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Google Doodle celebrates Gloria Anzaldúa

With this Doodle (click on screenshot to get there), I’ve become convinced that Google Doodles are the HuffPo of search engines. For today, with all possible birthdays to be celebrated (see previous dialogue), it’s marking the 75th birthday of Gloria E. Anzaldúa, described as “an American scholar of Chicana cultural theory, feminist theory, and queer […]

Google Doodle: The “silent parade” for civil rights

by Grania Google Doodle today honored the Silent Parade of 1917 in New York City to protest the violence and murders of black people. It was in response to the brutal and barbaric mob attacks by white unionists now known as the East St. Louis Riots spurred on by fear-mongering rhetoric at trade union meetings. Although […]

Google Doodle celebrates visual/musical art

Reader Dom called my attention to a new animated and interactive Google Doodle celebrating the life of the German visual artist Oskar Fischinger, who was born on this day in 1900 (click on screenshot below to activate the Doodle). By clicking in various places on the screen that appears when you press the arrow, you […]

Google Doodle: The fantastic Antikythera Mechanism

Today’s Google Doodle in most of the world portrays the Antikythera Mechanism, as today is the 115th anniversary of its discovery, at least according to Google.  Wikipedia, however, says it was recovered on August 4, 1901, so figure it out yourself. It wasn’t even studied until 1951, as other artifacts from the wreck were deemed more […]

Today’s Google Doodle

I’m told by reader Kevin that this is today’s Google Doodle in the US, though it’s already a day later in New Zealand (expect lots of April Fool’s jokes tomorrow in the US). It highlights diversity, and is the winner of a contest: Google describes it this way: Nine years in, the U.S. Doodle 4 […]

It’s Holi in India

. . . and here’s the animated Google Doodle. Fortunately, I’ve never witnessed these celebrations close up, which would involve you getting  your clothes permanently ruined with dye! Read more about the holiday here and here.

Google’s quiz on Komodo dragons

Today’s Google Doodle involves a 5-question quiz about Komodo dragons. (Click on screenshot to begin the quiz.)   I won! (See below; so did Greg Mayer, who called this to my attention.) You can learn more facts by going on with the Doodle after you get your score. Why a Komodo dragon Doodle today? Because […]

Google animated Valentine’s Doodle is also a game

Today’s Google Doodle is a Valentine’s Day animation—and a game. It features a Philippine pangolin (Manis culionensis), an at-risk species. The object of the game, as described by Google, is to get the animal home to the Philippines to find love. It’s been a four-day Doodle, and you can see the description of today, the last […]

Google Doodle celebrates botanist Carrie Derick

This didn’t appear on my Google screen, but reader Dennis tells me that yesterday Google in Canada posted a Doodle honoring the 155th birthday of Carrie Matilda Derick (1862-1941). Derick, a geneticist specializing in plants, was in fact the first female professor in any subject in a Canadian university. She was also the founder of the botany department […]

Google Doodle honors first measurement of the speed of light

Somehow I missed this anniversary, and the Google Doodle shown below isn’t visible from the U.S. Here’s the skinny from CNet: While my car has trouble going over 65 mph, the speed of light is much faster — approximately 186,282 miles per second. How do we know that? Well, we can all thank Danish astronomer […]