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UN report on the killing of Khashoggi: Saudi Crown Prince among those implicated

The UN report about the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi (murdered in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul), prepared by the Special Rapporteur to the UN’s Human Rights Council, is now online. You can see it by clicking on the screenshot below, where you can also download a Microsoft Word version.   The report considers the […]

Asia Bibi’s request for asylum was indeed rejected by Britain

As I reported in the last few weeks (see here, here, and here), the case of Asia Bibi (real name Aasiya Noreen), the Pakistani Christian woman convicted of blasphemy and then freed, has taken some distressing turns. After spending eight years in solitary confinement for an accusation of blasphemy that proved to be false (blasphemy […]

The new regressive New York Times: op-ed defends Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations against criticism by Canada

As I reported two days ago, the Canadian government has called out Saudi Arabia for human rights violations, which include imprisoning “blasphemer” Raif Badawi and his activist sister Samur. These violations were initially highlighted by tweets from the Canadian government’s foreign policy site and Canada’s foreign minister, to wit: Canada is gravely concerned about additional […]

Saudi Arabia, called out for human rights violations, goes after Canada

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Justin Trudeau, though I tend to side with his political positions, but now I must strongly applaud the stand of his government and its ministers in calling out Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations. Referring in particular to Samur Badawi, imprisoned again for fighting for human rights and women’s […]

Iran sentences art gallery owners to death

By Grania Although it has been not been reported very widely in the Western press, on March 12th Iran sentenced Iranian-American Karam Vafadari and Afarin Nayssari to death. They were originally arrested on charges of serving alcohol in their home and hosting mixed-gender parties. Vafadari is Zoroastrian and thus is technically not bound to these Islamic laws. […]

The United Nations “Human Rights Council” is a joke

Here’s a short but powerful speech (two minutes long) given yesterday before the Human Rights Council at the UN. I have no idea who the passionate young woman is (she appears to represent the UN Watch group), but I know of the three incidents of rape she recounts. The countries she names are, of course, Muslim-majority countries, […]

Saudi Arabia sues man who tw**ted that poet’s death sentence was “Isis-like”

If you’re an American, one thing you can be thankful for today is that you’re not a Saudi. It galls me continuously to realize that this barbaric land, where apostasy, homosexuality, and blasphemy are crimes punishable by death—and death by beheading—is our ally. Obama, of course, refuses to raise his voice against the brutality of this medieval theocracy, […]

Open thread: individual liberty and #NoHijabDay

by Grania Thomas Jefferson once wrote: What country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that people preserve the spirit of resistance? Today is No Hijab Day, a protest started by Iranian-born Masih Alinejad against Iran’s government requirement of women to wear the hijab, and the enforcement of this by the so-called […]

America’s repugnant bootlicking of Saudi Arabia

According to Amnesty International, Saudi Arabia’s human-rights record is one of the most abysmal in the world. Freedom of expression and assembly are severely curtailed, there are many arbitrary arrests, with many held without being charged, those jailed are tortured and beaten, women have institutionalized second-class status, as do migrants, and there is flogging, amputation of limbs, […]

UN screws up big time: appoints Saudi Arabian diplomat as head of human rights panel

UPDATE: For a summary of Saudi Arabia’s abuses, the egregious UN action described below, and the scheduled beheading and subsequent crucifixion of a 20-year old, read the Gatestone Institute’s piece, “Saudi Arabia: World’s Human Rights Sewer.” The country has already executed 79 people this year—every one a “criminal”. (Political prisoners aren’t executed.) ____________ This, as reported by […]