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The Apocalypse is here: Pennsylvania church to hold ceremony blessing AR-15s, nearby school to close during the blessing

It’s bad enough that a semiautomatic rifle, the one used to slaughter 17 people (mostly kids) in Florida, is still on sale, but the wound is salted when a &(*&$+&!! (insert expletive here) church is going to bless those guns in a ceremony!  I am not making this up. Click on the screenshot from The […]

Gun legislation turned down by Florida legislature; Dinesh D’Souza mocks students lobbying to get it passed

Over the past two days, the evening news has featured distraught, angry, and determined Florida students marching on the state legislature, stunned about the 17 students shot by Nikolas Cruz, but bent on ensuring that it won’t happen again. Many of the lobbyists were classmates of the slain students.  I thought to myself, “If anybody […]

Another school shooting in Florida: At least 17 dead

I’ve just heard on the news that at least 17 people (CNN says 16, but another has died) have been killed in a school in Parkland, Florida: the shooter was a former student who has apparently been taken into custody. What can one say when school shootings like this become an everyday affair in America? […]

The serious stuff: autonomous weapons

by Matthew Cobb Not really the usual WEIT fare, and certainly not what I normally post here, but I feel it is pretty important. This is a 7 minute video, ‘Slaughterbots’, about autonomous weapons and what the future could hold. Watch it and be chilled. The video was made by the Campaign to Stop Killer […]

Why is the U.S. uniquely prone to mass shootings? The New York Times says it’s guns.

This article in the New York Times (click on screenshot to go there) says that the “answer” to the deeply worrisome problem of mass shootings lies in both the number of guns we have, the ease of procuring them, and the ability to get guns in the U.S., like semiautomatic weapons (or ones that can […]

More on guns: Shermer advocates gun control in NYT; NRA and Congress back down a wee bit on bump stocks

 As you’ve probably heard if you’re in the U.S., both the National Rifle Association and some Congressional Republicans (as well as many Democrats) are now calling for either a ban on or tighter regulations of “bump stocks“—those substitute parts of guns that can convert semiautomatic weapons into automatic ones. The sale of automatic weapons (in […]

A really dumb tweet about guns and a good answer

Here’s something that appeared on my Facebook feed: a tw**t by Fox Business and a response by someone pointing out the flaws. There’s one more difference between trucks, and guns, though. Trucks are not designed or built with the aim of hurting people, while assault weapons are. If we banned trucks, everything would come to a standstill. If […]

If not now, when? Nicholas Kristof on guns

I don’t know if a lot of us are fans of Nicholas Kristof, but I suspect many of us will agree with his column in today’s New York Times, “Preventing future mass shootings like Las Vegas.” As he implies, the National Rifle Association, which I’ve long seen as Institutional Evil, will say “In this heated […]

A timely sign about lab safety

Reader Arno called my attention to an article in A Plus reporting the sequel of Georgia (along with ten other U.S. states) having passed a law allowing “concealed carry” of handguns on college campuses. It’s lunacy, but that’s America, folks. This sign may be apocryphal, but it’s still funny: . . . Such legislation is […]

New NRA ad is bigoted, divisive, and almost calls for violence

On the National Rifle Association’s (NRA’s) Facebook page. you can see their latest video, which has just gone up on YouTube. I’ve put it below (if it disappears, see it here). Listen to the rancor of NRA spokeswoman and conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch: Here’s the transcript as it appears on Business Insider: “They use […]