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Winners: WaPo 2017 Squirrel Week photo contest winners

Here are three winners of the 2017 Washington Post Squirrel Week Photo Contest, held annually by reporter John Kelly. First, the winner:   The winner this year is Kristy Casto of Ashburn, Va., twice a runner-up in earlier contests. She titled her photo of a juvenile squirrel looking up at its mother “Just One Bite.” Kristy […]

Squirrel loves tiny ice cream cones

There’s not much I can add to this except that it’s a squirrel named Putter who, living above an ice cream shop (Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf in Holden Beach. North Carolina), gets two tiny cones a day. She also has a penchant for golf, ergo her name. Whether such consumption is good for the […]

Fat squirrel

The title above is the header of an email sent to me by reader Christopher Moss, who enclosed a photo and a comment. (The same squirrel, by the way, won the Squirrel Appreciation Contest a while back.) I am creating a monster, one who complains noisily when I get up in the morning and fail to […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

After an absence, Jacques Hausser, emeritus professor of ecology and evolution at the University of Lausanne, has returned with three photos of squirrels, which of course are Honorary Cats™. His notes are indented. A small refugee population: Visiting the beautiful Isles of Scilly, off Cornwall, for one very windy week, I was surprised to discover a […]

Nesting time!

My squirrels have waxed plump and fluffy over the winter on their diet of seeds, nuts, and pecans. Now it’s clearly time for them to build their nests before the breeding season. This one was attracted to my breakfast buffet, but dropped the leaves (temporarily) on the windowsill to have a peanut or two:

Intrepid squirrel drives away burglar, gets rewarded with Whoppers

From WXPI in Idaho, we hear of a Hero Squirrel named Joey who drove a burglar, apparently attacking and biting the intruder. Adam Pearl, Joey’s owner, came home and found scratches on his gun case, with a few items missing. Apparently the police found the intruder, who confessed to the crime after the cops noticed he bore […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Cameron Way of Fort Collins, Colorado sent a passel of photos that, he said, depicted “playing” in his backyard. He identifies them as fox squirrels (Sciurus niger), but isn’t sure. When I asked him if they were playing or fighting, he responded, “I don’t know if they were fighting, but there was a lot of this, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Ed Kroc sent some photos showing color variants of the eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). Sadly, I lost his email, but the photos came with descriptions. A species showing variation like this, if it’s sufficiently common and pretty discrete, is called polymorphic (Greek for “many forms”). Humans, for instance, are polymorphic for hair and eye color. […]

Caturda felid trifecta: Babies vs. cats, cat travels 60 miles under car hood, squirrel pwns dog

Today we have three items, the first being a comparison of babies versus cats (“Having a baby vs having a cat”) from The Oatmeal. Which should you have? It reminds me of Charles Darwin’s written notes comparing the virtues of marriage to those of owning a d*g, made when he was thinking of getting married. (Marriage won.) […]

Ring-tailed lemur demands back scratches

At 4 pm Chicago time (1.5 hours from now), all the cats sent to me for the DemoCATic National Convention will be posted. In the meantime, here’s an Honorary Cat™. I’ve had the pleasure of hand-feeding these guys (Lemur catta; note the name), which are absolutely gorgeous—and adorable when the babies ride on their mothers’ […]