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What’s a Nazi? Jonathan Pie explains

Yes, the word “Nazi” is now used, mostly by unhinged Leftists, to mean “someone whose views I don’t like.” I suppose if there were a word more pejorative than “Nazi”, language would ratchet up to that level (“racist” is below Nazi because Nazis are racist as well as other things). Here mock-newsman Jonathan Pie explains […]

Best Christmas gif and tweet ever

The gif: And the tweet, found by Grania: メリークリスマス!!#christmascard — ウエスP(Wes-P/Mr Uekusa) BGT2018&AGT2018 (@uespiiiiii) December 24, 2018 Have a good dinner!

Misheard song lyrics

Shappi Khorsandi, comedian and previous president of the British Humanists, tweeted some misheard lyrics: I’m in shock. Let’s play the Mondegreen game. I have JUST realised that it’s not ‘Lets hit the B square’ what’s the actual lyric? — Shappi Khorsandi (@ShappiKhorsandi) December 20, 2018 I suspect that the lyric she was thinking of, […]

But, but . . . Santa Cruz is real!

I’m used to being called a censor for decrying creationism taught in the public schools, published in scientific journals, or offered as a recreational event on a public school trip. But these critics don’t understand that, since creationism and its gussied-up twin Intelligent Design are seen by the courts as “religion”,  they can’t be taught as […]

The face in the feces: Nature paper hides Trump’s visage in a monkey turd

This paper, online this week in Nature Scientific Reports, got a lot of attention because of a certain image it contained. First, the title (click on screenshot to access the paper): The paper describe a new way to get host DNA (from monkeys, in this case) by isolating it from feces, a method that enables […]

Australian traffic lights signal virtue

This is not something to be outraged about, even if you’re like me and find great distress in the Regressive Left. After all, the people who designed these traffic signals mean well (but don’t they always?): they’re trying to make gay couples seem welcome. I suspect, though, that gay couples don’t face much opprobrium in […]

Titiania McGrath suspended from Twitter, then returns in glory and defiance

You may be aware of Titania McGrath, apparently the reincarnation of Godfrey Elfwick. Both Titania and Godfrey trolled the Authoritarian Left by pretending to be social justice warriors and mocking the extremes of that ideology. In fact, both Titania and Godfrey were so convincing that their tweets were taken seriously by some SJWs, and non-SJW […]

Natural selection against clueless cellphone users

We’ve all seen people bump into telephone poles and nearly get hit by cars when walking around looking at their cellphones. (Hell, I’ve done it myself, at least with the telephone poles; I never look at a phone while crossing the street.) When I almost bumped into one of these metal poles in Paris, I […]

We need celebrities to tell us to vote!

This video, from Comedy Central and posted on The Hill, makes fun of those ads in which celebrities tell us to be sure to vote (Hollywood being Hollywood, there’s also an implicit message there). But regardless of how you vote (and I’ve already done so), do a substantial number of people really require being nudged […]

Matt Damon channels Brett Kavanaugh

Here’s the clip from last night’s Saturday Night Live, with Matt Damon playing Brett Kavanaugh. Given the decline in quality of SNL over the years, this is a one-time return to form: