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Popularizer of stovetop espresso machine buried in one

This story is five months old, and has languished in the nether regions of my dashboard, but it’s still amusing. Apparently, the man who made famous the familiar Italian stovetop expresso machine died, was cremated, and his ashes preserved in. . yes. . a replicate of his great invention. As Indy100 reports: Renato Bialetti, who made […]

Japanese person buys a bunch of grapes for about $11,000, or $350 per grape

We have two items from Japan this afternoon. The first comes from the Guardian, which announces that a single bunch of grapes sold for 1.1 million yen. That’s the equivalent, they say, of £8350 pounds, or about $11,000 in U.S. currency. Of course these aren’t your ordinary grapes: they’re huge (about the size of a ping-pong […]

Denver Cat Company crowdfunding a new cat bar!

The Denver Cat Company, which featured on this website a while back, was Colorado’s first cat cafe—and one of the first in the nation.  Now the founder, Sana Hamelin, who gave up a promising career in law because she’d rather run a cat cafe (who wouldn’t?) is trying to start a cat bar in Denver […]

Madagascar hissing cockroach cake

From Katherine Dey Art Facebook page (and YouTube), we have a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Cake with Boston Creme Filling. This woman is a baking genius! Tell the truth: would you eat this even if you knew it was a cake? In case you want to make one, here’s a video: Here’s a robot-voiced video showing the […]

L.A. is a great big feedbag

As often happens, my vacations consist largely of either looking for places to eat or eating, and the trip to L.A. was no exception—except that I got my brain scanned for fun, which I’ll write about tomorrow. It turns out that I have the moral scruples of a lizard! But back to the food. Californians […]

Boston and Cambridge: Friday and Saturday

I’m doing what I planned to do here: hang out with friends, chill, catch up on non-science reading, and see one of my favorites cities (by that I mean greater Boston). Yesterday I took a long walk with my oldest friends Tim and Betsy (10,800 steps; Betsy had a pedometer on her iPhone)—from Lechmere to the North […]

Travel: Cambridge, MA

Not much is happening photowise as I’m visiting friends, nomming, and having R&R in one of my favorite towns. Here are a few holiday snaps. First: Chicago, the day before I left. Sporadic rains had left a haze in the air: On my first night in Cambridge, we made the usual pilgrimage to Christina’s, which […]

Portland, part trois

I’m leaving Portland this afternoon, and will show a few photos I took in the last two days. First, some archetypal Portlanders. People like this are by no means rare in the city. One is showing a distorted cultural appropriation: red dreadlocks! I can’t even. . . .  I am shaking and crying now about […]

I have landed. . .

. . . in Portland that is, where I’m in the capable hands of philosopher Peter Boghossian at Portland State University, host for half of my visit. We’ve already dined at one of the famous “food trucks” (stalls, really) that fill this food-loving city, and had a great Thai lunch. The evidence is below. Portland is, […]

Dinner in Houston

The famous “Doc Bill”, retired chemist and programmer, commenter on this site, lover of noms, and the staff of Kink the Cat, invited me over to dinner at his place in Houston last night, along with Kevin McCarthy, writer of the Skeptic Ink site Smilodon’s Retreat. The co-host was his wife Helen, a retired geologist. It was a […]


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