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Dubai to New York on Emirates—first class!

A fellow named Casey Neistat got a free upgrade on Emirates Airlines Dubai to New York, winding up in first class. Perhaps some of us have seen this kind of luxury, but I never will (business class in Air India was pretty swell, though).  You can see all the amenities in this video, but it’s […]

Japanese person buys a bunch of grapes for about $11,000, or $350 per grape

We have two items from Japan this afternoon. The first comes from the Guardian, which announces that a single bunch of grapes sold for 1.1 million yen. That’s the equivalent, they say, of £8350 pounds, or about $11,000 in U.S. currency. Of course these aren’t your ordinary grapes: they’re huge (about the size of a ping-pong […]

Madagascar hissing cockroach cake

From Katherine Dey Art Facebook page (and YouTube), we have a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Cake with Boston Creme Filling. This woman is a baking genius! Tell the truth: would you eat this even if you knew it was a cake? In case you want to make one, here’s a video: Here’s a robot-voiced video showing the […]

Travel: Cambridge, MA

Not much is happening photowise as I’m visiting friends, nomming, and having R&R in one of my favorite towns. Here are a few holiday snaps. First: Chicago, the day before I left. Sporadic rains had left a haze in the air: On my first night in Cambridge, we made the usual pilgrimage to Christina’s, which […]


It’s not even 9 a.m. and my grocery shopping is done for the day.  On the way to get comestibles, I took a detour to Pilsen, the Hispanic area of the city (or rather, one of them), and went to the Nuevo Leon Panaderia (bakery), where no English is spoken but the pastries are fresh […]

You won’t believe which plant is the hardest one to grow commercially!

If National Geographic and PuffHo can do it, so can I! Anyway, I found this interesting, as I’ve never had the real thing. Click to find the answer:

Portland: food and drugs

While I have some “intellectual” lucubrations to emit, I’m traveling and need to save my brain till after I talk today. Anyway, I have some photos of our food-and-drug excursion in Portland last night. Portland is a town that prides itself on quirkiness: people wear weird clothes, sport lots of tattoos, and ride bicycles that are either six […]

Gentiles must cease their relentless cultural appropriation of bagels

There is much talk about cultural appropriation these days, as oppressed groups are waking up to the great harm that has been done to them by PoPs (persons of power) who simply steal aspects of minority culture. This shameless theft has involved everything from mis-prepared General Tso’s chicken in college cafeterias to Americans being allowed to try on kimonos […]

Delhi: student unrest abates, and I get more noms

Last night the campus got the welcome news that the two JNU students arrested and jailed for sedition had been released on bail. The judge ruled that the students had no criminal record, had spotless records in school (both are grad students in history), and didn’t pose a flight risk. I read the judge’s order, […]

G*d help me, I want these!

They’re Oreo churros, sold frozen and then reheated in your microwave (the press release is here). I know people will excoriate me for this, but I don’t care. If you’ve tried them, weigh in below. And beware of attacking the palate of PCC(E)!