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High Court rules that British schools must include humanism in religious studies

Just a quick note about what appears to be a landmark decision. The British Humanist Association (BHA) reports that the High Court has ruled that non-religious “philosophical” views such as humanism must be included in the Religious Studies curriculum. As you may already know, religious education is mandatory in government secondary schools in England and Wales (see details […]

Dawkins has no objection to Church of England’s ad in movie theaters; I disagree

Yesterday I wrote about a one-minute ad, “Prayer is for everyone,” that the Church of England wanted to show in British cinemas. The commercial agency that handles ads for UK movies refused, saying that their policy banned the showing of religious or political ads in theaters. I agreed, for reversing that policy would turn theaters into venues for religious […]

British cinemas refuse to show Anglican commercial; CoE is upset

There’s a religious kerfuffle in the United (?) Kingdom, one that probably wouldn’t occur in the U.S. According to the BBC, many cinemas in the UK are refusing to show a one-minute religious film that highlights the Lord’s Prayer.  The Church of England, which apparently produced the commercial, is miffed: The Church called the decision “plain […]

Ted Cruz: No atheist deserves to be President

Predictably, Republican candidates for the Presidential nomination are up to their usual pandering to the faithful and osculation of religion. But it doesn’t get much more blatant than this statement from Ted Cruz, junior Senator from Texas, reported by Right Wing Watch (my emphasis): Ted Cruz was thethird Republican presidential candidate to appear at the “National Religious […]

Some success from the FFRF campaign to get public universities to stop paying football chaplains

UPDATE: Just in from PuffHo, an unbelievable occurrence. Praying coach Joe Kennedy, mentioned at the end of the piece below, has been placed on leave for refusing to obey the directive not to pray on the field—after a student asked a Satanist to given an invocation on the field. “The school district needs to create religious opportunity […]

Public education in Ireland is Catholic

Reader and contributor Grania, who sent me the “loaves and fishes” photo below, tells me that around 90% of Irish students go to Catholic schools. Such is the hegemony of Catholicism in Ireland that athough these are what we Americans call “public” schools, funded by the government, they’re run by the Church. And, up to the high […]

Canadian Jehovah’s Witnesses ordered by court not to proselytize their grandchild

Although I wish there were some way to prevent parents from indoctrinating their children with religion, that’s not in the cards. In The God Delusion Richard Dawkins famously considered such proselytizing “child abuse”, and while I don’t agree that holds in every case, it certainly comes close in many cases. Think of the Catholic children scarred for life with thoughts […]

Tennessee county petitions God to not destroy them for allowing gay marriages

UPDATE: WBIR television reports this morining that, by a vote of 10-5, the County commission refused to consider the entire agenda, so the “Save Us, God” resolution was tabled. (Be sure to watch the news video at the site showing the supporters of the Tennessee Equality Project). But chairperson Karen Miller vows to reintroduce the resolution. ____________________ […]

Cops insist on putting “In God We Trust” on police cars

No comment needed; from the New York Times: “If it’s on my money and it’s on the state flag, I can put it on a patrol car,” said [Polk County] Sheriff Moats, who wrote to Georgia’s sheriffs this year to promote the motto’s placement on law enforcement vehicles. “Just about every single day, I have […]

Arizona town stipulates that council meetings begin with prayers—but only Christian ones!

From The Coolidge Examiner of Coolidge, Arizona (population 11,825), we have a seriously blatant violation of the First Amendment: Ignoring legal counsel and concerns about a possible lawsuit, a majority of the Coolidge City Council voted Monday to amend a resolution that would allow prayers before council meetings, including a stipulation that they be Christian. […]


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