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Oggsford: Thursday

Today’s a quiet day in North Hinksey (Oxford), as I stay at home, work on my talk, rest, and do a few posts. For lunch my host took me to the Fishes, a local “gastropub”, which is what happens when rich locals take over the pub. The prices go up and the traditional accoutrements of the […]

Oxford: Wednesday

My book event at Blackwell’s last night—a conversation about Faith versus Fact and the five science-vs-religion books I picked for the Five Books site—went very well, I thought. The moderator was Sophie Roell, editor of Five Books, who interviewed me on my quintet of good anti-faith books as well as on five popular evolution books when Why […]

Noms in Denton

My long-time best friend Kenny King, who had married a British girl and moved to England several decades ago, died unexpectedly in April of 2014 (see memoriam at link). I was upset that I couldn’t make it to the funeral, as I was giving talks in Davis, California. Yesterday I was finally able to make it to […]

I have landed

It was a long and tiring flight to England. Not only was our plane more than two hours late in leaving Chicago, but we also had to wait for a half an hour once we landed until a gate became open. After that it becomes pure Heathrow Hell: the arrival hall at Heathrow’s international terminal (terminal 5) is […]

Canadian wedding cake

I love the Canadians and their self-deprecating humor, found in ample portions on the “Meanwhile in Canada” Facebook page. Here’s what I’m hoping is a real Canadian wedding cake, and don’t think that I wouldn’t kill for a slice!  

Google Doodle honors peppermeister Wilbur Scoville

Today’s Google Doodle, an animation (access it by clicking on the screenshot blow), honors the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville (1865-1942), an American chemist. In 1912, Scoville devised the “Scoville Organoleptic Test,” a way to quantify the spiciness of chile peppers. Now, of course, breeders all over the world compete to grow the spiciest chiles with […]

Holiday noms

I haz a pie! Reader tychabrahe kindly made a delicious pie which, to my delight, she dropped off yesterday in Chicago on her way to Indiana. It is—soon to be “was”—a “Chocolate Brandy Alexander pie. It is a confection of marshmallow and whipped cream and chocolate flavored with brandy and creme de cacao.” The crust […]

More idiocy in the college wars

I swear, I thought this was an Onion piece when I first saw it in the New York Post (click on headline to go to article): What caused the offense here was not just the lack of fried chicken per se (black students are demanding that it be a permanent feature of Sunday’s dinner menu), […]

Afternoon felids: Reader visits the cat pub, wins book; and Gus!

As I mentioned earlier, I can’t brain today, so you’ll hve to be satisfied with persiflage. And as I wrote earlier, I offered a free autographed copy of WEIT to any reader who visited the “cat pub” in Bristol and sent me a picture of themself with a cat and a pint. Well, reader Andy […]

“Eating ethnic food” has now become “cultural appropriation”

Once again the Leisure Fascists™ are accusing those who admire and adopt aspects of foreign culture of the sin of “cultural appropriation.” (I use the word “sin” deliberately, for these ideologues behave much like theists.) Such people don’t seem to grasp the distinction between “appropriation” and “appreciation,” producing articles that could have appeared in The Onion. […]


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