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Worst restaurant items in America

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has given out its Xtreme Eating Awards for 2018, and, I found some of these beyond belief. Now if you’re a regular here you know that I occasionally eat large meals, especially on vacation, and sometimes food considered “bad”, like rib tips and fries. But more […]

More about cultural appropriation of cuisine

The Washington Post has an article on cultural appropriation of food (click on screenshot to read it) in which people agonize about whether it’s okay for people of one ethnicity to sell the food of other ethnic groups, or write cookbooks about it. (The title refers to the shutting down of a Portland food cart […]

Ducks and food

I’ll combine a duck post with a food post today. Since “d” comes before “f”, here’s the Daily Duck Report. I’ve not much to tell: there are still eight ducklings and they’re entering their awkward teenage stage, with their down becoming spiky feathers. They’re still ineffably cute, though. And their peeps, which they make when […]

NPR’s interview with Anthony Bourdain

Instead of mourning the death of Anthony Bourdain, which I doubt he’d want, let’s listen to a nice 37-minute interview he did with Dave Davies on NPR’s “Fresh Air” two years ago. Click on the screenshot to go there; it’s a nice overview of Bourdain’s life and gives you a good feel for the man: […]

Paris: Day 10

So I’ve had ten of the eleven meals I planned, having been knocked out one day by what the French call a “crise de foie.” But I’m back in fighting trim, and consumed a final repast at Chez Denise, a perennial favorite, and, since I ate here the day I arrived, this gives the trip […]

Paris: Day 9

I leave tomorrow morning, and it will be sad. But now I need to go home, do some jobs, and eat healthier food. I also miss my ducks and haven’t heard about them in several days. Yesterday began with a long walk from the Bastille down the Rue Rivoli and then across the Seine with […]

Paris: Day 8

Yesterday was Eat Cheese in the Park Day, with vague plans of ingesting a falafal sandwich in the Marais sometime thereafter. A visit to the lovely area of Le Marais, home of the falafel in Paris, did occur, but the copious pre-ingestion of cheese prevented further meals. A morning walk revealed the finals of La […]

Paris: Day 7

Two more days after today: two more activities and two more meals. Yesterday’s “activity” was shopping, as I wanted to see some of the high-end department stores near the Opéra. Though I’ve been to Paris several times, and lived here for over eight months all told, I never went to these places. Plus my friend […]

Paris: Day 6

The days dwindle down to a precious few: three days, three activities, three meals. Yesterday’s activity was a long visit to the huge Bastille Market, which goes Thursdays and Sundays, and a walk along the Canal Saint-Martin, a lovely place that many tourists miss (a lot of it is underground and invisible, though). Here’s part of […]

Do not tell me how to eat

Here is an example of the kind of comment that does not make me happy. I will omit the name of the commenter, for this is a lesson on how not to interact with your host: Jerry, I thoroughly enjoy your writing on evolution, cats, determinism, …; however I find your musings on culinary pleasures […]