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Two more lunches in Paris

A quick post with two more lunches in Paris (one more to go today, at my old favorite Chez Denise, and I’ll report later on that and our lunch in Chartres). The unanimously voted Best Lunch of the Trip was at the venerable old bistro Josephine Chez Dumonet near the Tour de Montparnasse. The outside: […]

Two meals in Paris

Wednesday lunch was at a rare venue for me: a Moroccan restaurant. Le Sirocco, near the Gobelins Métro stop, was highly rated, but I haven’t been to a non-French restaurant in Paris since 1990. Feeling a jones for tagine and perhaps a break from heavy French food, this was the place to go. It turned […]

Paris lunch, day 2

While I arrived here Saturday afternoon, the full-scale lunching didn’t begin until I recovered on Monday. The plan, which I’ve worked out over the years, is to have walking/sightseeing activities in the morning, a big slap-up lunch at 12:30 or so, and then either a nap or light afternoon activities. There’s only coffee for breakfast […]

Last night’s feed

(Trigger warning: MEAT) My old friend Ivan from Berkeley came to Chicago for a meeting yesterday, and I offered to take him to a Chicago steak restaurant (he took me to many great places when I visited him two years ago during the Great Cross-Country Trip). My first choice, which was a BYOB (I prefer […]

Travels: Around Glenorchy

Today (yesterday when you read this, though remember that if you’re in the US or UK, it’s tomorrow already!), we toured the environs of the small (population 300) town of Glenorchy, about 45 km north of Queenstown. Our first stop was the beginning of the Routeburn Track, a very famous 32-km (usually 3 day) hike through […]

Dubai to New York on Emirates—first class!

A fellow named Casey Neistat got a free upgrade on Emirates Airlines Dubai to New York, winding up in first class. Perhaps some of us have seen this kind of luxury, but I never will (business class in Air India was pretty swell, though).  You can see all the amenities in this video, but it’s […]

France cancels dinner with French and Iranian presidents because Rouhani insisted it be wine-free

This article, from last Wednesday’s Independent, is a microcosm about why religion poisons everything: it’s okay if people keep their faith to themselves (not, to my mind, if they force it on their children), but the bad stuff happens when they try to force it on others, or make laws based on scripture or revelation. We’ve […]

Arizona, part deux

The first of the Arizona travelogues was yesterday’s post on Kelly Houle’s art, which I saw when we visited the home she shares with her husband Ken and her son Benny in Mesa. After looking at the art, we took the short drive to Tempe to pick up Ben Goren.  The thermometer in the car gave […]

Noms: Vij’s Indian restaurant in Vancouver

Last night, Larry Moran, biochemist at the University of Toronto and author of the biology/atheism website Sandwalk, was kind enough to take me, his son (who lives in Vancouver), and one of his old friends to dinner at Vij’s, which may well be Canada’s most famous Indian restaurant. It is immensely popular, and deservedly so, as the […]

Boston noms

This really should have been called “Somerville noms,” for Somerville is an up-and-coming section of greater Boston that abuts Cambridge. Last night, my hosts and I dined in that former working-class area at Sarma, a highly rated restaurant that serves the equivalent of Middle Eastern tapas: small, complex dishes that are extraordinarily tasty, and made with the freshest ingredients. […]