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More about cultural appropriation of cuisine

The Washington Post has an article on cultural appropriation of food (click on screenshot to read it) in which people agonize about whether it’s okay for people of one ethnicity to sell the food of other ethnic groups, or write cookbooks about it. (The title refers to the shutting down of a Portland food cart […]

Ducks and food

I’ll combine a duck post with a food post today. Since “d” comes before “f”, here’s the Daily Duck Report. I’ve not much to tell: there are still eight ducklings and they’re entering their awkward teenage stage, with their down becoming spiky feathers. They’re still ineffably cute, though. And their peeps, which they make when […]

Anthony Bourdain dead of suicide at 61

Oh dear; of all the food writers and broadcasters I know, Anthony Bourdain was my favorite. I remember reading Kitchen Confidential, and was both repulsed (at what goes on in kitchens) and enthralled (at the stories and his pull-no-punches prose).  After that I didn’t read any of his books, but I watched his various food-show […]

Diversity in salads at Google

Okay, the SJWs have won, and there’s no reason to live any more.  When I saw this tweet below, I thought it was a huge joke: There's big talk about inclusion and diversity at Google so if you need any evidence of Google is making this priority may I direct your attention to the 🥗 […]

Paris: Day 1

I can’t promise to post a daily account of my Parisian adventures, as I’m too busy eating and walking around this most beautiful of cities. The weather is perfect here: about 29°C (84° F)—in fact it’s a bit hot—but still sunny and cloudless. Just right for walking around until it’s time for a rest and […]

New Mexico: The end

I’m now back in Chicago, have checked the duck pond (Frank was there, but no Honey 😦 ), and will put up the last batch of photos from my trip to Florida and New Mexico. As I noted yesterday, two Great Horned Owls nest in the local Home Depot. Consult that post for full photo […]

New Mexico: Española to Las Cruces

This will be my penultimate travel post, as I arrived back in Las Cruces and will be here until Saturday,when I return to Chicago for a week. (Next: a gastronomic visit to Paris.) I did the long drive from Española to Las Cruces in one day, stopping for a few hours at the fantastic Three Rivers […]

Where are the best bagels?

Professor Ceiling Cat is in bed with a sore throat today, feeling grotty, but that’s okay as I have work to do (a book to review for a journalistic venue), and The Boys are out fishing on the boat—an activity for which I’m useless. While browsing on the Internet during a break, I did find […]

Today’s noms

I’ve been out walking for 6.5 hours (minus 1.5 hours for food), and worked up an appetite.  I visited the State Capitol, the University of Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace Convention Center on the waterfront, and the area around the University. I took a bunch of pictures, but for now will confine myself to […]

Leisure fascism: Vegan says that a carnivore can’t eat tofu because it’s “cultural appropriation”

Well, yes, this is from The Sun, but it does give names and I suspect it’s true (it’s reported at multiple places, including msn) .  Click on the screenshot for the LOLs: The relevant bit of their exchange (in case you didn’t know, “tofurkey” is a turkey substitute made out of tofu, intended for consumption at […]