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What’s the goal of “women’s studies”?

Let two feminist scholars of them tell you, via this tweet from The New Real Peer Review: The goal of women's studies is to train students to become human viruses that infect and disrupt other fields — New Real Peer Review (@RealPeerReview) March 14, 2017 A quote: When envisioning the future priorities for women’s studies—ones […]

More academic madness: Published feminist analysis of squirrel diets and reproduction shows that squirrels, like marginalized human groups, are otherized, gendered, and fat-shamed

I’ve written about dumb papers connecting Halloween pumpkins and Pilates with racism, and about how “feminist glaciology” could expel patriarchy from geology, but the paper I’m about to highlight takes the cake. First, two preliminary comments: 1.) I have never been so ashamed to be an academic, and 2.) This paper is the kind of “scholarship” that is making […]

Claire Lehmann on feminism’s new love for Islamic “modesty culture”

Claire Lehmann, editor of the true liberal website Quillette, made a 4-minute video on feminists’ growing celebration of Islamic “modesty culture”—a video that deserves wider airing. Yes, it’s put out by the right-wing site Rebel Media, but who else would sponsor and air a video like this? Claire is in fact not at all a conservative, but a liberal […]

“Feminist government” of Sweden dons hijabs and body-covering coats in Iran

The official website of the government of Sweden proclaims this: A FEMINIST GOVERNMENT Sweden has the first feminist government in the world. This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation. A feminist government ensures that a gender equality perspective is brought into policy-making on a broad […]

Monday: Hili dialogue and big abortion strikes in Poland and Ireland

Today is October 3, 2016, and we have a special edition. I’ll only point out one historic event: Thomas Wolfe, one of my favorite authors, was born on this day in 1900. He died in 1938 at the age of 37, succumbing to tuberculosis of the brain. Many literature critics I’ve spoken (you’d recognize their […]

Feminists remove flyers advertising an “offensive” talk by Christina Hoff Sommers, claim that their vandalism is “freedom of speech”

The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) is a conservative organization that runs a conservative website. And it’s on those websites where you’ll find documentation of Regressive Leftism. Don’t look for videos like the following on PuffHo or even the Daily Beast. If you want to see Regression in action, you have to get into bed, at least […]

The enslavement of Saudi women

There’s an old American folk song, “The Wagoner’s Lad,” which begins with this verse: Oh hard is the fortune of all womankind They’re always controlled, they’re always confined; Controlled by their parents until they are wives Then slaves to their husbands for the rest of their lives. It’s a heartbreaking song with a beautiful tune (I […]

If you’re skeptical of FEMEN, you should watch this

by Grania Spingies FEMEN and Inna Shevchenko are often treated as pariahs by the very people who claim to champion the causes this group fights for. FEMEN was born in Ukraine as a reaction to that country’s exploitation of women in the sex industry, as well as to other global issues: dictatorships, oppression of women by religions, and […]

Props from FEMEN

Inna Shevchenko, head of the feminist and anti-theocratic organization FEMEN, was profiled in Paris Match in the article below. She adds on her Facebook page, “In french Paris Match magazine (hidden propaganda of Jerry Coyne book :)” Translation of the headline by Francophone Matthew Cobb: “Yes, I am the leader – I don’t believe in anarchy!”

Turkish women defy deputy prime minister by laughing publicly

Just as fast as Turkey’s deputy prime minister Bülent Arınç declared that women of his country shouldn’t tarnish their pure image by laughing in public, so the women of Turkey are responding by laughing and tw**ting about it, laughing at Muslim Leisure Fascist Arınç at the same time. And some men are supporting them.  As the Guardian reports, On […]