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Tennessee county petitions God to not destroy them for allowing gay marriages

UPDATE: WBIR television reports this morining that, by a vote of 10-5, the County commission refused to consider the entire agenda, so the “Save Us, God” resolution was tabled. (Be sure to watch the news video at the site showing the supporters of the Tennessee Equality Project). But chairperson Karen Miller vows to reintroduce the resolution. ____________________ […]

Cops insist on putting “In God We Trust” on police cars

No comment needed; from the New York Times: “If it’s on my money and it’s on the state flag, I can put it on a patrol car,” said [Polk County] Sheriff Moats, who wrote to Georgia’s sheriffs this year to promote the motto’s placement on law enforcement vehicles. “Just about every single day, I have […]

Arizona town stipulates that council meetings begin with prayers—but only Christian ones!

From The Coolidge Examiner of Coolidge, Arizona (population 11,825), we have a seriously blatant violation of the First Amendment: Ignoring legal counsel and concerns about a possible lawsuit, a majority of the Coolidge City Council voted Monday to amend a resolution that would allow prayers before council meetings, including a stipulation that they be Christian. […]

Americans strongly in favor of subordinating religious beliefs to legal equality

Reader Doug sent me two links: one to a Langer Research Poll conducted for ABC News and the Washington Post, and the other to a Politico story about the poll. But the poll pretty much tells it all, and the figure in the poll is striking: The general question about equality trumping religion shows a stronger preference […]

Ten Commandment memorial ordered removed from Oklahoma state capitol

In 2012, Oklahoma installed a monument to the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the state capitol—a clear violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. Here’s what it looked like, in a photo of Elise Donovan with FvF that’s entered in our contest (soon to be judged). She said that the monument’s top “looked like […]

A British judge rules that mother can’t indoctrinate son with religion

Perhaps the statement from a New Atheist that most angers believers (or faitheists) is Richard Dawkins’s characterization of religious indoctrination of children as “child abuse.”  Yes, them’s strong words, but there’s something to be said for their truth. Of course it depends on the religion, but nearly all forms of parental teaching about religion abuse the […]

My Slate article on the dangers of faith healing

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for Slate for a while, but couldn’t get to it because of The Albatross. As it turns out, the piece, about the unconscionable exemptions from prosecution given to religious people when they injure their children by using faith “healing” instead of western medicine, deals with themes in the last […]

Brother Tayler’s Sunday Sermon: The National Day of Prayer

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be busy doing Important Cat Stuff, mostly related to the book, so posting may be a bit thin. However, like Maru, I do my best. Jeffrey Tayler, mirabile dictu, continues his series of antitheist articles in the Sunday Salon, and, if anything, his language has gotten more “strident,” […]

Two readers testify that evolution helped them give up religion

Since Tuesday I’ve gotten two heartening letters from readers, both erstwhile religionists who abandoned their faith at least partly after learning about evolution. One was a Mormon, the other a Jehovah’s Witness. And both gave me permission to publish their emails and their identities. I have to admit that I’m pleased that I was given credit […]

Canadian reader files lawsuit against prayers at city council meeting

Here’s an activist reader: Veronica Abbass of Ontario filed suit against the Peterborough City Council for opening its meetings with prayers. This was back in 2012, but, as I reported recently, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled last week that, in Quebec, the Saguenay City Council couldn’t say prayers at its meetings, for that violated the Quebec Charter […]


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