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Signs from above and below

I realized that the hyper-Christian (and pro-creationist) Bob Jones University was close to where I was going to talk yesterday (Furman University), so I asked my hosts to take me to BJU. I did so in the fervent hope that I could at last find Jesus, for if he’s real, he’s surely at Bob Jones University. Sadly, […]

An awesome Oreo

Oreos (the cookie) come in many different flavors and sizes, but in general I’ve abjured all but the original Oreo. Invented in 1912, it’s the most popular cookie—”biscuit” to you Brits—in the U.S., and why mess with a good thing? When I was a kid, dunking my Oreos in glasses of cold milk (as I still […]

Philomena tw**ts sacrilege

What a good sign: Philomena Cunk (aka Diane Morgan), the Official Website Sweetheart™, has retweeted a photo of some Easter biscuits, which apparently came from Tornado Alley Atheists (motto: “We give atheism a bad name”): h/t: pghwelshgirl

Cat, noms, and and a chinwag with Uncle Dan

Just a reprise of my Good Friday up to 2 p.m.—while my memory is still fresh.  This includes a felid, lunch, and coffee and conversation with Dan Dennett. First, I am staying with old friends, and they have a 13-year-old cat named Garcia. He is is diffident towards strangers, including me, but it let me pet it […]

A gustatory interlude

If you’re hungry (or want to be), read the vignettes of memorable seafood meals contributed by different writers to the New York Times: “In Asia, tastes of the sea.” The photos are fantastic, as are the meals. Here’s a Bengali fish curry, a dish with which I’m well familiar:  

Ramen, brothers and sisters! Google doodle celebrates the inventor of the instant noodle

Usually the Google Doodle celebrates an accomplishment in science or literature, but today’s is an accomplishment in food. If you go to the Google page (click on screenshot below), you’ll see an animation of someone enjoying a steaming bowl of noodles: and there’s another, too! I think it’s random which one you get: What is […]

Leon in the mountains, part deux

Leon continues his hiking adventure in the mountains of Poland, but the exercise and cold, fresh air has given him an appetite. Leon: This is a nice view but let’s go the mountain hostel to have some dumplings (pierogi).  

Noms in Hattiesburg

TRIGGER WARNING: Lots of meat. The posting rules are simple; if you try to denigrate the food I ate, or tell me that my diet in Hattiesburg was unhealthy, I will delete your comment. I have stated a gazillion times that I eat like this only on seminar trips, and that my usual diet at […]

Holiday snaps: India (noms)

While I was shopping one day in Delhi, I came across an outdoor “food fest” right off Connaught Place. This is something I’ve never before seen in India, and the offerings were delectable. Unfortunately, I had a big lunch on tap that afternoon, so I forced myself to simply photograph and not eat what you’re […]

Still moar India: lunch and a bit of shopping

I nipped into New Delhi this morning for a bit of shopping and a visit to a legendary South Indian restaurant, Saravana Bhavan (see menu at the link). To get into the place (there’s almost always a line), I ate at noon—early by Indian standards. South Indian restaurants are reliable, as they’re almost always clean, […]


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