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“Seltzer Boy”

Speaking of Jewish humor, those of a certain age will remember Allan Sherman, the parody songwriter and Jewish comedian. My parents had his albums when I was a kid.  Here’s my favorite of his songs: “Seltzer Boy”, which, as YouTube notes, is Allan Sherman’s great 1962 Jewish parody of folk singer Odetta’s recording of the […]

A lip reading of the Royal Wedding

This video was inevitable: but I’m amazed at how good they match the words with the mouth. I guess, though, that movie dubbers have been doing this for years. This one even has a bit about free will at 3:00.

“Cunk on Britain” tonight

Several Brits have written to inform me that the first episode of “Cunk on Britain”, Philomena’s series on her beloved land, plays tonight on BBC Two. There will be five episodes, with two scheduled. The first is this evening at 10 pm England time (don’t ask me what it’s formally called)—about an hour and a […]

Disney Princesses join the Left!

Of course we need cartoons, dolls, and role models for kids that don’t just portray a white-bread world where minorities don’t exist. That this is in fact happening is one sign of the moral improvement of society. But if you give some people an inch, they take a mile. Here’s a tweet issued by a […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson tries to throw shade on cats; shut down by perfect response

The headline is ripped from the pages of HuffPo, though the article is on Bored Panda. Tyson may know his astrophysics, but he doesn’t know jack about cats. Here’s the exchange that proves it: I’ll be here all week, folks!

A Calvinist d*g

From the Babylon Bee (click on screenshot), which appears to be an underappreciated Onion-like site: The text: SEATTLE, WA—Responding to his owner Matt affectionately calling him a “good boy” for fetching a stick, local Calvinist canine Rupert reportedly reminded him that “according to the Scriptures, nobody is a good boy.” “We’ve been over this, Matt. […]

Bill Gates can’t guess grocery prices

Here’s Bill Gates being a good sport on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. I’m a big fan of Bill Gates, as he’s giving away most of his fortune to improve the world, not the lot of his kids. So I’m not trying to make fun of him here—just showing how insulated really rich people are from how […]

Trump vs. Gary Larson

Reader Ken Phelps has produced an updated take on an old and classic Gary Larson cartoon. Larson on the left, Phelps on the right:

They blacked out the eyes of the donkeys!

This story, from the Daily Post of Wales (h/t Matthew), wouldn’t give you much pause just from the headline. Yes, a guy was caught smuggling equids from Ireland to Leeds, but that’s sort of. . . ho-hum. It’s the photos, or rather one photo, that make this story. Click on the headline to see the […]

Monday humor

This is from Britain’s The Daily Mash. Click on screenshot to see the whole thing, which goes on longer than this:   h/t: Grania