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A montage of stirring photos

Sometimes when I eat lunch I watch YouTube videos, and of course they suggest other videos on the right margin because the damn site collects your history. Well, that’s not all bad, because I like to look at photography, and so this 15-minute video was suggested to me. There are some wonderful photos here, and […]

Ratte steckt im Gulli fest: German firefighters save fat rat stuck in a manhole cover

What a great country is Deutschland! I can’t imagine any place where a huge rescue effort would be mounted, involving multiple firefighters with fancy equipment, to save an obese rat stuck in a manhole cover (should it be “personhole” now?). But the Germans stepped up! Courtesy of alert reader Jószef, we have a lovely BBC […]

Friday duckling

For my next birthday, I’d like a rescue duckling on a leash, please. The background: Vegeta, a 4-week-old duckling who was rescued after his mother died, confidently charges ahead while walking on a leash. Vegeta?

Whale apparently shows gratitude after being rescued

Well, I don’t know whether whales are grateful for being helped, but here’s a group of wonderful people who spent a lot of time cutting an exhausted humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) free from a nylon gill net. After they succeed, the whale breaches repeatedly. The narrator is sure that bespeaks gratitude, and who knows? But we […]

Man builds miniature village for mice in his yard

The mettle of a person can be seen by how they treat animals that nobody thinks about. Some people even try to kill animals that simply annoy them—like mice and squirrels.  But here is a rodentophile with extra heart, as described on the site Inner Strength. The article describes the handiwork of wildlife photographer Simon Dell, […]

Knickers the Giant Steer saved by his size from the abattoir

The New York Times—and, indeed, the entire Internet—is buzzing with the story of Knickers the Giant Steer, who lives in Australia. He’s not just big; he’s HUGE! From the Times: It’s a very big steer. The very big steer is, according to the nearly unanimous acclaim on social media, a hero. At 6 feet 4 […]

Father lion plays with cubs

Or rather, the cubs are playing with him. Either way or both, this is an adorable video, and a meet way to end the week. I need this because James has just been displaced as Honey’s mate by an interloper drake—after a bitter and vicious duck fight in the water (more tomorrow). This involved me […]

Neglected ducks get their first swim!

Reader Michael called my attention to this video of ducks that came from a “hoarding case,” that is, they were kept improperly and crowded, and had never before seen a body of water. Here they’re freed and see water for the first time. It’s heartwarming to see their instincts kick in, and their almost joyous […]

Elephant helps baby in mud pit stand up

I find this video mesmerizing. A young elephant isn’t coordinated enough to stand up in a slippery mud pit. Another one (is it the mom?) comes over and acts as a buttress, allowing the little one to get purchase and right itself. What a smart adult! Happy Friday!

Baby goat befriends barn kittens

(Note: there may be an ad at the beginning of the video, which you can skip.) I’m feeling quite sad about the fracas at the pond today: Honey still hasn’t shown, and Phoebe is cowering on the duck island, though I managed to lure her out with some corn to dabble a bit in the […]