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More free speech kerfuffle at Williams College, a school on the road to becoming Evergreen State

Williams College, a very prestigious school in Williamstown, Massachusetts, is currently in the throes of a debate about free speech. In this case the professors (not all of them, but many) want Williams to adopt the Chicago Principles of Free Expression (the “Chicago Principles”). The students, however, don’t want any stinking principles; they want endless […]

Twitter, like WordPress, acts as Pakistan’s censor of “anti Muslim sentiments”

Ensaif Haidar is a Saudi Arabian human rights activist who is married to Raif Badawi, a Saudi dissident who has been sitting in prison for six years for “apostasy” and “insulting Islam through electronic channels.” Badawi’s sentence was ten years, a fine, and 1000 lashes, although only 50 lashes were given. (Haidar says that his […]

UC Berkeley loses lawsuit over its policy of charging right-wing groups more money for security

According to the Daily Californian and the Los Angeles Times, the University of California at Berkeley (UCB) has just settled a free-speech lawsuit involving discrimination against student groups that brought in conservative speakers. Click on screenshot below to see the Daily Cal piece (that’s the UCB student paper): The first speakers at issue were Ann Coulter, […]

CNN op-ed attacks free speech

Free speech is under attack from all directions these days, including from a lot of colleges and now the media, or at least in an op-ed on CNN. I didn’t know CNN did editorials or op-eds, which shows that I haven’t been paying attention. And of course they have a right to do that, so […]

A Williams College professor describes her school’s fight against free speech

I’ve recently heard from Dr. Luana Maroja, an evolutionary biologist at Williams College who is an associate professor of biology as well as chair of the biochemistry program. Luana wanted to describe some of the opposition she and others have faced at Williams College in trying to get it to adopt the Chicago Principles, my university’s […]

More about the Austrian “pedophile prophet” case

Yesterday I reported that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that an Austrian woman, by teaching that the prophet Muhammad had married a six-year-old wife (Aisha), and then consummated the marriage three years later, had engaged in defamation of religion in a way that hurt religious sentiments. The ECHR was upholding two Austrian […]

U of C President Zimmer speaks on free expression at universities, criticizes the “comfort ethic” that infantilizes students by trying not to make them uncomfortable. Meanwhile, our students demand infantilization.

Below is a video of University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer speaking on “Universities, Education, and Free Expression” at the City Club of Cleveland on October 3. The video is an hour long, but Zimmer’s talk is from 4:25 to 27:54 with an intro and the last half hour being Q&A. Although Zimmer is not […]

Rutgers cancels free-speech lecture because of “Islamophobia”

Rutgers, a high-quality university in New Jersey, is proving itself to be one of the more censorious and Authoritarian Leftist campuses in America. Now it’s canceled yet another speech by someone who might have offended the campus community, Lisa Daftari. Click on the screenshot to read the story from Mediaite, which I think leans toward […]

Steve Bannon appears on Bill Maher’s show

I noticed that alongside Bill Maher’s trenchant anti-religious diatribe on his most recent show, there was also an appearance by Steve Bannon, the much-demonized and oft-deplatformed far-Rightist who was the erstwhile advisor to Donald Trump. As you may recall, the preening and arrogant invertebrate David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, had importuned Bannon to […]

Do white supremacists deserve freedom of speech? A test case in Nevada

Kudos to the University of Nevada at Reno for the way it handled a sensitive issue while preserving freedom of speech on campus. The affair is described in the Inside Higher Ed (IHE) article below (click on screenshot). In short, photos were taken of the white nationalist protestors in Charlottesville last year, and the pictures were […]