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Asia Bibi’s request for asylum was indeed rejected by Britain

As I reported in the last few weeks (see here, here, and here), the case of Asia Bibi (real name Aasiya Noreen), the Pakistani Christian woman convicted of blasphemy and then freed, has taken some distressing turns. After spending eight years in solitary confinement for an accusation of blasphemy that proved to be false (blasphemy […]

Monday: HuffPo stupidity

I can’t refrain from looking at PuffHo. I no longer derive anything useful from that dreadful aggregator site, but I look anyway:  the same way rubberneckers look at a traffic accident as they drive by. I’m fascinated by their obsession with hijabis, and by theircomplete abandonment of objective political reporting. And so this week I’ll […]

“Memory of the Camps”: a Holocaust documentary

If you click on the screenshot below, you’ll go to a newly-revised 58-minute Frontline documentary called “Memory of the Camps,” a film produced by the British and American military film services, and partly directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Narrated by Trevor Howard, it’s a graphic depiction of what the Allied armies found when they liberated several […]