’t mind wearing one or two of these. Here are four. It […]

Sarah Silverman mistakes surveyor’s mark for a swastika, Internet hilarity ensues

Twitchy reports a series of tweets begun by Sarah Silverman when she saw some marks painted on the ground. She thought they were malformed swastikas. Walking to get coffee saw these all over a sidewalk in the town I'm in. Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do neo nazis not have google? — Sarah Silverman […]

Bill Maher indicts the liberal thought-and-language police for Democratic losses

This segment of Bill Maher’s “Real Time”, which was published yesterday, blames Democratic election losses on the party’s having gone “from the party that protects people to the party that protects feelings.” Well, I’m not so sure I agree, but it’s a funny piece nonetheless. h/t: Barry

Paul Ryan added briefly to Wikipedia’s “invertebrate” page

Well, it didn’t last long, but some wag (look up the origins of “wag,” by the way, which is a short version of “waghalter”) committed an Act of Humor on Wikipedia. As reported by SelectAll, which gives a tw**t by Buzzfeed writer Alp Ozcelik, for one brief shining moment an editor put Paul Ryan, Republican […]

Carrie Fisher cremated, ashes put in a Prozac-shaped urn

The sad death of Carrie Fisher (and her mother Debbie Reynolds on the next day) is leavened by one bit of humor. After Fisher was cremated, her ashes were put in an urn shaped like a big Prozac pill.  Fisher was well known to have suffered from bipolar disorder, and didn’t hide it at all. […]

Election day diversions

by Greg Mayer Here in the U.S. it’s election day, and Americans are going to the polls to vote (many have already cast ballots in early voting). To divert you while awaiting the results (we’re expecting them at 3:00 PM Chicago time), here are a couple of items. First, the following photo is of identical […]

The laws of cartoon physics

To end the week, we have a lovely post that gives the cartoon laws of physics, whose author is, sadly, unknown. But they’re hilarious, and if you’re of a certain age you’ll recognize them all. Here they are; I’ve put my favorites in bold. Cartoon Law I Any body suspended in space will remain in […]

Comedy wildlife awards

I can’t recall a contest of wildlife photographs that concentrated on their comedic aspect. But that’s what the Guardian has done with its new post “The Comedy Wildlife Photography awards—in pictures“. And there’s some swell and hilarious photos of our animal friends. I’ll show a short selection, but head on over for a smile. Captions […]