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The Giant Meat Platter

This is how my hosts and I celebrated after my final talk in Zagreb (the topic was our lack of free will, and it was delivered at the University of Zagreb’s philosophy lecture hall). Voilà: the Giant Meat Platter, designed to feed six, preceded with pickled red peppers and flatbread, washed down with beer, and […]

Zagreb: Day 2

My perambulations around this lovely town continue, but I’ve little time to post and so I may have to catch up on the backlog when I come back to the U.S.  I’m also keenly aware that most of the pictures so far are about food, but that’s only because I’ve spent more time sitting in […]

Zagreb, Day 1

I’ve been busy sightseeing (that includes eating), the weather is absolutely gorgeous, and I’ve been having a lot of fun. First, where I’m located: in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia (right edge of photo in the middle). Italy, Austria, and Slovenia are right next door. Yesterday included several large meals (not including the breakfast buffet […]

I have landed—in Zagreb

I made it here—no thanks to United Airlines—and was only 3.5 hours past my scheduled arrival when I was supposed to fly on that infernal carrier (I flew Lufthansa after rebooking). Only a 45-minute flight from Munich, Zagreb is a small town for being Croatia’s capital, with  a population of just 800,000. It was largely […]

Animals eating pumpkin (and sports lagniappe)

Halloween will soon be upon us, and we’ll get lots of videos of animals eating pumpkin. You see it here first, with animals nomming pumpkins last year at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. The YouTube notes: Several of the animals at Brookfield Zoo near Chicago enjoyed Halloween treats on Friday. They included the western lowland gorillas; Hani, […]

I hate fruit stickers

You know what really bothers me? It’s when every single piece of fruit you buy has a sticker tightly affixed to it. And I mean tightly: tighter than Donald Trump and Putin. Despite rumors to the contrary, those stickers aren’t edible.  After lunch today I was all set to have a nice, tart Granny Smith apple […]

University of Wisconsin students claim that the college’s ice cream is insufficiently inclusive, and marginalizes some students

When I visited the Freedom from Religion Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin a few months ago, I made a special point of visiting the dairy store at the nearby University of Wisconsin (UW)—the Babcock Dairy—which is famous for its ice cream. (The school is partly an “ag school”, with departments that teach agriculture, farming, and associated […]

The Unhappy Meal, an idea that is mine

McDonald’s has, as many of you may know, a special Happy Meal® for kids, which is designed to slake the appetites of youngsters, give them a fairly healthy meal, and also bring them a bit of fun. Here are the options: Entree: Hamburger 4 piece Chicken McNuggets 6 piece Chicken McNuggets Side dish: Apple slices […]

Kent Presents report: Day 1

I’ll put up a few reports about the KentPresents conference I attended, held from last Thursday through Saturday at the Kent School, a four-year (and very expensive) private “prep school” in Kent, Connecticut. Most of the students live on campus as boarders. It’s about two hours to the nearest airport (Hartford) and so is isolated, but […]

Worst restaurant items in America

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has given out its Xtreme Eating Awards for 2018, and, I found some of these beyond belief. Now if you’re a regular here you know that I occasionally eat large meals, especially on vacation, and sometimes food considered “bad”, like rib tips and fries. But more […]