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Wouldn’t it be nice?: Fallout 76 BETA review

by Grania (obviously) Fair warning: I’ve played nearly all Bethesda Game Studio‘s RPGs (not to be confused with Bethesda Softworks) and I like them. I like them a lot. The games in their catalog of Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles are not perfect examples of role-playing games; but in terms of creating big, open worlds where […]

Vote for the kakapo Lego set

Kakapos (Strigops habroptila), as you should know by now, are the world’s only flightless parrot, and as such—and being residents of once-predator-free New Zealand—are highly endangered, and have been moved to predator-free islands to try to keep the species going. They are also adorable, as well as being horny. Here is perhaps the most popular […]

Multitasking to the max: Weather reporter solves Rubik’s cube while giving the forecast

This woman has got it going on. Look how well she delivers the weather report while solving a Rubik’s cube. I am sure that even if I could solve the puzzle (and I haven’t tried), I couldn’t do it while delivering a coherent report. The YouTube notes say this: Reporter Lauren Olesky with Florida news […]

Google Doodle celebrates ICC Cricket Championship

Today’s interactive Google Doodle celebrates the ICC Champions Trophy, and I have no idea what that is. (I’m sure many readers will!), You can play cricket yourself (as an animal) by simply pressing the button to swing when the ball approaches you, and score runs! I haven’t time to play a lot, but I’ll try […]

End-of-Hump-Day felid

Here’s a tw**t found by Grania. Did any reader do this crossword? Can some just check the Times crossword setter is okay? And not eg being menaced by a large cat — Jamie Douglass (@JamesLDouglass) June 6, 2017

Weird and slightly alarming – the chaos game

by Matthew Cobb This video from the excellent Numberphile YouTube channel shows a very simple game that has the most unexpected outcome. My only criticism of this video is that I’d like to be shown the explanation, even if it’s complicated! Maybe readers can help me.

A new game that I’d play

I don’t think I’ve ever played a video game in my life. I won’t give my reasons as I don’t want to offend readers who like them and would disagree with me. To each their own! But this is one game I really would play: it’s called “HK”, and is in development; in fact, they just […]

A game: where would you go in a time machine?

When I was younger, I would invent a game for myself involving a time machine. The rules were these: you were given a time machine, and you could set it to go back to just a single place and time in the history of the Earth, and stay there for 24 hours. You would then be returned […]

Cat game!

For reasons I don’t understand, many secularists and atheists are also gamers. While I can appreciate their enthusiasm, I don’t really share it, as I’d rather read a book or go to a good movie than play a video game. However, here’s an exception that I enjoyed for about 15 minutes. It’s called Chat Noir […]

A fun and educational wildlife quiz

I got an email from one Lin Taylor, who pointed me to a swell new quiz that she and a biology friend constructed. I’m not much for games, but this is a good one, because it not only challenges your knowledge of biology but it’s educational in several ways. Here’s her email and the link: […]