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Straight talk about coronavirus, and a chance to ask questions of a primary-care doctor

I don’t intend to fill this site with information or bad news about coronavirus, as you can get that most everywhere, including the New York Times, and most of the detailed stuff is above my pay grade. But I thought the information below was well worth passing along. Are you tired of hearing the advice […]

Advice about Covid-19 from a pulmonary critical-care doctor

Reader Rick sent me this video, which I’ve listened to in its entirety (57 minutes). It’s made by Dr. David Price, a critical pulmonary-care specialist at Weill Cornell Hospital in New York City. Usually he deals with all kinds of respiratory ailments, but, as he says, now he’s dealing only with COVID-19 patients. Here Price […]

How to remove latex gloves without touching the outsides

I’m not a doctor, though the advice not to wear gloves while shopping or going about in public was given to me by my doctor. Doing grocery shopping while wearing latex gloves (some of my friends use cotton gloves, which doesn’t seem to be any better) is, the doctor said, a waste, for the ultimate […]

Disinfectants to use to kill Covid-19 virus

I’ve been kvetching about the unavailability of commercial products that you can use to kill coronavirus on packages, countertops, steering wheels, and so on. For of what use are recommendations to sterilize everything if you can’t buy the disinfectant? In response, my doctor, Alex Lickerman, sent me a list of 287 commercial products, recommended by […]

Going to war: grocery shopping

I’m running a bit low on a few staples, and so must hie myself to the grocery store this week. I will shop between 6 and 8 a.m. to avoid the crowds, but I called my doctor to see if there were any extra precautions I should take. After I talked to him, I became […]

Public-health physician urges more targeted and less of a “shotgun” approach to stemming the pandemic

Update: This new article largely echoes the one below: it emphasizes the need to get healthy people back to work, which requires more testing, and to provide adequate protection to healthcare workers. Both pieces emphasize fighting the pandemic in ways to minimize long-term damage to our economy caused by extended periods of people staying at […]

I’m screwed

Reader cesar has made my day (not!) with this article from the Jerusalem Post (click on screenshot): Excerpt: [Gai] Peleg said that, from what he sees and hears in the hospital, the instructions are not to offer access to artificial respiratory machines to patients over 60 as such machines are limited in number. After receiving […]

More dumb theodicy in the New York Times

Even though the New York Times is full of advice about how to take care of yourself during the pandemic, it also brings in a Jesuit priest, Fr. James Martin, to deal with the issue of theodicy, as you can see from the title of his piece in today’s paper (click on screenshot to read): […]

VICE claims that coronavirus is transphobic

I heard about this article in a tweet from Titania (below), and while the issue she mentions is concerning to some, it’s not sufficiently serious to be immune from mockery. At any rate, you can read the article on VICE by clicking on the link in Titania’s tweet or on the screenshot of the VICE […]

Camus on the plague, and de Botton gets the vector wrong

Ah, we have’t heard from Alain de Botton for a while, and I haven’t missed him (see all my posts on him here). He was always a faitheist, an atheist-butter, and an arduous advocate for atheist churches, which I don’t particularly object to but also don’t feel we need. de Botton is also patronizing: the […]