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Is Whole Foods a bastion of pseudoscience?

Whole Foods is an American-founded “natural” grocery store that has now expanded into Canada and the UK. It specializes in “natural” foods, which Wikipedia characterizes as follows: Whole Foods Market only sells products that meet its self-created quality standards for being “natural”, which the store defines as: minimally processed foods that are free of hydrogenated […]

New Year’s Eve in Dobrzyn

I don’t think I’ve been awake at the dawn of New Year for over a decade, but last night we decided to do it Polish style, with traditional noms, wine, and a viewing of the fireworks (ubiquitous in this country when the years change). But first, dinner. Poles, like Hobbits, eat about five times a […]

An Indian meal with friends and readers

UPDATE:  Chak sent me a captioned photo that he took when I wasn’t around. In Indian homes, as in Japanese ones, you remove your shoes at the door. Indeed, I do this in my own crib to keep it clean.  I was wearing my usual boots (this is a spiffy new pair of black calf […]

Atheist website meetup

Reader Chak Dantuluri is organzing an Indian dinner at his house in Naperville, a Chicago suburb, a week from this Saturday (i.e., on Sept. 28) at 7 p.m. I’ll be there and so will Hemant Mehta (aka “The Friendly Atheist”) as well as other heathens. Chak’s wife Kavita, who I’m told is an excellent cook, […]

Wednesday in Dobrzyn

Since Wednesday isn’t yet over, most of these photos are from Tuesday. This morning we went to the weekly market, so I’ll have more photos to post tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s start with comestibles, in particular last night’s dinner: The remains of the wild-mushroom soup, with a bit of cream: A more Polish meal: […]

Poland: 3

I’ll be in the country for the next five days, relaxing with my friends, eating good food, communing with Hili the Cat, and working on my book. It’s a real treat to get up at 8 a.m. instead of 5 a.m.! Here are a few more holiday snaps: Malgozata and the apple cake (with almonds […]

Where I’ll eat this weekend

I’ve just gotten over a tenacious and pernicious gastrointestinal bug, which has been pretty debilitating for over six weeks. They never found out what it was (note: a culture at the U of C hospitals costs $1000!), but told me that it would eventually vanish, which it did. (It wasn’t cyclosporiasis, which produced an epidemic […]

Variation under domestication: pigeons

by Greg Mayer Late summer is state- and county-fair time in much of the United States, and besides all sorts of odd foods (more on that below), these fairs afford a good opportunity to examine the phenomena of variation under domestication. These phenomena were of great interest to Darwin in helping him formulate his theory […]

Joey Chestnut wins again, downs 69 hot dogs in ten minutes

It’s time for the annual all-American rite of gluttony: Nathan’s Fourth of July hot-dog eating contest, the Super Bowl of the bizarre sport of competitive eating. The goal of this competition, held on Long Island, New York, is to down as many hot dogs as possible within the ten-minute time limit. Experienced contestants separate the […]


In a final attempt to have fun before I start serious book-writing, I took half the day off yesterday to have a food trip.  My ex-student Daniel, who likes his noms, was around, and I invited him to the Birreria Zaragosa on the South Side, near Midway Airport.  In case you don’t know, a birreria […]


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