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Portland, part trois

I’m leaving Portland this afternoon, and will show a few photos I took in the last two days. First, some archetypal Portlanders. People like this are by no means rare in the city. One is showing a distorted cultural appropriation: red dreadlocks! I can’t even. . . .  I am shaking and crying now about […]

I have landed. . .

. . . in Portland that is, where I’m in the capable hands of philosopher Peter Boghossian at Portland State University, host for half of my visit. We’ve already dined at one of the famous “food trucks” (stalls, really) that fill this food-loving city, and had a great Thai lunch. The evidence is below. Portland is, […]

Dinner in Houston

The famous “Doc Bill”, retired chemist and programmer, commenter on this site, lover of noms, and the staff of Kink the Cat, invited me over to dinner at his place in Houston last night, along with Kevin McCarthy, writer of the Skeptic Ink site Smilodon’s Retreat. The co-host was his wife Helen, a retired geologist. It was a […]

The Snowflakes attack Calvin Trillin for a food-related poem about China

Calvin Trillin writes for The New Yorker, and is one of my favorite food writers (I recommend American Fried). But, like many, he’s run afoul of the Easily Offended. In the April 4 issue of the magazine, he published a poem called “Have they run out of provinces yet?” Have they run out of provinces […]

I’m still alive

I have been out and about with no Internet, and that will continue tomorrow. I’m back in Bhubaneswar for one night before we head out for Crocodile City and Turtle Beach tomorrow, so will quickly post some photos. At the Temple of the Sun at Konarak, I made friends with a calf; it shows some […]


I am in Bhubaneswar on the east coast of India, having been installed in a very fancy five-star hotel (the Trident), spent the morning talking to the group of young and energetic researchers at the Institute of Life Sciences, and consumed a fine South Indian meal. A few photos. First, the view from my hotel window. This is […]

Bangalore: Wednesday dinner

There are many dishes at every meal at Mr. Das’s house, but few are repeated. And there are always at least five or six desserts. I have started eating more abstemiously, avoiding much meat and trying to sample less than the largest possible number of desserts, but it isn’t easy. Here’s dinner last night, during […]

Bangalore: Noms for all beasts

Bangalore is not a city of great historic interest; it is the IT and science capital of India, and has grown spectacularly since I first came here in the 1980s. Because of that, the western influence on merchandising is much greater than in other places I’ve visited here. This is, for instance, the only Indian […]

Noms for humans and cats, Bangalore

It’s possible that I will die in Bangalore from overeating. Though most of the food we’re served at Mr. Das’s house is vegetarian, guests are also offered meat and fish dishes, and at least four different desserts, which are my weakness. Moreover, this happens three times a day: at 8:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.  Here’s last […]

Sunday: Delhi

Just a few snaps, especially since readers are clamoring for photos of noms.  I’ll have many more tomorrow as we’re going to a concert of Tagore music tonight followed by a slap-up meal of North Indian Mughal food. I have only one food snap today:  my breakfast this morning: an onion uttapam with coconut chutney, […]


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