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A lunch in Puebla

One day during the meeting, my affable host Juan Matienzo offered to take me out for a typical Puebla lunch.  There was, he said, a special goat dish served only in November, made with goats that had been taken on long hikes (I don’t know what that does to the meat). I instantly acceded, of […]

I hate TSA and customs

Well, I wasn’t groped this time, but it was still a nightmare getting into my own country. The flight from Puebla to Houston was fine: I got to the airport early (about 6:00 am) and had breakfast with two physicists, Mario Livio and Adam Riess  (yes, a Nobelist at the impossibly young age of 41) […]

Puebla: Arrival and breakfast

All the conference participants are staying in Puebla’s Hotel Camino Real, which is very nice—stupendous when you include the breakfast. But more on that in a second. I have to note that Puebla, with 3 million inhabitants, is Mexico’s fourth largest city, and a famous colonial town with a lovely old cathedral. When we arrived […]

Baby Sausage Jesus causes uproar in England

Matthew sent me an article from the Guardian (click headline below) with the note, “Greggs is a cheap and cheerful UK bakery chain known for its pasties, pies and – praise the Lord! – sausage rolls”. Unfortunately, they substituted a sausage roll for Jesus in a nativity scene. BAD move!   Greggs’s £24 Advent calendar […]

I had a pumpkin spice latte!

Father, forgive me, for I have sinned. Twice. I had a drink I’d never have normally, as it’s overpriced, calorific, and not very good. Also, I engaged in what at least one author says is an act of white privilege. I refer to consuming a Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte, which was one of the subjects […]

Bad cultural appropriation: Taco Bell offers “chocolate covered pubic lice”

Yes, this quesadilla filled with candy is real, and it’s on sale at select Taco Bell stores. As Fortune reports: Taco Bell is bringing its latest food mashup to the U.S.: a quesadilla filled with Kit Kats. That’s right. Following the chain’s success with the Doritos Locos taco, Taco Bell has rolled out the “Kit Kat Chocoladilla,” a […]

The 2017 Pie Challenge

When you finish reading this post, you’ll be sorry you didn’t have pie for breakfast, for pie is one of the world’s best breakfasts. This will replace today’s Reader’s Wildlife Photo post. Yesterday, as I do every year when I’m in town, I went to the South Side Pie Challenge: a contest in which bakers […]

A must-have kitchen tool

On my post about the proper eating of Weetabix, reader Vaal brought to our attention a remarkable product, only $5.33 on Amazon! (Click on screenshot to go to the product.) Actually, it doesn’t work that well, and you can imagine why. Here’s a fake video about the product, but the guy has also made a […]

This is a travesty

America is truly going to hell. First we elect a loon as President, and now this. Our department office keeps a bowl of candy for those who drop in, and the pickings are always pretty good (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, small 100 Grand candy bars, etc.) But today I found this in the bowl. It’s […]

Food II: Cambridge

The Sugar & Spice restaurant, just north of Porter Square on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, is an excellent inexpensive Thai restaurant, where I often go when in town. Last night four of us went (I have switched domiciles to give everyone an equal chance to either enjoy or avoid my company), and among us tried […]