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Pictures of the day

I’ll close today’s posts with three unrelated photos. First, Randy Schenck from Iowa has taken pity on the cold squirrels, and build a double feeder in his Iowa home. Squirrels readily nom corn on the cob (dried, I think), and if you fasten the cobs vertically, as shown below, you get a cool feeder. (They also […]

Matthew has a brand new cat! (And bonus contest)

. . . or rather, a kitten. Faithful contributor Matthew Cobb sent me an email this morning: You’ll be pleased to hear we have a kitten. Pics will follow. He doesn’t like Ollie and Pepper [their other cats], who ignore him. Time will tell if it’s a good idea… Here’s the picture: Things seem to have […]

Interspecies love

The news has been a bit distressing this week, so let’s end on an up note. Reader Blue sent this photo of a kid and a cat.

Cat Caption Challenge

by Greg Mayer The BBC News Magazine has a “Caption Challenge“, and the latest subject is an intriguing picture of a cat. I hold my own cat like this all the time, but usually I’m lying on my back on the floor, swinging the cat from left to right, and making whooshing noises while singing […]

Best kitten game in history

Okay, if you’ve seen a cuter kitten game than this one, I won’t believe you. The little guy leaps up high four times! And notice the paw held up for the strike. The staff is greatly amused, and who wouldn’t be when attacked viciously by a blob of fur the size of your fist? Here’s a screenshot: […]

Lion roars while sleeping

Hercules, a rescue lion, makes some pretty fearsome noises while napping. I wonder what he’s dreaming of? The YouTube info, which is a bit biologically confusing: Watch a full-grown African Lion Roaring in his sleep. “Hercules” is a rescued Lion that lives at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, and like other lions there, he […]

Spot the cat

Reader Marella sent a “spot the. . .” photo and a nice link: I subscribe to a Facebook page called “Catspotting“, where people post pictures of cats they’ve met on the streets. It is strictly prohibited to post pics of cats that you know well or—gasp—own. Recently there have been a few long distance snaps […]

A new Maru!

Here’s an especially good Maru video, in which the pudgy Scottish Fold and his friend Hana tussle over a weird cat bed. Look how big Hana has gotten! And mugomogu’s funny caption:

Caturday felid trifecta: Social justice kitten calendar, autistic man builds world’s most elaborate cat-friendly home, and a cat decision tree (and a bonus)

The American Digest has the illustrations for a 2015 Social Justice Kittens Calendar. I may get in trouble for posting this, but I find the captions hilarious. Here are the first six months:  ******* From Awesome Inventions, we learn of Minnesotan Greg Krueger, who took advantage of his obsessiveness to spend 15 years transforming his house into […]

Cat goes nuts over olives

Here’s another of those bizarre and funny Russian cat videos. This time the Soviet moggie apparently loves the smell of olives, which, like catnip, drives her into a frenzy—but she doesn’t seem to want to eat them. Perhaps a Russian reader can translate the YouTube title: Кошка и оливки


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