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PB&J in space

Sacrifices have to be made on the International Space Station, and one of them is having to have your PB&J sandwiches on a tortilla. Oy!

The evolutionary aversion to eating fish: another one of my theories which is mine

Here’s a post (indented) that I put up on January 28 of this year, and it garnered nearly 300 comments. Here’s a theory (which is mine) for which I’ll surely get shellacked.  My theory, which (again) is mine, is this, and here it is. It’s just below:  In general, people don’t like fish nearly as much […]

Yogurt as a sexist, white-privileged product

As we wait for the U.S. to go down the tubes after Trump takes office, and for the rest of the world to fall apart from war, terrorism, and hatred, it’s nice to know that our university professors are busy concentrating on the really important stuff, like the implications of yogurt “culture” for feminism and white […]

Hong Kong food: Dim sum at Maxim’s

Most of you probably know what dim sum is, but just in case you don’t, here’s the definition from Wikipedia: Dim sum /ˈdimˈsʌm/ (simplified Chinese: 点心; traditional Chinese: 點心; pinyin: Diǎnxīn; Sidney Lau: dim2sam1) is a style of Chinese cuisine (particularly Cantonese but also other varieties) prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small […]

Hong Kong: Lunch

I have tons of food pictures to come, but no time to post them (I’m doing my Literary Festival event tonight). These include awesome dim sum breakfasts and banquet meals in both mainland China and Hong Kong. As a teaser, here’s a simple lunch I had today. Hong Kong is full of business and retail […]

Two Singapore meals: casual and fancy

Here are two of the last meals I had in Singapore. The first was at a local roti joint near the Chin’s house. While Melissa’s parents were visiting relatives, she and I repaired to the joint for a casual meal of breadlike substances, which were excellent. This is roti prata, a grilled bread (with cheese) served with a […]

More Singapore food

This is the next-to-last post about the wonderful food I ate in Singapore, and it describes two meals. The first was in a Chinese restaurant to which I was taken by Michael Chin (with wife Annie and daughter Melissa); Michael is a school friend of the owner. The dishes are shown below: Venison stir-fried with vegetables in sauce: […]

My first meal in Hong Kong

I’ve been under the weather the past few days, with a sore throat that turned into a nasty cold with a hacking cough. Fortunately, I wasn’t too ill to do my events in Singapore, but now I’m resting for a day. And, mirabile dictu (have you learned that phrase yet?), one of my hosts here […]

Singapore: noms and other stuff

Here are some noms and other miscellaneous photos of Singapore from yesterday (and lunch from today). Melissa and her friend Donald Low (a dean and professor of public policy at the National University of Singapore), took me on a tour of the city, concentrating on the old Chinese regions, with low storefronts and houses built […]

Singapore: Noms (part one)

There are two reasons why a visit to Singapore is a goal of all true foodies. First, it offers the food of many cultures, as this small country (720 km²) is a mixing pot for both people and cuisine. On tap: Malaysian food, Chinese food, Indonesian food, Indian food, Indonesian food, Buddhist vegetarian food, and even […]