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Why don’t the people in safety demonstrations act scared?

This question, which of course is fatuous, struck me because, owing to my recent flights and cruises, which exposed me to many safety demonstrations, I was struck by how calm people are in these videos and photos. If you’ve ever seen a cellphone video of the interior of an airplane cabin in which people think […]

Comedy wildlife awards

Due to the dearth of readers’ wildlife photos (yes, I still have some), I will be posting them only sporadically until more arrive. So today I’ll post a selection of my favorite finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards for 2019. These are reproduced in The Guardian. Look at this poor egret! Warning! Territory marking, […]

The 2019 Ig Nobel Prizes

Several readers informed me that the 2019 Ig Nobel Prizes, for research that is supposed to make you “LAUGH and then THINK”, were awarded yesterday at a ceremony at Harvard University. While yesterday’s ten awards aren’t yet summarized on the official website. Most of the publicity in the press was about the anatomy prize, which […]

Israel colonizes the Moon

Not satisfied with taking over the West Bank, Israel, in a clever plot probably orchestrated by Mossad, has sent Jewish animals, tardigrades, to the Moon. (Mossad has a well known history of using animals as spies or attack surrogates.) Since tardigrades can survive complete desiccation and low temperatures, their deposition on the Moon is a […]

Convention rules for the Democratic Socialists of America

Here are two videos from last weekend’s Atlanta, Georgia convention of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a group whose members include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and which has endorsed (and worked for) the election of Bernie Sanders. The organization is pretty much what it says it is,—a group that favors liberal democracy but with significant socialistic […]

Michael Jackson reincarnated as a duck

I was going to write at least one substantive post today, but I’m too sad about Frank (and others recently departed) to do that. Tomorrow is time enough. Here, to cheer us up, is a video called to my attention by reader Norm, who gave it this caption: The Tibetan Lama Council has recently proclaimed […]

The grossest thing I ever saw (and an invitation to contribute)

I noticed some Port-O-Potties on the beaches near Hilo today, and it reminded me of an experience I had—perhaps the grossest thing I ever saw, but also one of the funniest.  I relate it to invite readers to contribute their own gross stories, with the proviso that none of these stories should involve the death […]

Obituaries for the shunned

McSweeney’s has a pretty funny article, spoofing an obituary column,  on people who have disappeared from the Internet due to violations of Wokeness. Click on the screenshot to read them, and I’ll give a few examples. You might want to confect some of your own: Matthew Edwards, 41, was canceled early Friday evening after he […]

A visit with Titania McGrath (Andrew Doyle)

Most of us have enjoyed the spoofs of “woke” culture by Titania McGrath, who has not only 289,000 followers on Twitter, but a book, Woke: A Guide to Social Justice. Here Peter Whittle interviews the person who created and is channeled through Titania, comedian Andrew Doyle, who writes for Spiked and previously wrote for “Jonathan […]

Someone wants to write my autobiography

Well cut off my legs and call me “Shorty”! I got the email below from a company asking to write my autobiography. It’s a money-making operation, of course, employing a ghost writer who will make my wonderful and interesting life, and my science, accessible to the public: Dear Dr. Jerry A Coyne, I am Luis, […]