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The world’s nicest man

This man deserves some kind of a medal for kindness to ducks. What should the award be called? It doesn't matter how many people (or ducks) you help, as long as you help. #EverydayHero #Hellohumankindness — Dignity Health (@DignityHealth) September 8, 2017 h/t: Matthew (who, as a curmudgeon, said the ducklings would be okay […]

Fox rescue!

Here’s a mangy fox that got rehabilitated because of nice people. The YouTube notes: We saw this fox looking really awful and walking in the middle of the road , so we went home and got a cage and some gloves. When we came back he had somehow gotten a piece of culvert stuck around […]

Unruly baby raccoon finally corralled by mom

This is a great video showing a renegade baby raccoon refusing to enter its tree hole den. Mom is frustrated and makes repeated attempts to stuff the little bugger in, going so far as to grab it on the head with her teeth (this doesn’t look like a felid scruff carry!). She finally wins after […]

Nicholas Winton: the man who saved 669 children from the Holocaust

This morning Matthew Cobb sent me a tweet that reminded me of this story—a story I’d known about but never mentioned. It’s about Nicholas Winton—now Sir Nicholas Winton—a British stockbroker who, on a visit to Czechoslovakia in 1938, managed to launch a rescue operation that ultimately saved 669 children, most of them Jewish, from the Holocaust. […]

Ajax, the kea conservation dog

Reader Mike Hannah, a professor of paleontology and evolution at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, sent me a link to this short (3½ minute) film about a man named Corey and his dog Ajax, who’s been trained to sniff out underground kea nests (he wears a muzzle). It’s all in the cause of conservation, […]

Humans reunite with apes they rescued many years earlier

In this heartwarming video. a woman goes to a refuge in Florida housing chimps once used in lab research—chimps whom she saved and rehabilitated. Will they remember her? Here are the details: After 18 years, chimpanzees Doll and Swing still recognize their old friend, Linda Koebner. From the award-winning film WISDOM OF THE WILD, this […]

Scuba diver visits same fish daily–for 25 years!

If you can have your heart warmed by a fish, or rather a relationship between a man and a fish, have a look at this video and the brief notes about it (below) posted on Twisted Sifter. The fish is an Asian sheepshead wrasse, Semicossyphus reticulatus.  These Two Have Seen Each Other Nearly Every Day for […]

Friday Cat rescue

I like showing nice people helping out animals in the work week’s last post. Reader Graham called my attention to an article and video from the Belfast Telegraph about a cat trapped in (and rescued from) a wall in Northern Ireland. The paper reports this: A man who started demolishing his partly-built house when “the […]

A heartwarming tail

It’s a holiday weekend, so let’s end today’s posts on an upbeat note. Here’s a 6½-minute video of a wounded veteran who, on the verge of suicide, had his life saved by the appearance of a black and white kitten. The story is a bit sad, too, and if you don’t tear up at the end, […]

Friday animals: Tired bird rests on head, sugar glider reaches for the skies

All I know of this short video is what’s in it: the boat is 16 miles offshore. I don’t know the species of the bird (readers?) nor whether it was migrating. But I’m glad it found a head to rest on. And here’s a video that’s been made into a great tw**t. This is surely […]