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Squirrel massage

Okay, is this squirrel a pet, is it sick, or what? No normal squirrel would allow you to do this to it! h/t: Blue

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have a new contributor who sent some lovely photos of fox kits. There are too many to post, even with the selection Steve sent, so I’ll pick some of my favorites. His notes are indented; My name is Steve Adams and I’ve been a long time reader of your website and of your books. […]

Here’s the fox!

Did you spot him? Here’s the original photo: And then the fox. As Graham wrote: He’s in the shrubbery to the left of the picture. The 2nd is a close up, not very good I’m afraid but it does show that he was there. He knows I’m there but as long as I don’t go […]

Spot the fox!

Reader Graham from England (Bexhill-on-Sea, about 6 miles west of Hastings on the south coast), has a fox in his garden. Can you spot it? (click to enlarge). Here are his notes: Ā I was just sitting out in my back garden, enjoying a coffee when something moved & caught my eye. It’s my local fox […]

Collecting a cold moggie, and a squirrel with a green mustache

This short video of how a Russian tabby comes home from the snow was tweeted by Dick King-Smith and sent to me by Matthew. How clever! That cat could make a good jailbreak, too! Here’s a squirrel named Seymour who’s enjoying a treat of avocado. In the process, he gives himself a green mustache!  

Squirrel update

What with the warm weather and the 35-pound bag of sunflower seeds I bought, along with weekly purchases of peanuts, I’m attracting a lot of squirrels to my windowsill. I leave the window propped open when I sweep the sunflower-seed husks off their ledge and replenish their water dish, and when I do that they […]

End of Saturday Squirrel

I’m busy at the INR meeting, and am putting the finishing touches on my talk for tomorrow. In the meantime, what a privilege it is to be the hiding place for a squirrel’s food (tw**t sent by Matthew Cobb, of course): I must hide this cheeto for later consumptionšŸ˜ — Gaml .y (@m_yosry2012) June […]

Foxes hunting under snow

I’ve posted before on the amazing ability of foxes to find prey beneath a thick cover of snow, and on recent evidenceĀ (see here as well) that they use the Earth’s magnetic field as a beam, achieving the greatest success by far when jumping (in Czechoslovakia) toward the north-northeast or (180Ā° around) south-southwest. (Question: are the […]

Winners: WaPo 2017 Squirrel Week photo contest winners

Here are threeĀ winners of the 2017 Washington Post Squirrel Week Photo Contest, held annually by reporter John Kelly. First, the winner:   The winner this year is Kristy Casto of Ashburn, Va., twice a runner-up in earlier contests. She titled her photo of a juvenile squirrel looking up at its mother ā€œJust One Bite.ā€ Kristy […]

Squirrel loves tiny ice cream cones

There’s notĀ much I can add to this except that it’s a squirrel named Putter who, living above an ice cream shop (Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf in Holden Beach. North Carolina), gets two tiny cones a day. She also has a penchant for golf, ergo her name. Whether such consumption isĀ good for the […]