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My last meal

  UPDATE: This wasn’t meant to be a suggestion for a last meal when you’re dying, or in prison. Let me be more specific: you’re told that at a certain moment you will be quickly and painlessly vanished from existence. Those are the circumstances I envisioned here. ____________ No, I’m not gonna die, but I […]

7% of Americans think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows

When I was a kid, and loved chocolate milk, my dad used to tell me,  “You know, don’t you, Jerry, that brown cows give chocolate milk?” Even then, well before I was a teenager, I knew that was bullshit. Yet, according to several sources, including CBS 4 in New York (click on the scoreenshot below […]

Yesterday’s lunch

From time to time I meet reader Simon—a cancer researcher who moved here from Vanderbilt—to sample the fare of a local restaurant. Yesterday we went to an acclaimed place that specializes in the food of Macau: Fat Rice. The restaurant, on West Diversey Avenue, is hard to spot because the name is very inconspicuous: on […]

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

. . . actually, they’re mine or my dad’s, and I’ve put them in bold. When I was young, my father used to pose me this task, “Jerry, imagine a face that you’ve never seen.” I couldn’t do it. Maybe some of you can, but when I try, it always resembles someone I know. Second […]

I got poutine!

Thanks to Larry Moran, I found poutine–right across the street from my hotel. It’s the first food I had all day, and boy, was it good! (This one had short ribs added to the fries, cheese curds, and gravy.) That’s a margarita in front of me: cultural appropriation! Photo by Larry:

My lunch in Washington

Since tomorrow I’m doing my bit for CfI and the Dawkins Foundation without remuneration (and I don’t want any!), I figured I might as well eat well when I’m in Washington. And so I hied to Georgia Brown’s restaurant, just a short hop from my hotel. It’s slightly upscale Southern food, and they have a good prix fixe […]

HuffPo goes fusion food shaming

The new HuffPo (its name is now “HuffPost”) has explicitly stated its mission as a social justice site, but given its regressive tendencies, that means we’re in for a lot of fun, and a lot of outrage on that site about trivialities as well as glorification of the hijab. The latest rageblog, on the front […]

Last night’s dinner

One of the advantages of having visitors break up my hermetic existence is that I get to visit nice restaurants, including some I haven’t been to before. It’s my usual policy to never take a visitor to a restaurant I haven’t vetted before, but last night I broke the policy (my go-to bistro was closed) by […]

PB&J in space

Sacrifices have to be made on the International Space Station, and one of them is having to have your PB&J sandwiches on a tortilla. Oy!

Readers’ wildlife photos and video, and more on New Zealand

Several days before I left New Zealand, Gayle Ferguson was kind enough to drive me to the Muriwai Gannet Colony near Auckland. I’d never seen a gannet before, and didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be a fantastic experience. Here’s where it is–near Auckland (colony is starred): We brought Bob the […]