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Antifas in statu nascendi: Portland high school students denigrate free speech as “legitimizing hate”

Stuff like these letters—particularly the last one—make me despair of the future. Fortunately, I’ll be dead when my Left has been completely co-opted by intolerant Social Justice Warriors. Reader Gary sent me three links to letters in The Oregonian (the local daily paper) by students from Grant High School in Portland, Oregon. (Portland, of course, […]

Two more authors banned from Brisbane Writers Festival

Two years ago there was a big kerfuffle at the Brisbane Writers Festival (BWF) when writer Lionel Shriver gave a talk asserting the right of all authors to write about “marginalized”—or any—groups, which is a violation of many who cry “cultural appropriation” at that stuff. As I wrote at the time, Not long ago Yasmin Abdel-Magied, […]

Lauren Southern prohibited from a Muslim “no go” zone in Sydney, Australia

It is necessary—but should be superfluous—for me to begin this post by saying I have no truck with Lauren Southern. A darling of extreme right-wingers everywhere, she’s a nativist, a jingoist, an anti-immigrant activisit, and, I suspect, a white supremacist. You might contest the latter characterization, but there’s no doubt that she’s a bigot. Nevertheless, […]

Keenan Malik’s blog also banned in Pakistan with the help of WordPress

As you may recall, WordPress, the organization that hosts this site, got complaints from the Pakistani government that some of my posts were offensive because they hurt the sentiments of Muslims. Those posts were were ones showing Jesus and Mo cartoons, which satirize Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike. WordPress decided to cooperate with Pakistan by simply […]

The New Yorker tones down its advocacy of free speech

It was inevitable: the New Yorker, a liberal organ, has, like the liberal American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), started waffling on free speech because it may be offensive and damaging to some groups. In other words, because the First Amendment conflicts with “social justice”, says the magazine, we must temper our advocacy of free speech. This […]

NYT legal columnist: Let’s rethink the First Amendment now that it’s being used by conservatives

My title may be exaggerated a tad, but not that much, for the point of Adam Liptak’s article (click on screenshot below) is that conservatives are starting to use the First Amendment to defend or buttress legal decisions that liberals don’t like, and therefore the First Amendment is outdated or should be reexamined. The title […]

The ACLU backs off defending free speech in favor of promoting social justice, a libertarian site, reports on a leaked memo from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that makes it pretty clear that the organization wants to ratchet back on defending free speech that is “hate speech”, i.e., speech that goes after “marginalized groups” (see below). You can discount the article if you want, but […]

Angry Catman battles “hate speech”

From reader Pliny the in Between, we have the further adventures of Angry Catman (my alter ego):  

The erosion of free speech in Britain: blogger and YouTuber convicted of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denialism

An anti-Semitic British woman has just been convicted, and may well be jailed, for posting “grossly offensive” songs on YouTube. This is just another step in the continuing erosion of free speech in Britain. In effect, what she was convicted for was anti-Semitic statements (not illegal in the U.S.), which include denying the Holocaust. She […]

UNH professor brags about having disrupted Dave Rubin’s talk

Joelle Ruby Ryan is a senior lecturer in women’s studies at The University of New Hampshire, and according to their Twitter profile (I’m using Ryan’s preferred pronoun) is a trans woman.  Ryan teaches these courses: Introduction to Women’s Studies, Gender, Power, and Privilege, and Colloquium: Transgender Feminism. They are (is?) one of the people who […]