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Photos of readers

Send in your photos. I ask for two photos max, but am putting up three today from reader Tyler Nighswander, because he found an awesome edible (and reportedly delicious) mushroom, a “chicken of the woods” (Laetiporus sulphureus), and I wanted to see what the cooked product looked like (I have collected edible mushrooms for many […]

Once again: should you tip for counter service?

It was last July that, after I felt coerced when I got takeout food at a restaurant and was asked on the credit-card screen if I wanted to tip (and even given suggested amounts), that I wrote a post called “Tipping at counters.” Now I tip pretty well when I sit down to dine (minimum […]

Bill Maher on Americans Of Size

Here’s a segment from this week’s “Real Time” show in which Bill Maher addresses the epidemic of obesity among Americans. While he, like me, is against “fat shaming”—telling obese people that they need to lose weight (that’s their doctors’ job), we both object to the recent movement to de-stigmatize obesity by pretending that it’s not […]

Washington Post: Why the pumpkin spice latte is a white supremacist drink

The real reason you should feel guilty for drinking one of these vile concoctions is that it’s terrible, and also full of calories—380 if made with 2% milk (that’s the equivalent of eight tablespoons of sugar). But to each their own. But Gillian Brockell, staff writer for the Washington Post‘s history section, thinks that you need to be […]

A vegan claims that eating tofu is cultural appropriation

I’ve written a fair bit about accusations of cultural appropriation, and I do so for several reasons. First, these accusations are almost always totally misguided, mistaking admiring imitation for bigotry and theft. Second, they clearly show the folly of the Authoritarian Left, both its virtue-flaunting and its adoption of “actions” that are completely useless in […]

Honolulu to Hilo

The interisland flight from Honolulu to Kona, on the big island, is beautiful. We sat on the left to get the best views (it wasn’t crowded), and saw every island between the two, including  Molokai, Maui, and Lanai. Waikiki, the tourist epicenter of Oahu, with Diamond Head on the right: It’s only when you fly […]

Volcanoes National Park and the elusive nēnē

Yesterday was occupied by a visit to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, with lots of hiking and lots of searching for the elusive nēnē (Branta sandvicensis), a sister species of the Canada goose and a species endemic to Hawaii. It’s also the official state bird of Hawai’i. Contrary to popular belief, the nēnē […]

Hawaii: Days 11 and 12

It’s Aloha Friday, the day of the week when many Hawaiian businesspeople wear aloha clothing instead of suits or businesswear. To wit: Aloha Friday actually came from Hawaii’s clothing industry. In the 1940s businessmen always wore a suit and tie. In 1946 the City and County of Honolulu allowed their employees to wear sports shirts during […]

Hawaii, days 5, 6, and 7: Three meals, one with new friends

Yesterday I visited the Honolulu Aquarium, which, though small, has an amazing collection of corals and tropical reef fish. I’ll put photos from that visit separately, as their inclusion would make this post too long. Instead I’ll write briefly about everyone’s favorite topic: food. On Saturday we were invited to the homes of locals who […]

Hawaii: Days 5 and 6 (with terns)

To continue with my vacation snaps, I first show the best place to get plate lunch I know of on Oahu, the Highway Inn (there are two branches, but the one shown below, in Waipahu near Pearl Harbor, is much better and has a more local clientele than the downtown branch on Ala Moana Boulevard. […]