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Rutgers cancels free-speech lecture because of “Islamophobia”

Rutgers, a high-quality university in New Jersey, is proving itself to be one of the more censorious and Authoritarian Leftist campuses in America. Now it’s canceled yet another speech by someone who might have offended the campus community, Lisa Daftari. Click on the screenshot to read the story from Mediaite, which I think leans toward […]

Steve Bannon appears on Bill Maher’s show

I noticed that alongside Bill Maher’s trenchant anti-religious diatribe on his most recent show, there was also an appearance by Steve Bannon, the much-demonized and oft-deplatformed far-Rightist who was the erstwhile advisor to Donald Trump. As you may recall, the preening and arrogant invertebrate David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, had importuned Bannon to […]

Do white supremacists deserve freedom of speech? A test case in Nevada

Kudos to the University of Nevada at Reno for the way it handled a sensitive issue while preserving freedom of speech on campus. The affair is described in the Inside Higher Ed (IHE) article below (click on screenshot). In short, photos were taken of the white nationalist protestors in Charlottesville last year, and the pictures were […]

University of Wisconsin develops tough policy to ensure free speech

Last year the University of Wisconsin’s Board of Regents mandated that each of the University’s campuses must develop a policy codifying what constitutes a disruption of speech, and also to specify the possible punishments for disruptors. The flagship campus, UW Madison, has now put out a tough but fair policy that, for the first time […]

Marine Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric testing for posting images of ISIS atrocities

This is what happens when countries have hate speech laws.  Here’s a short report from the BBC: Now I have no use for Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s National Party and a bigot and a nativist building her career almost entirely on anti-immigrant sentiment. That’s reprehensible, but it’s not a crime. (It also shows […]

Why Steve Bannon should be allowed to speak, and why we should listen

As you know, Steve Bannon has been deplatformed in many places where he’s been invited, including the New Yorker festival, where the magazine’s editor David “Invertebrate” Remnick canceled an advertised conversation he was to have with Bannon. Bannon has also been invited to speak at the University of Chicago this fall (no time has yet […]

Today’s reading: Technology editor defends interviewing Bannon

This op-ed is in today’s New York Times, and recounts how author Kara Swisher, described as “editor at large for the technology news website Recode and producer of the Recode Decode podcast and Code Conference”, wanted to interview Steve Bannon at a “Code Conference” on technology. She didn’t get to—and for the same reason David Remnick, […]

New book by Lukianoff and Haidt on the fragility of the young

Cooling my heels at the airport, I call your attention to a new book by Greg Lukianoff, president and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist at New York University. The book: The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas are Setting Up […]

Ontario requires publicly funded colleges and universities to implement free speech policies

The government of Canada’s province of Ontario has given every publicly-funded university and college four months to create and put in place free-speech policies modeled on that of the University of Chicago (our policy here). The article below (click on screenshot) officially announces that policy: Here’s what the schools have to do. Note that student […]

Antifas in statu nascendi: Portland high school students denigrate free speech as “legitimizing hate”

Stuff like these letters—particularly the last one—make me despair of the future. Fortunately, I’ll be dead when my Left has been completely co-opted by intolerant Social Justice Warriors. Reader Gary sent me three links to letters in The Oregonian (the local daily paper) by students from Grant High School in Portland, Oregon. (Portland, of course, […]