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My Jesus and Mo posts blocked in Pakistan for “hurting the sentiments of many Muslims”

I suppose it was only a matter of time before my weekly postings of Jesus and Mo, which I’ve been putting up for years, were flagged as offensive. Someone in Pakistan filed a complaint (in bold below) that they were BLASPHEMOUS, and so WordPress contacted me with the following message (I’ve put the complaint in […]

“We are here to shape you, not serve you”: a new video on free speech at the University of Chicago

“Education is not meant to make people comfortable. It is meant to make them think.” —Hannah Gray, President, University of Chicago, 1978-1993 This 11-minute video, which lauds the University of Chicago as a bellwether for free speech on American campuses, was put out by “We the Internet TV”, which I suspect is a somewhat conservative organization […]

Angry Catman battles “hate speech”

From reader Pliny the in Between, we have the further adventures of Angry Catman (my alter ego):  

The erosion of free speech in Britain: blogger and YouTuber convicted of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denialism

An anti-Semitic British woman has just been convicted, and may well be jailed, for posting “grossly offensive” songs on YouTube. This is just another step in the continuing erosion of free speech in Britain. In effect, what she was convicted for was anti-Semitic statements (not illegal in the U.S.), which include denying the Holocaust. She […]

UNH professor brags about having disrupted Dave Rubin’s talk

Joelle Ruby Ryan is a senior lecturer in women’s studies at The University of New Hampshire, and according to their Twitter profile (I’m using Ryan’s preferred pronoun) is a trans woman.  Ryan teaches these courses: Introduction to Women’s Studies, Gender, Power, and Privilege, and Colloquium: Transgender Feminism. They are (is?) one of the people who […]

The problem of “sensitivity readers” in publishing

I managed to put a post together that I started before I found the sick duck, and writing this helped take my mind off its death. It may not be as fluent or coherent as usual, but so be it. As you may recall, many publishers, especially those of young adult and children’s books, tend […]

An illustrated version of Mill’s “On Liberty”

I hesitate to call this to your attention, because I think everybody who follows this website should read John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, which constitutes the best argument in print for free speech—including “hate speech”. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination, the Heterodox Academy has put out an illustrated version consisting solely of […]

Dave Rubin disrupted at the University of New Hampshire

Regardless of what you think about Dave Rubin, I doubt that you think he should have been treated this way at the University of New Hampshire. There Rubin was scheduled to talk on a panel (with two other people) on “cultural appropriation, social justice, and free speech.” The two other participants canceled their appearance, and […]

UC Berkeley issues a ridiculous and biased report pretending to support free speech, but really criticizing the Right

Much more than The New York Times, the Washington Post is becoming the most visible left-wing media site that sticks up for free speech, and by that I mean it will defend purveyors of so-called hate speech  against repeated deplatformings and disruptions by the Authoritarian Left. To see this, you might want to first read […]

CUNY law students won’t be disciplined for disrupting talk because the disruption was “limited”

Last week I reported how law students at the City University of New York (CUNY) disrupted the talk of  Josh Blackman, an associate professor of law (and expert in Constitutional law) at the South Texas College of Law at Houston. Blackman was invited by CUNY’s Federalist Society and was, ironically, scheduled to talk about free speech. Because […]