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The Atlantic blatantly touts religion: why “thoughts and prayers” are great for stopping gun violence

The Atlantic continues its downhill slide (I swear, is every good journalistic outlet going to become clickbait?) with a new piece by Katelyn Beaty,”The case for ‘thoughts and prayers’—even if you don’t believe in God.” Of course, Beaty, a believer, slants most of it toward fellow goddies, not atheists. Her author profile describes her as […]

A really dumb tweet about guns and a good answer

Here’s something that appeared on my Facebook feed: a tw**t by Fox Business and a response by someone pointing out the flaws. There’s one more difference between trucks, and guns, though. Trucks are not designed or built with the aim of hurting people, while assault weapons are. If we banned trucks, everything would come to a standstill. If […]

A timely sign about lab safety

Reader Arno called my attention to an article in A Plus reporting the sequel of Georgia (along with ten other U.S. states) having passed a law allowing “concealed carry” of handguns on college campuses. It’s lunacy, but that’s America, folks. This sign may be apocryphal, but it’s still funny: . . . Such legislation is […]

New NRA ad is bigoted, divisive, and almost calls for violence

On the National Rifle Association’s (NRA’s) Facebook page. you can see their latest video, which has just gone up on YouTube. I’ve put it below (if it disappears, see it here). Listen to the rancor of NRA spokeswoman and conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch: Here’s the transcript as it appears on Business Insider: “They use […]

Japan’s amazingly low rate of gun deaths (guess why)

The BBC has a new piece on “How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime“, which seems relevant to the problem of gun violence in the U.S., but of course many will dissent. Let’s first look at the statistics given on gun deaths per capita. Note how the US leads the listed countries by a long […]

On President Obama, the Dallas shootings, mental illness, and guns

Yesterday President Obama held a press conference in Warsaw, where he’s attending the NATO summit. I saw a bit of it on the news last night, and listened to a lot more of it this morning on YouTube, where the hour-long conference has been posted (full video below). I want to mention and react to […]

Chicago’s weekend gun toll

It’s only 5 p.m. on Monday, but so far over the 3-day Memorial Day weekend, Friday until now, 60 people have been shot in Chicago. Five of them were killed, including a 15-year old girl—”collateral damage” from gang violence. I wonder how many people were shot by those claiming self-defense against trespassers or muggers? More than […]

Martyrs without a cause

This clip, which draws a continuum of authoritarianism between the Ammon Bundy Gang and the entitled Demanders at Yale University, aired just yesterday on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” show.  It’s one of the better segments I’ve seen lately, and contains two classic lines: “[This] is what these days they call a “microaggression,” which begs the question: if it […]

Another reason to ban guns: your dog could shoot you (and your cat won’t)

Reader Susan called my attention to an alarming situation: d*gs shooting their owners. As the Washington Post reports, since 2004 ten people have been shot by their d*gs, one fatally. Here are the data: The fatal shooting? It involves “a Texas hunter who, in 2008, took a shotgun blast to the thigh when his dog jumped on […]

Obama issues executive order mandating some gun control, attacked by Republicans and NRA for his emotionality

Given that gun control is largely in the hands of a Republican Congress subservient to the National Rifle Association, and adjudicated by an intensely conservative Supreme Court, there’s very little President Obama can do to stem the tsunami of pistols, assault weapons, and open-carry laws inundating the U.S. But he did what he could yesterday. Undoubtedly […]