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Quote of the day: Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen is an outspoken critic of those Western liberals who cower and dissimulate before extreme Islam. Here’s a bit of his new Guardian piece on a recent talk in London by Rafidya Bonya Ahmed, a secular blogger who survived a brutal attack by Muslims with meat cleavers. She was badly cut up and lost a thumb, but also […]

Harvard and MIT get “Muzzle Awards” for denying free speech

This tw**t from Steve Pinker called my attention to two Boston universities (one my alma mater, though it’s the Law School that was shamed) which received “2015 Campus Muzzle Awards” from WGBH, Boston’s Public Broadcasting station. They’re given to those individuals and institutions who most blatantly diminish free speech (go to the bottom of the page to see […]

Pirate Party helps repeal Iceland’s blasphemy law

Reader Fernando sent me this item from the New York Times; I had no idea there were such shenanigans going on in Iceland! It turns out that there is a political party in that country called The Pirate Party (“Píratar”) that appears to have an extreme left-wing political agenda. Apparently there are “pirate parties” in […]

Russell Blackford defends Peter Singer

I’ve written twice (here and here) about philosopher Peter Singer’s unpopular views favoring the “mercy killing” of newborn infants having horrible deformities or diseases.  For that many people have called for him to resign, or even for Princeton to fire him. And I’ve said that that’s unconscionable. For one thing, in my view Singer’s view does have some […]

Bill Maher on “politically correct” humor

Here’s Bill Maher on a recent “Real Time” show discussing the current unacceptability of certain brands of humor. (Click on screenshot to see Maher’s take; and is that really Ann Coulter as his special guest?) Humor that deals with issues of sex, race, and the like is a touchy business. For example, unlike Maher I’m not keen on […]

More college triggering

As reader Lenny wrote when he emailed me this link to an Economist article, “Trigger-unhapy: student safety has become a real threat to free speech on campus”, a piece about the spread of calls for “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” at U.S. colleges: I don’t think there is anything particularly insightful.  Relevant only because the issue has […]

Comedians avoid the “offense circuit”

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, we learn that at least two famous comedians have decided not to perform on college campuses, and for the same reason: colleges are too “politically correct,” that is, they embody the humorless offense culture: Jerry Seinfeld himself has taken a stand — against political correctness on campus. The 61-year-old comedian told an […]

Pat Condell on free speech

Recently, Pat Condell’s videos have sometimes come close to out-of-control rants, but you have to judge the content of each video on its own. And this one, about free speech and its erosion in America, seems right on the money:

More college shenanigans: After refusing to pass a motion condemning ISIS, Britain’s National Union of Students votes to boycott Israel

I’m afraid Britain’s students have surpassed those of the U.S. in demanding Special Snowflake status, as well as in showing complete obtuseness when it comes to politics. This has just played out in a breathless display of hypocrisy. In October of last year, I reported that Britain’s National Union of Students deep-sixed a vote to […]

U.S. Supreme Court rules that Muslim employee can wear headscarf

You might remember this story: in 2008 Samantha Elauf, a Muslim, applied for a job at the clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch. She was wearing a headscarf. The company claimed it didn’t know that the headscarf was a religious symbol (right!), and denied her employment because the scarf, or hijab, clashed with the company’s dress code. The […]


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