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What I had for lunch yesterday

One of the local free newspapers recently had an article on “Chicago’s Best Tamales.” (If you don’t know what tamales are, read here.) In fact, I was reading it in my office yesterday morning at about 11:30 a.m., and realized that I hadn’t had a tamale in a very long time. Without further thought, I […]

Live and learn: what’s the difference between “chicken feet” and “chicken paws”?

Don’t expect any deep thinking (if I’m even capable of that!) for a few days; I’m tired and am experiencing PASS, Post-Antarctic Stress Syndrome. A post like this is all I’m capable of today. When I was grocery shopping yesterday, I was stopped in my tracks in the meat department by these packages of CHICKEN […]

Caturday felid trifecta; Tiger, Lion, Serval, and Cheetahs (our four felids are…)

by Greg Mayer Jerry is working on a Caturday felid post, but, as we all know, he is traveling in Antarctica, and thus the timing of its completion could be delayed. So, here are some felids for your Caturday fix! First up, a Siberian Tiger (Panthera, tigris altaica). Siberian Tigers are the largest of the […]

Travels: Back to Antarctica

Well, we’ve headed out of Punta Arenas, loaded with supplies, fuel, and new passengers, and are once again steaming toward the Beagle Channel. This will be my third and penultimate voyage through this corridor between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (the other two ways to get through are the Straits of Magellan to the north, […]

Valparaiso 3: Protests, markets, cats, dogs, funiculars, and food

I’m sitting in our hotel in Valparaiso, and out my window I can see our ship, MS Roald Amundsen, sitting at the dock. In a few hours we board, and at 6 pm we head south towards Patagonia and Antarctica. Very exciting! Because I’ll be aboard with spotty email at best, posts from me will […]

Valparaiso, part 2 (with protests, food, and cats)

Demonstrations continue throughout Chile, despite the President’s promise to reform medical care, pensions, and other issues. We’re still under curfew in Valparaiso, and the Guardian reports that the legislature, which sits in this town, was evacuated yesterday after protestors tried to force their way in. In the capital of Santiago yesterday, there was a giant […]

Bill Maher on Americans Of Size

Here’s a segment from this week’s “Real Time” show in which Bill Maher addresses the epidemic of obesity among Americans. While he, like me, is against “fat shaming”—telling obese people that they need to lose weight (that’s their doctors’ job), we both object to the recent movement to de-stigmatize obesity by pretending that it’s not […]

Turkish ice-cream tricksters: a panoply of videos

Although I’ve been to Turkey several times, if you asked me what “Turkish ice cream” was this morning, I wouldn’t have known the answer.  Looking it up just now, I see there is a Turkish form of ice cream called dondurma, which has both mastic (a form of resin) and salep (flour made from a specific orchid […]

Honolulu to Hilo

The interisland flight from Honolulu to Kona, on the big island, is beautiful. We sat on the left to get the best views (it wasn’t crowded), and saw every island between the two, including  Molokai, Maui, and Lanai. Waikiki, the tourist epicenter of Oahu, with Diamond Head on the right: It’s only when you fly […]

Hawaii: A trip to the Waikiki Aquarium (and lunch)

Two days ago we went to the Waikiki Aquarium, which had mixed reviews on the Internet for being small. But I found it fascinating. And yes, it’s not a Sea World with trained mammals (ecch!), but it specializes in tropical reef fish, and that it does very well. It also has a great series of […]