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Central Park squirrel census

Because of a paucity of readers’ wildlife photos (I do have some, so if you sent them have patience), I’m deferring posting those till tomorrow, replacing them with a SQUIRREL CENSUS post by Greg: by Greg Mayer We’ve long been fans of squirrels here at WEIT, and so I was quite pleased to come across […]

Spot the owl!

Stephen Barnard sent a “spot the. . .” photo from Idaho, and in it, somewhere, lurks an owl (I don’t know the species, but I’ll ask). Click on the photo to enlarge it (twice to make it really big), and I’ll post a reveal at noon Chicago time. This one ranks as “medium”, but please […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

Today Bruce Lyon, an ecologist and evolutionist at UC Santa Cruz, graces us again with a nice science-and-photo post—his final contribution on owls (Honorary Cats™). Bruce’s words are indented. Don’t miss his remarkable frogmouth video at the bottom! Here is a third batch of owl photos and natural history to follow on the previous two […]

Gibby the spoiled squirrel

Let’s finish up this hot Sunday with a video featuring Gibby the Terribly Spoiled Squirrel, also an Honorary Cat™.   h/t: Diane G.

Readers’ wildlife photos

Once again we have a nice science-and-photo post by biology professor Bruce Lyon from the University of California at Santa Cruz. His notes are indented, and the subject is owls, also known as Honorary Cats™. A second batch of owl photos and natural history to follow on the Northern Pygmy Owl post (here) from a couple […]

Wildlife videos: Fox cam!

Reader Michael called my attention to this Fox Cam, which shows a large and entertaining brood. The YouTube notes: A family of wild Red Foxes has raised kits in a den on the campus of the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness, New Hampshire for three successive springs. In 2016 she reared 5 kits, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Comments on the photo posts have been few, and I’m not sure whether that means people aren’t looking at them. But I’d urge you to say something if you like a photo, for the contributors surely like their work to be appreciated, and that’s the only way they’ll know. If you see something, say something. […]

Fox rescue!

Here’s a mangy fox that got rehabilitated because of nice people. The YouTube notes: We saw this fox looking really awful and walking in the middle of the road , so we went home and got a cage and some gloves. When we came back he had somehow gotten a piece of culvert stuck around […]

A visit to Japan’s Kinka Squirrel Village

I’m worn out from politics and want to take a break today with ducks, squirrels, and other persiflage. Rachel and Jun are a couple in Japan (she’s American, he’s Japanese), known to me from Jun’s videos showing him shopping with his cat and then cooking in front of his cat, letting the cat sniff each […]

Stubs the squirrel

So many squirrels are eating nuts and seeds on my windowsill that I can’t recognize them all. There are babies, old adults, and battle-scarred veterans. This is one of the latter, and a squirrel I can easily recognize. I call it “Stubs” because a big chunk of its tail is missing (you can see the […]