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“Body positivity”: the ups and downs

This article from HuffPost (yes, shoot me now!) highlights the tenets of the “body positivity”  movement (also called “fat acceptance” movement); click on screenshot to read it: It highlights the cover of the new Self magazine, a magazine traditionally devoted to women’s fitness: This week, Self magazine unveiled its first digital cover, featuring a surprising […]

Diseases are correlated with birth months

Five days ago I reported on the unctuous Dr. Mehmet Oz and his new claim that various medical conditions and ailments were correlated with your astrological sign. I poo-pooed this since I couldn’t see any obvious connection between birth date and medical conditions. Well, I may have spoken a bit too fast, though, as I […]

Don’t use bathroom hot-air hand dryers!

I almost never use bathroom hand dryers, though I always wash my hands scrupulously (one reason, I think, that I didn’t get colds or the flu this year). But the reason has been time, not sanitation: it takes a long time for those things to dry your mitts, and I don’t like to linger in public […]

How determinism can help insurance companies deny medical claims

I think this article—which could have come from The Onion but actually came from another “joke news site,” The Beaverton—is hilarious.  Here’s an excerpt; I hope compatibilists have a sense of humor! Chicago, IL – American health insurers have begun classifying all medical claims as pre-existing conditions and refusing to offer settlements because of the […]

Congressional Budget Office TrumpCare cuts number of insured American by 22 million

The Congressional Budget Office is a nonpartisan outfit, and its prognostications are taken seriously. So when they analyzed the Senate’s GOP-inspired bill, and found that if it passes 22 million Americans will lose their health insurance, it doesn’t look good for the Republican Party. By cutting Medicaid, so the poor lose benefits, it will also reduce […]

“Old Man Fibber”: GOP Healthcare

Political parody is a dicey proposition; often it’s not funny and falls flat on its face. But this parody of “Old Man River” by satirist Roy Zimmerman, which makes fun of Mitch McConnell and TrumpCare, is pretty damn good: h/t: Lesley

Republicans reveal their health-care bill

After confabbing in secret for several days, the Republicans have now released their healthcare bill (the secrecy was reprehensible). You can read it at CNN here, and I haven’t yet gone over it, but I offer it for your delectation.

What pregnancy does to the innards

What I want to know is this: where the intestines go? Not being a woman, I don’t know if this causes constipation, but it is a remarkable shift. Be sure to click the arrow.

Planned Parenthood tells HIV-positive youth it’s okay to keep their status secret from sex partners

I’ve long been an admirer of Planned Parenthood, which is constantly under attack from Christians for its pro-choice stance on abortion and its advocacy of birth control. But in this case I think they made a serious misstep—at least if I interpret their literature correctly. Over at the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) site, you can […]

New York Times science section slashes science reporting unrelated to humans

Maybe I’m wrong, but over the years I’ve seen the Tuesday Science Times section of the New York Times become more human-centric—dealing with issues of health and other matters affecting our species, while cutting back on coverage of “pure” science: those wonders of nature that have no clear implications for the health and wealth of H. sapiens, but increase our appreciation […]