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Afternoon animal humor

From Grania, we have an absolutely fabulous penguin video. Make sure to turn up the sound. The sound of a penguin falling, its sympathetic crew responding, and its gruff dismissal of pity is so far the audio hit of the year. — Jeff Elder (@JeffElder) January 6, 2018 And a pesky kangaroo: A tourist […]

End of the day humor

We have two items today, one real and one Photoshopped, but both are funny. The real one: part of the menu from a Thai restaurant in Hong Kong, sent by reader Winnie. Do any of the dishes look weird? That beef must have had a good time! And a fake but funny picture sent by […]

The evolution of job interviews

Here are two job interview videos sent to me by several readers (thanks to all): one is of a Millennial woman and the other of a Neanderthal or other ancient hominin. Both are funny. Putting them together in chronological order, we get “the evolution of the job interview.” First, a Stone Age job interview, apparently […]

Kat Chow at NPR (and request for names)

You’re gonna get persiflage today as my neuronal activity has been diverted to a piece of writing which will provide an actual stipendiary emolument. I was listening to National Public Radio news this morning, and I heard an item reported by someone who appeared to say, at the end, “This is Cat Chow reporting for […]

The Onion on the pros and cons of gene editing

A while back I reviewed Doudna and Sternberg’s new book, A Crack in Creation, for the Washington Post (it’s a pretty good book), pointing out the revolution in gene therapy about to occur with the development of the CRISPR/Cas-9 system, which pretty much lets experimenters change DNA in any way they want, including editing out […]

Well, it could have been true. . . .

Satire is funny only when it hits close to home. Here’s a piece from The Onion in 2015, reproduced in its entirety (and tweeted by Steve Pinker), that gives an idea of the climate on many of today’s campuses. It’s been a years since it appeared, and things have only gotten worse. And the text: […]

How determinism can help insurance companies deny medical claims

I think this article—which could have come from The Onion but actually came from another “joke news site,” The Beaverton—is hilarious.  Here’s an excerpt; I hope compatibilists have a sense of humor! Chicago, IL – American health insurers have begun classifying all medical claims as pre-existing conditions and refusing to offer settlements because of the […]

The Onion: Speaking truth to the powerless

I really should keep up more with The Onion, as it often has very funny stuff. This video shows a poor white guy explaining why he’s rethought his vote for Trump. I have to say that this is one of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s funny because it’s […]

You had one job. . .

Reader Paul called my attention to the first tw**t below, which took me to the “You had one job” Twitter site, which in turn I found hilarious. Seriously. go look at that place! I’ve added another cat-related tweet: Why cat racing never took off. — You Had One Job (@_youhadonejob1) June 10, 2017

End-of-the-day sign

Reader Darrell sent me this sign, and a quick search shows lots of copies of it on the Internet, but I can’t be arsed to find out where it was, or if it’s genuine. A helpful reader might do that. Regardless, it’s funny, and if you don’t know where the lines came from, or what […]