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An interview with Bonya Ahmed

by Grania Jerry put up a quote from Nick Cohen’s article this morning that mentioned Bonya Ahmed and Avijiit Roy who were attacked by Islamist extremists with meat cleavers after leaving a book fair in Dhaka. BBC World Service (radio) has an interview with her about their writing, humanism and her life since her husband’s death. The […]

Stephen Fry on “How do we know what is true?”

This is one of severa excellent videos Fry has narrated for the British Humanist Association. Here Fry is talking about how we discover truths about the universe. As he says, “Science: there is no better method.” Fry’s contrast between science and religion as ways of “knowing” the truth is explicit. To me, the distinction between science-based and spiritual healing is especially striking. How […]

“My ghast was flabbered”: A. C. Grayling visits the Creation Museum, and speaks about humanism

This one-hour video, put up yesterday, shows Philosopher Anthony Grayling “speaking on ‘Humanism’ at The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Student Societies 2014 Convention.” I haven’t yet heard the whole thing, but there’s a bit starting at 19:08 that describes his visit to Kentucky’s Creation Museum. That might be a good place to start, […]

British Humanist Association launches YouTube campaign featuring Stephen Fry

Reader HaggisForBrains informs me that the British Humanist Association has just launched a YouTube campaign, “that’s humanism,” featuring animated videos narrated by Stephen Fry. HaggisfB adds that there will also be a Facebook and Twi**er campaign. There are currently four short animated videos, each 2-3 minutes long. And I love Stephen Fry; he’s witty, eloquent, […]

Indian rationalist assassinated

The International Humanist and Ethical Union, and many other venues, report that a well known Indian humanist and rationalist, Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, was assassinated this morning  in India: He was reportedly shot four times by two men on a motorbike this morning on Omkarweshwar bridge in Pune, Maharashtra state. He was reportedly taking his daily […]

Quote of the Day

From Anthony Grayling’s The God Argument (pp. 257-258): “In the past, people were eager to clutch at legends and superstitions in order to attain a quick, simple closure regarding what they did not know or understand, to make it seem to themselves that they did know and understand. Humanism recognizes this historical use of mythologies, […]

Grayling’s new book: a short but laudatory review

I want to give two thumbs up to Anthony Grayling’s new book, The God Argument: the Case Against Religion and for Humanism, which was released this March but is already available in paperback and Kindle. (Note: I haven’t yet read his previous effort, The Good Book, which is apparently a humanist version of the Bible drawing […]

A.C. Grayling on the Colbert Report

by Greg Mayer English philosopher and humanist A.C. Grayling was interviewed last night on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central.  The interview highlighted Grayling’s new book, The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and for Humanism, which Jerry has noted here at WEIT. Grayling started with a nice definition of humanism that was appreciated by […]

Enough, already!

Another accommodationist attack in the Guardian on Grayling and his new book. The subtitle says it all: It’s by Jonathan Rée, and is completely predictable: Militant atheism makes the strangest bedfellows. Grayling sees himself as a champion of the Enlightenment, but in the old battle over the interpretation of religious texts he is on the […]

In which I once again play Grayling’s Bulldog, biting Peter Hitchens

As I noted yesterday, philosopher Anthony Grayling has published a new humanist and anti-religious book, The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and for Humanism.  This book (indeed, even its title) is guaranteed to raise the ire of those British faitheists and goddycoddlers, who, even in a largely secular nation such as England, come out […]