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Can a pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist be a feminist? Linda Sarsour says “yes”, I say “hell, no!”

An article in The Nation from March 13 includes an interview with the odious and overrated Linda Sarsour; the title of the piece is “Can you be a Zionist Feminist? Linda Sarsour Says No.” As you may recall, Sarsour, a Palestinian-American hijabi who was one if the heads of the anti-Trump Women’s March, is strongly […]

Harper’s Bazaar becomes Everyday Feminism, says “Wonder Woman” movie is insufficiently intersectional

When the Wonder Woman movie came out a few weeks ago, starring the Israeli actor Gal Gadot in the title role and directed by Patty Jenkins, it was universally acclaimed as a triumph for feminism, not only because of its star and director, but because by all accounts the movie was good. It garnered a […]

The anti-science views of third-wave feminists

Because of its connections with postmodernism, third-wave feminism has sometimes shown a disturbing trend of doing down science. That, of course, is because postmodernism rejects objective truth, valuing feelings and “lived experience” over science, which it sees as not only un-objective, but as a tool and embodiment of the patriarchy. This attitude was, of course, […]

Medusa Magazine is probably a hoax

Yesterday I may well have spent a lot of time attacking a strawman—or rather a straw woman: one Nicole Valentine, who supposedly wrote a piece at the Medusa Magazine site on why white women owed it to women of color to abort their white fetuses, reducing the number of white “family units” and freeing up […]

White women should get abortions to end white supremacy

UPDATE:  Several people have suggested that this website is a fake–that is, the pieces are satirizing extreme social-justice warriorism. It’s possible, but as Ben pointed out in the comments, it’s not good satire since it’s indistinguishable from the object it’s satirizing. In other words, it’s not pure satire but a hoax, designed to be misleading. […]

What’s the goal of “women’s studies”?

Let two feminist scholars of them tell you, via this tweet from The New Real Peer Review: The goal of women's studies is to train students to become human viruses that infect and disrupt other fields — New Real Peer Review (@RealPeerReview) March 14, 2017 A quote: When envisioning the future priorities for women’s studies—ones […]

More academic madness: Published feminist analysis of squirrel diets and reproduction shows that squirrels, like marginalized human groups, are otherized, gendered, and fat-shamed

I’ve written about dumb papers connecting Halloween pumpkins and Pilates with racism, and about how “feminist glaciology” could expel patriarchy from geology, but the paper I’m about to highlight takes the cake. First, two preliminary comments: 1.) I have never been so ashamed to be an academic, and 2.) This paper is the kind of “scholarship” that is making […]

Claire Lehmann on feminism’s new love for Islamic “modesty culture”

Claire Lehmann, editor of the true liberal website Quillette, made a 4-minute video on feminists’ growing celebration of Islamic “modesty culture”—a video that deserves wider airing. Yes, it’s put out by the right-wing site Rebel Media, but who else would sponsor and air a video like this? Claire is in fact not at all a conservative, but a liberal […]

“Feminist government” of Sweden dons hijabs and body-covering coats in Iran

The official website of the government of Sweden proclaims this: A FEMINIST GOVERNMENT Sweden has the first feminist government in the world. This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation. A feminist government ensures that a gender equality perspective is brought into policy-making on a broad […]

Monday: Hili dialogue and big abortion strikes in Poland and Ireland

Today is October 3, 2016, and we have a special edition. I’ll only point out one historic event: Thomas Wolfe, one of my favorite authors, was born on this day in 1900. He died in 1938 at the age of 37, succumbing to tuberculosis of the brain. Many literature critics I’ve spoken (you’d recognize their […]