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Leah Shutkever: A fit competitive eater

Meet Leah Shutkever, formerly a Woman of Size who lost a ton of weight, hits the gym six days a week, and, on the side, is one of the most accomplished competitive eaters in the UK. Here is her story, along with some of her Food Challenges.

Yesterday’s lunch: Deli

On the recommendation of my friends’ friend, we drove to Brookline yesterday for a deli lunch at Zaftigs Delicatessen. (“Zaftig” means “plump or buxom” in Yiddish, but might also be the owners’ family name.) A secondary goal was to procure bagels at Kupels Bakery, a Jewish bakery just two blocks away.  Kupels is said by […]

Lunch with Pinkah, and a preview of his next book

When I’m in Cambridge visiting old friends, I always try to get together with Dan Dennett and Steve Pinker—separately— for I enjoy the intellectual stimulation this provides (and, in the case of Dan, the inevitable stentorian arguing as well). Dan’s out of town this week, but yesterday I managed to dine with The Pinkah at […]

What I had for lunch yesterday

One of the local free newspapers recently had an article on “Chicago’s Best Tamales.” (If you don’t know what tamales are, read here.) In fact, I was reading it in my office yesterday morning at about 11:30 a.m., and realized that I hadn’t had a tamale in a very long time. Without further thought, I […]

Flying home

The title of this post, of course, comes from a famous song by Benny Goodman’s band, reportedly derived from a tune that Lionel Hampton (who was in the group) nervously whistled to himself before boarding a flight. I have a few more posts on Antarctica, though somehow it’s much harder to put these up when […]

Orne Harbor: a second climb to the chinstraps

At the moment we’re parked in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, the Errera Channel, between the small Cuverville Island and Danco Island.  The ship’s map (below) shows that the channel runs between Rongé Island (the large island on the left) and the west coast of Graham Land, part of the Antarctic […]

Valparaiso 3: Protests, markets, cats, dogs, funiculars, and food

I’m sitting in our hotel in Valparaiso, and out my window I can see our ship, MS Roald Amundsen, sitting at the dock. In a few hours we board, and at 6 pm we head south towards Patagonia and Antarctica. Very exciting! Because I’ll be aboard with spotty email at best, posts from me will […]

Valparaiso, part 2 (with protests, food, and cats)

Demonstrations continue throughout Chile, despite the President’s promise to reform medical care, pensions, and other issues. We’re still under curfew in Valparaiso, and the Guardian reports that the legislature, which sits in this town, was evacuated yesterday after protestors tried to force their way in. In the capital of Santiago yesterday, there was a giant […]

Photos of readers

Send in your photos. I ask for two photos max, but am putting up three today from reader Tyler Nighswander, because he found an awesome edible (and reportedly delicious) mushroom, a “chicken of the woods” (Laetiporus sulphureus), and I wanted to see what the cooked product looked like (I have collected edible mushrooms for many […]

Once again: should you tip for counter service?

It was last July that, after I felt coerced when I got takeout food at a restaurant and was asked on the credit-card screen if I wanted to tip (and even given suggested amounts), that I wrote a post called “Tipping at counters.” Now I tip pretty well when I sit down to dine (minimum […]