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UoC President Bob Zimmer talks about free speech on campus

The Wall Street Journal has a week-old interview with University of Chicago President Bob Zimmer (a mathematician); the topic is free speech and Steve Bannon. The piece below (click on the link) is paywalled but judicious inquiry might yield a copy—if you really want it.As I’ve noted before, Luigi Zingales, a professor at the Business […]

Speech is not violence

You may have heard that Ryan Spector, a Dartmouth student, got into big trouble for writing an op-ed in his college paper (The Dartmouth) questioning why 15 of the 19 directors of the student program “The Trips” (it runs summer excursions for incoming first-years) were female.  Claiming that this unbalanced sex ratio reflected an exercise […]

Penn faculty and students brutally attack law professor for her conservative op-ed; Dean asks her to take a leave of absence

Today’s Wall Street Journal contains another tale of university censorship, in this case involving Amy Wax, the Mundlein Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in Philadelphia. The screenshot links to the essay, but it’s mostly paywalled, though judicious inquiry might yield you a copy. The article also notes that “This essay, […]

Ken Ham to speak at Oklahoma university after all; university president defends free speech

As NewsOK (Oklahoma) reports, and as verified by creationist Ken Ham on his Answers in Genesis (AiG) website, Ham’s invitation to speak at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), previously withdrawn by the student government, has now been reinstated. (See my posts about this here and here, where I defend his right to speak on campus.)  It […]

More calls to ban Steve Bannon at my university

Posters like this one, or related ones, are now plastered all over campus, relating to the student and faculty movement to disinvite Steve Bannon from speaking at the University of Chicago this fall (see my earlier posts here). I photographed this one, put up by the UChicago Socialists, on a lightpost near the campus. Note […]

FIRE’s worst colleges for free speech, and their Lifetime Censorship Award

FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, has named the ten worst American campuses for free speech over the last year. In addition, they’ve given a “Lifetime Censorship” award to a school with a persistent history of censorship over time. Click on the screenshot below if you want to see the distressing details. First, […]

Ken Ham de-platformed at an Oklahoma University

Lots of religious sites have picked up the news that evangelical Christian and Ark-Park magnate Ken Ham has been deplatformed at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), but what they report is pretty similar to what more mainstream media say (for the latter, go here, here, and here; for Answer in Genesis‘s take, go here). […]

Satirical ICE posters deemed “hate speech” at Stanford University

Isaac Kipust is a student at Stanford University, which, though a private school, has a free speech policy that makes it equivalent to a state university—that is, speech is protected under the courts’ interpretation of our First Amendment. This is the case for all universities in California. As Stanford’s President and its Provost wrote: Certain types […]

Free-speech program tomorrow on Radio 4

Note that tomorrow Radio 4 in the UK will broadcast a 42-minute program on free speech and its potential “limits”. The first airing is Tuesday at 0900 GMT (4 a.m. Eastern time US), and will be rebroadcast the same day at 2130 GMT (4:30 pm Eastern time US). I suspect it will also be archived […]

My Tribune op-ed on Bannongate at the University of Chicago

 When I wrote my post on “Bannongate” the other day, which decried some students’ and professors’ attempts to prevent Steve Bannon from debating at the University of Chicago this fall, I thought, “Maybe I should write an op-ed for the student newspaper.” Then I thought, “Go big or go home—why don’t I try the Chicago […]