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Paris: Day 10

So I’ve had ten of the eleven meals I planned, having been knocked out one day by what the French call a “crise de foie.” But I’m back in fighting trim, and consumed a final repast at Chez Denise, a perennial favorite, and, since I ate here the day I arrived, this gives the trip […]

Paris: Day 9

I leave tomorrow morning, and it will be sad. But now I need to go home, do some jobs, and eat healthier food. I also miss my ducks and haven’t heard about them in several days. Yesterday began with a long walk from the Bastille down the Rue Rivoli and then across the Seine with […]

Paris: Day 8

Yesterday was Eat Cheese in the Park Day, with vague plans of ingesting a falafal sandwich in the Marais sometime thereafter. A visit to the lovely area of Le Marais, home of the falafel in Paris, did occur, but the copious pre-ingestion of cheese prevented further meals. A morning walk revealed the finals of La […]

Paris: Day 7

Two more days after today: two more activities and two more meals. Yesterday’s “activity” was shopping, as I wanted to see some of the high-end department stores near the Opéra. Though I’ve been to Paris several times, and lived here for over eight months all told, I never went to these places. Plus my friend […]

Paris: Day 6

The days dwindle down to a precious few: three days, three activities, three meals. Yesterday’s activity was a long visit to the huge Bastille Market, which goes Thursdays and Sundays, and a walk along the Canal Saint-Martin, a lovely place that many tourists miss (a lot of it is underground and invisible, though). Here’s part of […]

Do not tell me how to eat

Here is an example of the kind of comment that does not make me happy. I will omit the name of the commenter, for this is a lesson on how not to interact with your host: Jerry, I thoroughly enjoy your writing on evolution, cats, determinism, …; however I find your musings on culinary pleasures […]

Paris: day 5

The post-coffee morning activity was the Foujita exhibit at the Musée Malliol. I posted a bit about Foujita last Caturday; he was an artist with a peripatetic and tumultuous life. Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968) was born in Japan and moved to France, where he fell in with a group of famous painters including Modigliani and Soutine, took […]

Paris, Day 4

The days here are falling into a rhythm: a coffee for breakfast, a trip to a site or art exhibit in the morning, a copious lunch at 12:30 or so, a longish walk, and then a nap or resting, trying to avoid food coma. Yesterday fit the pattern, and was a lovely day. (The weather […]

Paris: Day 3

Trigger warning: I will have on display at least two pictures of foie gras this week, so don’t look if you can’t abide it. And please don’t lecture me about it, as I get that lecture every year or so. Yes, I know the issues. After coffee yesterday, it was off to the Luxembourg Gardens, […]

Paris: Day 2

The routine here is becoming settled: wake up, shower, have a cafe au lait, do an activity (art exhibit, etc.), eat lunch at 12:30 in a nice bistro, go into a food coma, take a long walk, and then go back to the hotel for an early evening. But this report deals with yesterday’s activities, […]