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International Cat Day: Readers’ cats

Here are all the readers’ cat photos I received up to noon Chicago time. All comments by readers are indented. The first is from Elizabeth Belyavin: This is my granddaughter Hazel’s cat, Clover. She was abandoned when very young and pregnant, stayed at a rescue centre until her kittens were weaned and rehomed and is […]

Best Christmas gif and tweet ever

The gif: And the tweet, found by Grania: メリークリスマス!!#christmascard — ウエスP(Wes-P/Mr Uekusa) BGT2018&AGT2018 (@uespiiiiii) December 24, 2018 Have a good dinner!

Christmas kitties

Merry Christmas! Here are a few felids to brighten your day, though you should be ignoring this site and celebrating, eating, giving presents, and the like. The best way to cross-country ski: Andy Warhol’s rendition of a Christmas cat: A festive Festivus tree:   Buzzfeed has “19 cats in Christmas trees whose prey is exclusively […]

PCC(E)’s favorite holiday songs

Yes, even though I’m an apostate Jew, I still like a few Christmas songs, and I’ve put them below to celebrate the beginning of my personal holiday. All three songs were written fairly recently—since 1962. This is a lovely one by Sarah McLachlan and a children’s chorus; it even includes an antiwar message, included in […]

Get your Darwin Christmas ornament now!

Reader Tom sent a gift suggestion from the estimable Archie McPhee gag company. But the items are real, and this one is on sale for $9.99. But it for a friend or for yourself; it can be used year after year. As Tom said: “The most evolved Christmas ornament ever” from the ever-hilarious Archie McPhee […]

Halloween costume of the day

If you watched the Bill Maher segment, you saw a lot of adult Halloween costumes, most of them of the genre “Slutty ____” (why is that the case?). But costumes are really for kids, and I wanted to post the best one I’ve seen today. Some enterprising parents did a bang up job (or a […]

“When did liberals become the fun police?”: Bill Maher’s Halloween video

Here’s a 6½-minute segment on Halloween from Bill Maher’s latest show, which covers offense culture, snowflakes, Republicans, wokeness, and many other topics of interest (and humor). The part about cultural appropriation of costumes, which is great, begins at 3:05.  I like the whole thing, though.    

It’s International Cat Day!

Yes, August 8 is International Cat Day, except in parts of Europe and Russia, where it’s celebrated in March and February, respectively. You can see a bunch of cat-related tweets at the two hashtag sites, #internationalcatday and #InternationalCatDay on Twitter. The BBC has a short announcement with a video and a poll, and the cats are cleaning […]

The Cinco de Mayo “cultural appropriation” warnings begin

At many sites, including the Spokane (Washington state) newspaper The Spokesman Review, there are reports that a Vice President of Gonzaga University (a Jesuit school in Spokane) sent out an email to students warning them against cultural appropriation and inappropriate celebration on Cinco de Mayo (today), a day that often serving as an excuse for Mexican-themed […]

What I did on my birthday

I had fun. I skipped breakfast because we were leaving early for the 1.5 hour drive to the IISER campus in the foothills of the Western Ghats, but on the way Hema, my delightful host, told me there were 11 species of bananas sold in Kerala stores. When I immediately expressed interest, she said, “Would […]