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Holiday snaps: India (noms)

While I was shopping one day in Delhi, I came across an outdoor “food fest” right off Connaught Place. This is something I’ve never before seen in India, and the offerings were delectable. Unfortunately, I had a big lunch on tap that afternoon, so I forced myself to simply photograph and not eat what you’re […]

Still moar India: lunch and a bit of shopping

I nipped into New Delhi this morning for a bit of shopping and a visit to a legendary South Indian restaurant, Saravana Bhavan (see menu at the link). To get into the place (there’s almost always a line), I ate at noon—early by Indian standards. South Indian restaurants are reliable, as they’re almost always clean, […]

First noms in India

It’s appropriate that my first post from India (and posting will be light after I leave Delhi on Wednesday morning) is on food: in particular, my first meal in Delhi. Here is a lovely lunch that my hosts prepared. Here we have, clockwise from bottom left, potatoes and onions, eggplant and chilis, kebabs with shredded chicken, […]

Kittehs and turkey

by Greg Mayer As an envoi for Thanksgiving, a visual composition of a turkey and two kittehs. While preparing Thanksgiving goodies, my wife found that candy corn is a scarce item after Halloween, but our local 5 and dime came through, with a variety of candy corns to choose from. The blend she selected, “Autumn […]

Goys try Jewish food for the first time, are not impressed

According to Professor Ceiling Cat (who has wide nomming experience), the three best cuisines in the world are, in no particular order, French, Indian, and Chinese (especially of the Szechuan/Hunan variety). And there are few cuisines that I don’t admire in general. Sadly, in the bottom tier of ethnic cuisine rests the food of my own culture: Jewish. […]

Evolution 2014: Food

by Greg Mayer As I noted in a previous post, the Evolution meetings this year (a joint meeting of the Society for the Study of Evolution, the Society of Systematic Biologists, and the American Society of Naturalists) were in Raleigh, North Carolina. From a culinary point of view, North Carolina is known for its barbecue. There are many […]

Last night’s noms

Due to a lack of substantive intellectual content today, you will get to see last night’s dinner, consumed the Sol de Mexico restaurant in an isolated part of west Chicago. It isolation is good, though, because the food was absolutely fantastic and yet it wasn’t hard to get reservations. Some of the finest Mexican food I’ve […]

Ceiling Cat Special: Version 4.0

Not too long ago, I posted what I thought was a recipe I invented: the “Ceiling Cat Special™,” which consists of black beans and rice with ample lashings of yogurt and topped with lots of caramelized onions. Although a reader told me that a similar dish is commonplace in Central America, I have still given the dish a trademark […]

Is Whole Foods a bastion of pseudoscience?

Whole Foods is an American-founded “natural” grocery store that has now expanded into Canada and the UK. It specializes in “natural” foods, which Wikipedia characterizes as follows: Whole Foods Market only sells products that meet its self-created quality standards for being “natural”, which the store defines as: minimally processed foods that are free of hydrogenated […]

New Year’s Eve in Dobrzyn

I don’t think I’ve been awake at the dawn of New Year for over a decade, but last night we decided to do it Polish style, with traditional noms, wine, and a viewing of the fireworks (ubiquitous in this country when the years change). But first, dinner. Poles, like Hobbits, eat about five times a […]


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