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Travels: Around Glenorchy

Today (yesterday when you read this, though remember that if you’re in the US or UK, it’s tomorrow already!), we toured the environs of the small (population 300) town of Glenorchy, about 45 km north of Queenstown. Our first stop was the beginning of the Routeburn Track, a very famous 32-km (usually 3 day) hike through […]

Where I’m going this morning

UPDATE: My haul: the famous apple fritter (with walnuts), a caramel fully frosted cupcake (the icing got marred on the drive home), and apple-pecan bread pudding. I’m working on the fritter as I type; it’s terrific. The other items will wait a day or so. .   The Abundance Bakery on 47th Street has a […]

HuffPo continues spewing bile against Trump

Why do I go after PuffHo? Because it’s a site produced for liberals and progressives, yet it continues to completely demonize Donald Trump. Lest you think I like the man, I despise him and all he stands for, but when a website on OUR side shows an almost hysterical demonization of our opponents, right down to […]

HuffPo goes after Trump’s taste in steak

Here we have a prime example of Crybaby Liberals who will do anything to impugn the man who is now president-elect. The sad thing is that Trump has impugned himself so many times with his own behavior that we really don’t need to examine his tastes in steak. But behold the effluence of PuffHo (click on […]

My last meal in Hong Kong

I’m leaving tomorrow, and will miss this place. I’ve had a great time in both Singapore and Hong Kong, and my last 3½ days here were immeasurably enriched by local HK resident (but cosmopolitan traveler) Winnie Fung, a volunteer at the Literary Festival who offered to take me around the city. She also happened to be […]

Hong Kong: more food and travel

I will be in Hong Kong two more days (including today), heading home on the 16th. The time has flown by on this trip, but it’s been immensely enjoyable and I’ve learned a lot about an area of the world of which I was largely ignorant. I’m using my last two days to see the […]

Hong Kong food: Dim sum at Maxim’s

Most of you probably know what dim sum is, but just in case you don’t, here’s the definition from Wikipedia: Dim sum /ˈdimˈsʌm/ (simplified Chinese: 点心; traditional Chinese: 點心; pinyin: Diǎnxīn; Sidney Lau: dim2sam1) is a style of Chinese cuisine (particularly Cantonese but also other varieties) prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small […]

Hong Kong: Lunch

I have tons of food pictures to come, but no time to post them (I’m doing my Literary Festival event tonight). These include awesome dim sum breakfasts and banquet meals in both mainland China and Hong Kong. As a teaser, here’s a simple lunch I had today. Hong Kong is full of business and retail […]

Two Singapore meals: casual and fancy

Here are two of the last meals I had in Singapore. The first was at a local roti joint near the Chin’s house. While Melissa’s parents were visiting relatives, she and I repaired to the joint for a casual meal of breadlike substances, which were excellent. This is roti prata, a grilled bread (with cheese) served with a […]

In which I eat the dreaded durian

Only a lack of time prevents me from writing in extenso about the infamous durian, the fruit that you either hate (the vast majority of humans) or love (the select few).  The pronounced disparity in whether people can stomach the fruit is a mystery to me; perhaps, like the perception of cilantro, it reflects a […]