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Goose and duck report

I’m saddened to say that the six goslings from yesterday are now five. I have no idea what happened to the sixth one, but it’s clearly gone, and it makes me very sad. Meanwhile, 88K (female) and 92P (male) continue their parental duties.  Here are the five remaining chicks: Anna, my co-tender, got her official […]

Geese and ducks!

Well, my latest working hypothesis is that the mallard hen Honey is holed up somewhere for a month (she disappeared around April 20), brooding her eggs, which have a gestation time of 28 days. Sir Francis is still holding down the pond awaiting her reappearance, and seems to largely ignore the geese, who eat grass […]

OMG: We have geese and goslings

Well, the female 88K is back, and with her a new swain, 92P, and six goslings. Where did they come from? What do I do now? I know nothing of geese or how to tend them. And of course Frank and Honey are gone, and won’t return with this crew around. OMG. Well, I have […]