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Hooray! My university sends letter to incoming students decrying safe spaces and trigger warnings, promoting free speech, and refusing to cancel controversial speakers

I’m not much of a jingoist: I don’t root for America in the Olympics, I don’t favor my home-town sports teams, and, although I like the University of Chicago, which has treated me very well, I don’t go around touting it as The Best School in the World. But today I’m feeling quite proud to […]

College Follies of the Day. Part 2. Florida professor forbids students from describing the U.S. as a “melting pot”

About a year ago the Daily Beast wrote a piece called “The University of Californa’s Insane Speech Police,” which described UC President Janet Napolitano’s “invitation” for deans and department heads in the UC system to attend a seminar on suppressing free speech “fostering inclusive excellence”. These seminars were held at 9 of the 10 University of […]

Australian territory passes anti-blasphemy law

You may not know that in many parts of Australia, blasphemy—the criticism of religion—remains a criminal offense, though it’s almost never enforced. Wikipedia describes the complicated situation: All common law offences were abolished and replaced by a criminal code without replacing the common law offences of blasphemy and blasphemous libel with criminal code offences in […]

Expected backlash to Regressive Leftism hits American colleges in the pocketbook

At least 18 months ago, several of my savvy friends predicted that the rise of Regressive Leftism among students would have a serious backlash Older alumni, whose donations are crucial for American Universities, would, said my friends, begin withholding their money, appalled by the shenanigans of Regressive students and the way that colleges like Yale, […]

The Halloween madness continues: “Three blind mice” costumes reported for “ableism”

I’m sure you won’t find this in The New York Times, so I’m trusting Heat Street‘s reportage here. What they report is another example of Costume Fascism, in which Halloween outfits that seem innocuous are deemed offensive to those whose avocation is to investigate and report anything that could possibly be deemed offensive. In this case it’s […]

Shenanigans in Illinois. 2: DePaul University bans yet another speaker

There are two places where you’re likely to find details about speakers being censored, banned, or interrupted on U.S. campuses. One is right-wing websites, because, of course, it’s often conservative speakers who are subject to this treatment, with the “left-wing” Pecksniffs acting as censors. (But see below: the Right can be censorious as well, but doesn’t threaten violence […]

FIRE, censorship, and the disturbing Constitutional ignorance of college students

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) was founded in 1999, with its founders expecting that it would last only ten years. But you probably know that the organization is still going strong. In fact, it’s going stronger than ever due to the rise of the Authoritarian Left and student Offense Culture, as well as Obama’s “urging” […]

Cowardly University of Cape Town panics, disinvites speaker who published the Danish “Mohammed” cartoons

Last year writer and broadcaster Kenan Malik was invited to the University of Cape Town in South Africa to deliver the T. B. Davie Memorial Lecture, an annual talk devoted to “academic and human freedom.” Malik’s talk, “Free speech in an age of identity politics,” was a spirited defense of untrammeled free speech, and included passages like […]

More about Milo and his Twitter ban: he was worse than I thought

I don’t want this to become a “drama site,” so I won’t post more than this on the Ghostbusters/Leslie Jones/Milo kerfuffle. Besides, I want to write about honeyguides. But I want to note that, in view of new information, I’ve changed my mind about the injustice of giving Milo Yiannopoulos a life sentence in Twitter Jail. […]

Two tweets about the Milo kerfuffle

One from Dave Rubin: Indeed it is. And one from Maajid Nawaz:


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