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Dubai to New York on Emirates—first class!

A fellow named Casey Neistat got a free upgrade on Emirates Airlines Dubai to New York, winding up in first class. Perhaps some of us have seen this kind of luxury, but I never will (business class in Air India was pretty swell, though).  You can see all the amenities in this video, but it’s […]

A nice cuppa chai (चाय)

“Chai” is the Hindi word for tea, and you’d better learn it if you’re going to India. It’s the national drink, though in South India coffee takes precedence, and can be terrific. Chai is variable, of course, but my favorite is the kind served on trains, which used to come in one-use unglazed pottery cups that […]

Evolution 2016: Food

by Greg Mayer After Jerry noted that the world’s most expensive BBQ is dry-aged and in New York City, and that “true Texans wouldn’t have anything to do with” it, I thought it might be a good time to feature Texas BBQ, which I enjoyed at Iron Works BBQ in Austin while at the Evolution […]

The world’s most expensive BBQ

Here, on The Meat Show (a great name), Nick Solares tries a unique idea: BBQ made from dry-aged beef. It costs $47 per pound. Of course this “dry-aged” BBQ is in New York City, as true Texans wouldn’t have anything to do with this.  Now I love dry-aged beef in a steak (preferably aged 30 […]

Farewell, Dobrzyn

It’s with a heavy heart—as usual—that I take leave of my human and animal friends in Dobrzyn. And although the cherries may go uneaten, I know that Hili and Cyrus will not go unloved. Here are a few photographs of quotidian life here, a relaxing combination of work, walkies, five meals a day, and cherry pie (Malgorzata, […]

Gems from the PuffHo food section

The Wall Street Journal reports that Arianna Huffington is leaving her odious website in about a year. Having never gotten anything but tsouris from it (and, I suppose, a lot of posts on this site), it can’t happen too soon for me, and I’m hoping that, as the most popular Regressive Leftist news aggregator, it will […]

Lazy days in Dobrzyn

Tomorrow, Sunday, is my last day in Dobrzyn: on Monday I take the train to Warsaw, and then a cab to the airport hotel, across the street from where I’m leaving Tuesday morning. I’ll be sad to leave my friends, my adopted cat, and, of course, the pies. I’ve relaxed a lot, written my children’s […]

Poland: Dobrzyn and Poznań

There will be no “Readers’ Wildlife” today, for I have many pictures from Dobrzyn and my trip to Poznan. First, some cherries, as I am still getting my daily pie (another one will be made today). These ones are ready for cooking: Not yet ripe, but soon. . . The apples are ripe, too, but […]

Life in Dobrzyn

As always, life in Dobrzyn is relaxing, consisting of working, reading, eating, and the occasional walkie to the river or trip to town to buy food. Food first: there are still many cherries on the trees, left by the pickers since they weren’t ripe. That gives me the chance to go out and, with minimal […]

The Great Agnostic praises a fine dram

For a lighthearted end of the day, here’s a series of letters from and to the Great Agnostic, Robert G. Ingersoll. I’ve read quite a bit of his stuff, and he was the most eloquent and “strident” atheist writer of his time—the Hitchens of the 19th century. By all accounts Ingersoll, despite his nonbelief, was a saintly […]