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by Matthew Cobb UPDATE: Matthew sent this computer-generated image of the robberfly’s venom system: #worldrobberflyday high-resolution synchrotron micro computed tomography of the robber fly venom system. — Stephan Drukewitz (@Stephan_HolgerD) April 30, 2018 In case you didn’t know, today is World Robberfly Day on Twitter, so entomologists are posting pictures of these fabulous, […]

The gathering of the flies

by Matthew Cobb Here’s a lovely tweet by Japanese macrophotographer @muakbno. Look at all those flies! What are they and what are they doing? 数で勝負 — mouuuusa (@muakbno) October 27, 2017 @muakbno posted these pics with some explanation: 日暮れのマサキの葉に次々と集まってくるキモグリバエの仲間。葉に触れたりして、1匹でも飛び立つと隊列が乱れてしまうので息を殺して静かに近づく。数に関係なくほぼ同じ上向きに並んでます。 — mouuuusa (@muakbno) October 28, 2017 Twitter translation: “Chloropidae and flock to the leaves […]

Gorgeous monster robberflies

by Matthew Cobb These monsters were posted by Piotr Naskrecki – another reason why you should be on Tw*tter! We have remarkable robber flies @GorongosaPark. Species of Hyperechia mimic carpenter bees, while Microstylum resemble sphecid wasps. — Piotr Naskrecki (@naskrecki) September 11, 2017 We’ve posted about robberflies (Asilidae) before here, with a reader’s photo […]