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It’s International Cat Day!

Yes, August 8 is International Cat Day, except in parts of Europe and Russia, where it’s celebrated in March and February, respectively. You can see a bunch of cat-related tweets at the two hashtag sites, #internationalcatday and #InternationalCatDay on Twitter. The BBC has a short announcement with a video and a poll, and the cats are cleaning […]

Live long and prosper

by Grania Those in the eastern hemisphere are already in 2018, the rest of us are soon to be there. However your 2017 went, and there most likely highs and lows, here’s to a better 2018.

People don’t like fish

Here’s a theory (which is mine) for which I’ll surely get shellacked.  My theory, which (again) is mine, is this, and here it is. It’s just below:  In general, people don’t like fish near as much as meat. My evidence: Catholics used to eat fish on Fridays as a penance, which means that foregoing meat for fish […]

Peyton’s Christmas

by Greg Mayer For Christmas, Peyton got a laser tower– a device that shines a randomly moving laser off a mirror. Peyton has long enjoyed playing with a laser mouse (hand held device, in the shape of a mouse). In fact, she seeks us out to play with it at about 8 PM each day, […]

Easter in Poland

I have a deal with my friends Malgorzata  Koraszewska and Andrzej Koraszewski, who run the well-known Polish website Racjonalista, a beacon of secularism in that religious country. In return for letting them translate any of my posts they want without asking (it’s into the hundreds now), I get a daily picture of their young tabby cat […]