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Anti-woke spoof censored in Psychology Today

Yesterday at Psychology Today, a website that can be pretty dire, Lee Jussim, a professor and social psychologist who happens to be chair of the Psychology Department at Rutgers, published an “Orwelexicon”:  a spoof of a genuine Woke Lexicon published by another journal. For spoofing wokeness, Jussim had his piece taken down by the Psychology […]

Another interview with Titania McGrath

Titania McGrath, who is actually comedian Andrew Doyle, goes on Fox News—who else would have him?—to talk for 26 minutes about Titania McGrath, Her Wokeness. You can hear the show by clicking on the screenshot below Some of the stuff you might know from the talk by Doyle I posted before, but there’s also new […]

How to awaken a sleeping rabbit

You can’t touch it, either. But there’s an obvious solution. The video is mesmerizing, with the suspense building as the surrounding carrots increase in number. And then. . . . a sudden denouement! You can find anything on the Interent.   h/t: Matthew

Standup comedy by Titania McGrath!

Apparently Andrew Doyle has recruited someone who looks and acts like Titania McGrath to do standup comedy.  So here is a seven-minute excerpt from her gig in a London comedy club. My verdict is mixed. Some of her jokes fall a bit flat, and some go past me because the references are British, but a […]

How to make Lincoln happy or sad

Here’s an American $5 bill: Here’s Lincoln when reading the exchange between five historians and the New York Times editor: Historians: Editor:    

The latest from The Far Side

Gary Larson, who has activated his Far Side cartoon site, is posting a spate of old but beloved cartoons. He doesn’t want other people posting them, and I will respect his wish to control his work. But I will put up a screenshot of the site, as you should go over there today (and regularly) […]

The Far Side returns!

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like Gary Larson’s cartoon The Far Side, but Larson retired from producing it in 1995: 24 years ago! It doesn’t seem like that long, for his cartoons are constantly circulating and are much beloved, especially by scientists. (Almost every biologist had a Far Side cartoon on their office door.)  […]

Andrew Doyle, creator of Titania McGrath, discusses satire and hoaxes

This is a very good talk (it’s 25 minutes long), and I highly recommend you listen to it, as it’s a powerful justification for Leftists mocking the excesses of the Left—one of the themes of this site.  Further, it’s an incisive analysis and indictment of “the Woke movement.” Finally, it’s sporadically hilarious. We all know […]

Why don’t the people in safety demonstrations act scared?

This question, which of course is fatuous, struck me because, owing to my recent flights and cruises, which exposed me to many safety demonstrations, I was struck by how calm people are in these videos and photos. If you’ve ever seen a cellphone video of the interior of an airplane cabin in which people think […]

Comedy wildlife awards

Due to the dearth of readers’ wildlife photos (yes, I still have some), I will be posting them only sporadically until more arrive. So today I’ll post a selection of my favorite finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards for 2019. These are reproduced in The Guardian. Look at this poor egret! Warning! Territory marking, […]