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Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have the return of Bruce Lyon, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Bruce’s notes are indented: Point Reyes National Seashore is a lovely area in the coast 30 miles north of San Francisco. I have lived in California for two decades but only recently […]

It’s Pi Day!

Having consumed my share of Costco pies the last few weeks (they’re good, too!), I’m happy to report that it’s Pi Day, celebrated with the following Google Doodle (click on screenshot to go to the Doodle site): Google itself explains the Doodle here, adding a video and, at the link, a recipe for a scrumptious […]

A tragedy of a sandwich

Too many sandwiches are still like this in the UK. This poor man paid the equivalent of U.S. $2.35 for this pathetic excuse for a sandwich, and he’s rightfully peeved. LOOK AT THAT THING! I now hear there are Subway stores in the UK, which means you can get a big sandwich (and some of […]

Rib tips for lunch!

Note: the video at bottom is essential viewing for this post. I’m having only one meal today: rib tips from Uncle J’s Barbecue on the South Side. For $12, you get a huge portion of rib tips—the best in Chicago—slathered with BBQ sauce and accompanied by a pile of fries, two pieces of white bread, […]

The one-dollar dinner at INSA

They provide three meals a day to people staying at the guest house at the Indian National Science Academy. Breakfast, which includes eggs, toast or chapattis, coffee, and juice, is 50 rupees (78 cents US). Lunch is a thali (a tray of different dishes including rice and chappatis), and that costs 60 rupees 94 cents). […]

Tips for getting more to drink or eat on airlines

First, like many of you I chafe a bit when I ask for a soft drink on an airplane and get about 50 ml of Diet Coke in a cup jammed to the top with ice. Two good gulps and it’s gone! A while back, I asked a flight attendant friend if it was impolite […]

What I did on my birthday

I had fun. I skipped breakfast because we were leaving early for the 1.5 hour drive to the IISER campus in the foothills of the Western Ghats, but on the way Hema, my delightful host, told me there were 11 species of bananas sold in Kerala stores. When I immediately expressed interest, she said, “Would […]

Pune: Food and science

On my last day in Bangalore, December 24, I visited the personal library of Pradeep Rawat, whose education was interrupted when he was jailed as an opponent of Indira Gandhi’s suspension of law during the 1975-1977 “Emergency.” He later served as a member of the Indian Parliament and is now retired to spend his time […]

My Christmas dinner

(No photos here as I packed my camera). This was my lunch, ergo my big daily meal, in the IISER guesthouse canteen. I leave for the airport and Bengaluru (Bangalore) in a hour. Daal (lentils) Rice Chappatis Dahi (yogurt) Paneer (Indian cheese) curry Aloo saag (spinach and potatoes) Fruit: cut-up apples and papayas Box of […]

Food: Chandigarh and Pune

Yes, I have tourist photos, but they’re a lot more work to put up because I need to do the background research and add links. Many of those must therefore wait till I return to Amerika. Today, once again, you get to see food porn. The cook at the IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education […]