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Early Hallowe’en post: Teddy the Porcupine noms pumpkin, again

by Matthew Cobb Teddy Bear is a delightful male porcupine who makes the most fantastic noises. One of his annual treats is to eat pumpkin round Hallowe’en, as we showed last year. In fact there were two videos posted last year, the second of which (>3 million views!) has just had a seasonal viral revival. […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

It is a wet, rainy, and generally miserable weekend in Chicago. Meanwhile, in Dobrzyn, Monika (a young woman who is studying to be a translator) has come to visit for the weekend and ply her formidable cooking skills.  Hili is getting cuddles but objects to being photographed, a strange attitidue for a diva cat. And […]

A rolling pin you need

If you’re a baker and an ailurophile, you really need to get one of these. Imagine a pie crust embossed with cats—how cool would that be? These wooden rolling pins are engraved with lasers, and emboss their patterns on your dough: But many designs are available. This is one that Matthew Cobb (a dinosaur lover) would like. […]

Because Pie

Oy, the World Cup is playing hob with my work. If I don’t put the livestream behind me on my laptop, and turn the sound way down, I’ll never get anything done.  Brazil is tied 1-1 with Croatia at half-time. Let’s talk about pie instead. I have often extolled the virtues of pie as one of […]

Dawkins event (and noms)

Yesterday was Richard Dawkins’s book “talk” at Northwestern University in Evanston (just north of Chicago).  Actually, it wasn’t a talk, but 45 minutes of conversation between him and me, followed by an equal amount of time devoted to Q&A with the audience.  This was part of a tour promoting his new autobiography, An Appetite for […]

Even moar travels, food and drink

I am now in Edinburgh—cold, gray and rainy, and just the way I remembered it when I once lived here for five months (the worst five months for this town: November-April).  But I’m warmed by the memories of fine comestibles yesterday. It was too rainy yesterday to essay our planned trip to Cambridge—a walking town—so […]

Even moar fudz

Yesterday I left Oggsford for the wee village of Denton, where one of my oldest college chums lives with his English wife. But on the way we stopped for refreshment at The Three Conies in the village of Thorpe Mandeville, a pub with good beer, great food, and (important at this time of year) an open […]

Fudz yesterday

Yesterday I spent most of the day working in the library at Oxford University Press’s (OUP) venerable headquarters (they’re the UK publishers of WEIT). It’s the world’s largest university press, one of the oldest (founded in the early 1600s), and now located in a huge old building on Walton Street that was finished in 1825. […]