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Why modern rock music, movie music, and even classical music sucks: Good melodies are gone

Reader Bryan called my attention to the 13-minute video below made by “Inside the Score”, a person who usually posts discussions of classical and film music (his/her Patreon account is here).  This video diverges a bit from that theme, but I think it’s on the right track. Bryan said this about the video: WEIT readers […]

Words and phrases I hate

The dreadful neologisms just keep pouring in, almost as if I were a bad boy this year and get these things instead of lumps of coal at Christmas. In just a few days I’ve accumulated four words that should be ruthlessly expunged from the literature and from the vocabulary of thinking people. Three of them […]

Words and phrases I hate

Like many Brits, I too am dispirited today, and in fact so dispirited that I can’t brain. When in such a state, I find that my best tactic is to vent, and what better way to vent than rail against language pollution? Today we have several words or phrases I hate, and of course you’re […]

This is why people dislike Gwyneth Paltrow

Have you ever seen a more off-putting Christmas ad than this one from goop, featuring their consciously uncoupled (but now remarried) Gwyneth Paltrow? The funniest part is what she gives herself for Christmas. On Saturday I’ll show a much better Christmas ad: the one from Sainsbury’s a few years ago that featured Mog the cat. […]

Banana duct-taped to wall makes artist $240,000

I have to say that much modern art eludes me, including all-black paintings, urinals signed “R. Mutt”, and so on. I tend to keep quiet about these things, for I’m sure there are erudite scholars around who will artsplain to me the enormous significance of such things, and then I’ll just feel dumb. Or, the […]

An insidious and patronizing trend in journalism

This is a “get off my lawn” post, but indulge me. I first noticed this trend in my journalistic bête noire, HuffPost.  That place has a lot of articles with headlines like “X happened. Why that matters.” Or “I am X. . . here’s why”. Or “So you want to do X? Here’s how.” To […]

Meanwhile, back at HuffPost. . .

One thing I haven’t done on this trip is to look at HuffPost. But, like a dog returning to its vomit, I couldn’t resist a peek this afternoon, as there’s not much doing on the ship. The site is still pretty much the predictable farrago of Regressive Leftism, but also flaunts an announcement that the […]

Words and phrases I hate

It’s that time again: time to blow off steam by kvetching about language. If you’re one of those tolerant people who says, “Language evolves, deal with it,” then you should simply skip this post. Otherwise, be ready to enlighten us with words and phrases that grate on you. Here’s my latest list, and be aware […]

Why great rock—and its performers—are doomed

I’m gonna gripe about modern rock music again and contrast it with the music produced between the early Sixties and mid-Seventies, which I consider the apotheosis of rock—just as I see the apotheosis of jazz lasting from the mid-Thirties to the early Sixties, ending with Coltrane. Since their apogees, both genres have gone downhill. And […]

Never Had a Dream Come True

Even if you’re a Stevie Wonder fan, like me, you might not know this song, for it wasn’t a big hit when released in 1970. Written by Wonder along with Motown staff writers Henry Crosby and Sylvia Moy, “Never Had a Dream Come True” just wasn’t that popular—not even rising above #26 on the Billboard […]