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Spiked “free speech” ratings for UK universities

Spiked has produced its annual review of British universities and their free-speech policies, putting both the student unions (often powerful determinants of what the students do or don’t get to see) and the university itself into one of three categories, to wit: Green, then, is good. When there’s a conflict between student union rankings and […]

Guardian closes comments on three topics

In a post by the Guardian‘s “readers’ editor” Stephen Pritchard, it’s been announced that the website will no longer open articles to readers’ comments when they are about certain issues: But more concerning is the ever-rising level of abuse, trolling and “astroturfing” (propaganda posting – an artificial version of a grassroots campaign) currently polluting what are often illuminating […]

Melissa Click, obstructive U. Missouri journalism prof, arrested for assault and suspended

During the student protests at the University of Missouri, communication professor Melissa Click tried to obstruct student journalists covering the protests, which were taking place in a public space. Student Tim Tai tried to take pictures and, as the following video shows, was rebuffed not only by the students, who tried to kick him out of that […]

Scottish university joins the costume censorship spree

First the “politically correct” censorship of costumes, Halloween or otherwise, spread throughout U.S. colleges; then it leaped the Atlantic to England, where many universities are unbearably censorious. Now, however, it’s spread to Scotland, a land of what I thought were sensible and level-headed folk. If you go to yesterday’s Scotsman, you’ll find this story (click […]

Oxford’s new vice chancellor decries “safe spaces”

What the students of colleges like Yale and Oberlin need is a president like Louise Richardson, formerly Principal (i.e., head) of St. Andrews University and just installed as the 272nd Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. (Remember, Oxford’s been around a long time.) The Vice-Chancellor is the real power at a British University, equivalent to the president of an […]

Hindu blasphemy: cricketer M. S. Dhoni in trouble for posing as Vishnu

We usually think of “blasphemy” as a crime committed against Islam, but it’s also a crime to mock religion in many places. Those include India, where people have been prosecuted for “insulting” Catholicism and Hinduism. And remember the three people jailed in Myanmar for advertising an event at a bar with a poster of Buddha wearing headphones? That violated that […]

Harvard hands out “social justice” placemats to students, telling them how to think and talk about various social issues

Well if this don’t beat all! My kishkes are in knots, for my own alma mater, Harvard University, has now joined the anti-free-speech squad.  As the Guardian reports, its transgression took the form of a placemat given to the students by the university’s Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, with the collusion of the freshman dean’s office. […]

George Will lauds the hard-headedness of scientists over the mushiness of humanities scholars

Even a conservative can be right sometimes, including George Will. Although I long thought of him as a Catholic, he’s now declared himself a “low-voltage atheist”, which of course shows that he has some discriminatory power. In a piece at the Washington Post called “American higher education is a house divided,” he lauds the University […]

Yale students sign petition to repeal First Amendment

Yes, this is from Fox News, but are you going to reject it because of that? Comedian Ami Horowitz went onto the Yale Campus with a petition asking for the repeal of the First Amendment (you can see how he sells that: it allows people to be insulted, to experience microagressions, and so on), and […]

University of Wisconsin adopts sweeping free-speech statement

ABC News reports that the regents of The University of Wisconsin have approved a statement on free speech and academic freedom modeled after my own university’s admirable policy: University of Wisconsin System leaders approved a resolution Friday affirming free speech and academic freedom, joining colleges across the country that have officially proclaimed their devotion to free expression amid […]


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