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The Olympics are over at last

I usually watch at least some of the Olympics, both winter and summer games, but this year my interest flagged. I’m not sure whether it was me, the jingoism that pervaded the coverage, with endless charts showing who had the most medals; the overuse of the verb “medaled”, which is a real verb according to […]

A bar worth frequenting

It’s the dive bar Continental in the East Village of New York, and it has a new policy, stated in the window. The owner says it’s not that serious: he won’t literally throw people out if they use the l-word. But he’s a language maven: The notice has been hanging there for five or six […]

Words that should be deep-sixed

Grania found this tw**t, which I think is right on the mark: Updated my list of words/phrases that need destroying. BaeHolibobsChillaxTotesAmazeballsCray crayBanter/BantzFamNom nomWine o'clockYoloLolzWell jel CoolioAwksMethinksGawjusHunTellyboxHubs/Hubby/HubsterStaycationBe likeWhevsI know rightPreggersEpic — Amanda (@Pandamoanimum) January 17, 2018 The words I especially hate here are “bae”, “totes”, “amazeballs”, “cray cray”, “whatevs”, “be like” and “epic”. Some of them, […]

There is no monolithic “Twitter” that makes pronouncements

This is happening not just at the much reviled (and, I suspect, cash bleeding) HuffPo, but on many other pop news sites as well. “Twitter does this” or “Twitter says that”, the sites proclaim. Here’s one example from the site I love to hate (click on screenshot to see it):Some points: 1.) There is no […]

Three beefs

I believe the correct term for the plural of beef is actually “beeves”, but if I put it above nobody would read this.  Anyway, Jerry Has Three Beeves (a good title for a children’s book). 1.)  Toothpaste prices.  One of the biggest ripoffs you can experience in American merchandising, besides bottled water and Starbuck’s Fancy […]

Duhhh. . . . Guardian touts a “new” finding that thylacines are more closely related to kangaroos than to dingos

Below is the headline of a new science piece in the Guardian (click on screenshot to read it), reporting on a paper that was just published in Nature. I haven’t read that paper, so I won’t comment on it; rather, I’ll comment on the science writing, which in this case is abysmal. It’s sensationalistic, misleading, […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

We’re at Ceiling Cat’s Day today, which means a day of Napping and Nomming on this third of December, 2017. It’s National Peppermint Latte Day, a drink that I’ll try one day so you won’t have to. It’s also a UN observance day: International Day of Persons with Disabilities. My tum is on the fritz today […]

Grania has two beefs

Grania is cranky today because she has a sore throat and a stuffy nose and her computer at work is operating at minimal speed. Therefore she offers us two rants, both of which I share. The quotes, links, and screenshots are hers, and her beefs are in bold: “1. Everyone is acting like a British […]

This is not starting well

The good news is this: I went through TSA Precheck at O’Hare Airport quickly and without a hitch, and not a human hand touched my buttocks. The bad news is that I came three hours early to enjoy the amenities of the United Club Lounge, which, I was assured by United on the phone (who […]

Another word I hate

As I recall, I heard this on the NBC Evening News the other night, and again on National Public Radio this morning. It is a dreadful word: IMPACTFUL Yes, some dictionaries have it, like Merriam Webster online, which defines it like this:  “having a forceful impact; producing a marked impression (impactful song lyrics, impactful humanitarian efforts)” But seriously, does it […]