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Caturday felid trifecta: New record for oldest living cat, a cat who forgot to cat, and Karl Lagerfeld’s spoiled moggie

To answer your first question, the cat, named Tiffany Two, is all of 26 years old. And according to the Guinness World Records site, she’s now the oldest living cat: Born on March 13, 1988 in San Diego, California, Tiffany Two was bought by her owner Sharon Voorhees from a local pet shop when the […]

Didga shows off

It’s Friday afternoon, and for many of us that means that drinks are forthcoming. Here at WEIT, it means that there’s an end-of-the-week cat. This week it’s the awesome skateboarding and parkouring cat Didga, star of many internet videos. Here’s a brand new one, just posted today. It shows that he has many talents. Doesn’t he […]

Cat paws = teddy bears

This picture from imageshack is surely a Photoshop job, but it’s still clever. Maybe an industrious reader would want to try it on their own cat and send me the results (no prize here; just my undying appreciation). I am not responsible for the missing apostrophe. h/t: Diane G.

Feline stiff-arms

Oy, does my back hurt! In such cases the only effective nostrum is Cat Internet Stuff. Boingboing has six gifs of “Cats using one paw to repel inferior life forms.” There are six of them; I give you two: I love the back paw action in this one:

Swimming jaguar

Here, have a swimming jaguar. Although it’s clearly going underwater to get noms, it doesn’t seem to be distressed. And its underwater gyrations make it look for all the world like a cat floating in outer space. h/t: Sarah

Readers’ new kittens

So shoot me: I like cats and am perked up by feliniana at the end of the day. Reader “redlivingblue” sent a note with pictures of his two new kittens: Good morning! I just wanted to share a couple of quick pics of my new kittens. My wife and I named the female Kahleesi  (My wife […]

A good morning from Theo

Theo, the espresso-drinking cat whose staff is Laurie and Gethyn, found his way into an item of clothing. He also has a monologue: Theo: I am not moving until someone gets me some coffee!  

Three cat videos to end a long and painful week

I’ve officially become a Senior Jew because I can say the following words with great feeling: “OY! MY BACK!” (All I need to complete my transition is a few gold chains and a condo in Miami.) Yes, dear readers, I have badly re-injured my back, but in a good cause: trying to open the heavy lab window in […]

Two cat graphics

I’m a tired boy, what with a talk to write, other work to do, and a passel of hungry squirrels that never get full. And so, to end the day, I’ll simply present you with two nice cat graphics. I’m sure you’ll want to send at least one to your friends.    

Readers’ wildlife photos

First, let’s check on Stephen Barnard’s eagles.  He’s reported now that there are at least two chicks: he’s seen a pair and there may be more.  However, we don’t yet have a photo. But we do have a picture of parental care with Stephen’s caption: Getting everything just right. Watch out for the kids! I don’t […]


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