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FIRE gets huge Templeton grant

An old Jewish joke, which I’m allowed to tell because of my background, is this: “Jewish dilemma: free ham”.  But this dilemma is even bigger, at least for me. FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, is an organization I’ve long admired, for its mission is to preserve free speech and civil liberties on American campuses. To […]

Jonathan Haidt discusses free speech and victimhood culture on college campuses

Here’s your evening’s entertainment: visiting the State University of New York at New Paltz, psychologist Jon Haidt talks about free speech, the lack of “thought diversity” in academia, “social justice,” racial issues, the campus victimhood culture and its inevitable infighting, sex differences in interest and their sequelae, and a variety of other topics that we […]

Feminists remove flyers advertising an “offensive” talk by Christina Hoff Sommers, claim that their vandalism is “freedom of speech”

The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) is a conservative organization that runs a conservative website. And it’s on those websites where you’ll find documentation of Regressive Leftism. Don’t look for videos like the following on PuffHo or even the Daily Beast. If you want to see Regression in action, you have to get into bed, at least […]

Nick Cohen on the flaws of the “cultural appropriation” warriors

I keep saying that Nick Cohen is an Anglophonic treasure. In terms of his straightforwardness and adherence to classical rather than Regressive Leftism, he’s the closest thing we have to the late Christopher Hitchens. And everyone should read his two books You Can’t Read this Book: Censorship in an Age of Freedom and What’s Left?: How Liberals […]

Jordanian writer indicted and then assassinated for sharing cartoon depicting Allah

Several sources, including The Independent and Al Jazeera, report the death of Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar, shot to death outside a courtroom in Amman. Hattar had put the following cartoon on his Facebook page; he didn’t draw it or create it, but merely shared it. (Cartoon and translation from Elder of Ziyon; neither the Independent […]

Jesus gets de-platformed

Inspired by the article about Lionel Shriver I posted a while back, reader Pliny the in Between has created a new cartoon called “The De-Platforming on the Mount“. Click to enlarge.

Offended Guardian writer walks out of talk on “cultural appropriation” of fiction

Since it’s important to the article I’m going to mention, I note that its author, Yasmin Abdel-Magied, is a black Australian Muslim woman. Her piece in yesterday’s Guardian, “As Lionel Shriver made light of identity, I had no choice but to walk out on her,” is a long whine about how authors of one gender or […]

In defense of the University of Chicago and its letter to first-year students

On August 21, I publicized the following letter that the Dean of Students at the University of Chicago sent to all incoming first-year students. I was delighted by it, but since then there’s been considerable discussion on the Internet of the letter (see here, here, and here for criticism and here, here, and here for support). All […]

Syracuse decides to allow screening of film on Israeli settlers

The other day I noted that M. Gail Hammer, a professor of religion at Syracuse, canceled the screening of a film on Israeli settlers because of her fear that it would incite the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) students on campus. The director of the film “The Settlers“, Simon Dotan, had been invited by a professor […]

Film screening cancelled at Syracuse merely because professor feared pushback from BDS supporters

We’ve all seen plenty of examples of speeches at universities disrupted by offended students, speech invitations withdrawn because of student protests, and honorary degrees rescinded because of political offense (viz., Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Brandeis). But this is the first case I know of where a presentation was cancelled out of fear that it might offend students. And […]