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A lovely graph that tells our story

by Matthew Cobb I came across this beautiful graph in an article in the journal Cell this week. It shows declining levels of genetic variability among 51 populations of humans across the planet, plotted against the distance of each population from East Africa: The data in the figure are from a 2008 paper in Science […]

Jerry’s Nose

Well, I’ve been accused of having a hypertrophied proboscis, especially by some anti-Semites who delight in that sort of thing, but I’m pleased that there’s a landmark in Newfoundland named after my schnoz. It’s part of a series of colorful place names in Newfoundland and Labrador (series list here). Here’s the notes on “Jerrys nose” […]

All countries shall have prizes

Reader David sent me this map from Business Insider showing what each country leads the world in. A lot of it will be visible by clicking the image below to enlarge it, but go to the original map to read everything and see how some things were measured. As Michael Kelly at BI notes: A wonderful […]

Google Maps goes underwater

From ZDNet via alert reader P, we find that Google Maps, in its “street view” mode, has added six underwater panoramas to its repertoire. Announced on Tuesday, the underwater vistas comprise six sites of marine interest: Wilson Island, Heron Island and Lady Elliot Island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef; Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay and Molokini crater; and the […]