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Bullied by Yale students, Erika and Nicholas Christakis resign their residential posts

In October of last year, Erika Christakis, child development expert and associate master of the Silliman residential college at Yale University, sent an email to students in response to a dean’s email about a big fracas involving “inappropriate” Halloween costumes. Christakis discussed the difficulties of determining whether costumes were potentially offensive and warned about the dangers […]

DePaul President responds to the Yiannopoulos affair

I had already written to the President of DePaul University about the suppression of free speech shown in this morning’s video, but before he responded (if he even does), I got an email from a member of the DePaul faculty, who, among other things, enclosed a letter that President, Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, sent to the University community. […]

Milo again proves his point as DePaul students go nuts and prevent him from speaking

Let nobody say I’m a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor of the right-wing website Breitbart and a professional provocateur. He’s embarked on a “Dangerous Faggot” tour in the U.S. (he’s gay), going from college to college talking about feminism, regressive Leftism, and politics. Or rather, attempting to talk, for his mere presence on U.S. campuses apparently constitutes […]

J. K. Rowling on Donald Trump and free speech

Now this is the proper attitude towards free speech, conveyed by J. K. Rowling at the PEN America gala in New York. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with Rowling about anything. Lagnaippe: as the Guardian noted: She ended her acceptance speech by pointing to the case of Tal Al-Mallouhi, who was arrested […]

Sadly, once again Canada fails on the free speech front: comedian under investigation for telling a joke

Mike Ward, a Montreal comedian, recently told a joke that embodies dark humor, but is not horribly offensive: it’s the kind of stuff you hear all the time. You can hear the joke below (at 1:28). It’s somewhat tasteless, but where’s the “hate”? And yes, it singles out a person, though I don’t know if the […]

FIRE sends letter to Harvard University criticizing their new policy to punish students belonging to off-campus, single-sex organization

Perhaps you remember yesterday’s post in which I described and decried Harvard’s latest Authoritarian Leftist shenanigans. The University’s new policy, just set out by President Drew Faust (a woman, if you didn’t know), is that, to eliminate sexual harassment and assault, Harvard will start next year penalizing students who belong to same-sex groups like sororities, fraternities, and […]

Students at my own university vote down a resolution affirming free speech

Oy gewalt!  How can this be? Walking over to the student union for lunch, I picked up a copy of The Chicago Maroon, the student-run newspaper. At the top was this headline: “Student Government tables free speech resolution.” I am appalled. I am shaking and crying right now. I can’t even. . . . How could […]

Scottish man charged with hate crime for making a bulldog salute Hitler

I wasn’t aware that something like this would qualify as a “hate crime” in Scotland, though nobody was injured.  A man trained a bulldog to salute Hitler, apparently to tease a girlfriend who thought the dog (apparently hers) was adorable. In an ill-advised trick, he tried to turn the dog into a Nazi, training it to make the “Sieg Heil” […]

Obama speaks out for free speech

Just a quick note, thanks to reader Barry who alerted me to this item. On last evening’s news, I watched part of Obama’s commencement address to the graduates of Howard University (a historically black college in Washington, D.C.), and I have to say that it was pretty stirring.  Now, as his term comes to an end, […]

Turkey jails two journalists for republishing Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is becoming increasingly Islamist, increasingly oppressive, and increasingly regressive (are those all synonyms)? This once vibrant and largely secular country is now an oligarchy, and it’s forbidden to criticize both Islam and Erdogan. According to the Associated Press, there are nearly 2,000 court cases open in which people have […]


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