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Noms: Cambridge and Somerville

I’m not fasting while in Cambridge, as it would be foolish to miss out on some good meals that I couldn’t get in Chicago. One was last night, when I took my hosts to dinner at a highly rated Mexican restaurant in Somerville, right next to Cambridge. Tu Y Yo (“You and Me”) was said […]

Here’s the M&M!

Did you spot it? It wasn’t too hard, and here’s the reveal:

Spot the M&M!

Since today is National M&M Day, we have an appropriate quiz. Below is a photo of that worst of all confections, candy corn (otherwise known as “sugared paraffin”). In this picture is a single M&M. Can you spot it? I’ll put the reveal up in two hours. Hint: clearly the M&M has one of the […]

Chicago’s soda tax repealed

Yesterday, by a vote of 15-1, the Cook County Finance Committee voted to overturn our recent and much-despised 2¢-per-ounce tax on sodas. I’ve written about it several times before, and will say here only that it’s a Nanny Tax—part of the government’s increasing effort to control the private lives of Americans—and that it was also […]

Cook County soda tax set for repeal

When I wrote last August about Cook County’s new and onerous tax on sodas and sweetened beverages—objecting strenuously on the grounds that 1. it’s part of the encroaching Nanny State, 2. it’s unfair because it includes diet sodas, which aren’t known to be harmful, and 3. it excluded egregiously sweetened coffees like the odious Starbuck’s […]

Last days in Dobrzyn

Well, as I sit here in my Warsaw hotel room, having eaten the two sandwiches and package of sausages that Malgorzata made for me, as well as the very last piece of cherry pie she wrapped up, I’m sad to be leaving Poland again. Here are some photos from my last two days there: quiet, […]

My visit to Gdańsk

Gdańsk (“Danzig”; population 1.4 million) lies in the extreme north of Poland, on the Baltic sea: The city has a long and tortuous history. Founded about a thousand years ago, it passed between various factions of Poles, Teutonic Knights, Prussians, Lithuanians, Russians, and Germans again until the end of World War I. It then became […]

Saturday: Around Dobrzyn

Yesterday we had a welcome respite from the chill and drizzle, and, as it was warm and sunny, we went for an excursion to see Leon the Dark Tabby, his staff, and the site of their future house (not far from Dobrzyn). But first we had to retrieve Hili, who had spent the night outside […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

Well, the lovely weather we had yesterday in Dobrzyn was ephemeral: today—Sunday, September 10, 2017—it’s back to chilly temperatures and overcast skies. But at least we had a lovely visit in the country yesterday with Leon and his staff (see below). Today is National Hot Dog Day, and there’s no better dog to be had […]

Clever ad for Australian lamb

Trigger warning: People eating meat Reader Gregory Z. sent me a link to this promotional ad for Australian lamb, which is relevant not only because it’s food (I consider lamb the perfect meat to accompany a good Bordeaux), but because it features a host of deities from around the world, as well as an atheist! […]