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Paris: Day 3

Trigger warning: I will have on display at least two pictures of foie gras this week, so don’t look if you can’t abide it. And please don’t lecture me about it, as I get that lecture every year or so. Yes, I know the issues. After coffee yesterday, it was off to the Luxembourg Gardens, […]

Paris: Day 2

The routine here is becoming settled: wake up, shower, have a cafe au lait, do an activity (art exhibit, etc.), eat lunch at 12:30 in a nice bistro, go into a food coma, take a long walk, and then go back to the hotel for an early evening. But this report deals with yesterday’s activities, […]

Paris: Day 1

I can’t promise to post a daily account of my Parisian adventures, as I’m too busy eating and walking around this most beautiful of cities. The weather is perfect here: about 29°C (84° F)—in fact it’s a bit hot—but still sunny and cloudless. Just right for walking around until it’s time for a rest and […]

New Mexico: The penultimate post

I have one more day with my friends Avis and Bill, and, despite their having to work Wednesday and Thursday, we still had lots of fun (plus I have my own work to do when they’re working). Here’s what happened yesterday (Thursday).  I first returned the CeilingCat RentalMobile to Enterprise, where, mirabile dictu, they fully […]

New Mexico: Española to Las Cruces

This will be my penultimate travel post, as I arrived back in Las Cruces and will be here until Saturday,when I return to Chicago for a week. (Next: a gastronomic visit to Paris.) I did the long drive from Española to Las Cruces in one day, stopping for a few hours at the fantastic Three Rivers […]

Taos to Española

Yesterday I decided I’d seen enough of Taos (though many will disagree), and I needed to move on. (Like Neal Cassady, I tend to like the moving as much as the staying.) Soon after the sun came up (view below from my motel window), I had some coffee and hopped in the Ceiling Cat RentalMobile: […]

Travels in New Mexico: Taos

I arrived in Taos two days ago after a too-short drive over the famous High Road from Santa Fe, a road that goes through lovely scenery and appealing small towns. Although it was Sunday, and hardly anybody was to be seen, I enjoyed the quiet. But before I left Santa Fe, I had to return […]

New Mexico: Santa Fe 2

I spent two nights in Santa Fe as there’s so much to see and do—and eat. People watching is fun, too, as the town harbors a mix of wealthy locals, aged tourists, and aged hippies, as well as a “woo” culture (see below). The food is good, too, though I’m trying to restrain myself: no […]

New Mexico: Silver City to Santa Fe

It’s sunny and snowing in Santa Fe as I write this morning, but I suppose it happens: after all, the town is nearly 7200 feet above sea level (ca. 2200 m). And it was chilly last night, so I’m glad I brought a fleece. I arrived yesterday afternoon from Silver City, making a circuit around the area […]

New Mexico: Day 1

So it’s farewell to the Land of Boiled Peanuts (which I love when sold hot by the roadside, but not canned like these in Piggly Wiggly), and hello to the Land of Green Chile: And I am with my friends Avis and Bill, who teach biology at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Avis’s […]