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A scientific experiment with Maru and Hana

If you follow the adorable (and thickening) Scottish Fold cat Maru, you’ll know that he’s acquired a companion—a mackerel tabby named Hana. Here their staff performs a hilarious experiment on both cats to see which paw is dominant: h/t: Grania


Monday kitten

Among domestic animals, there’s nothing—nothing—cuter than a kitten at about 7 weeks of age. I brook no dissent here. Here’s a tw**t from Whiskas Ireland (sent, of course, by Grania) that makes me want to get a cat now.  It’s a short video, so be sure to press the arrow.

Ottawa: noms and cats

I have a passel of photos from my visit here, including from a trip to the Natural History Museum, where they have a lovely collection of fossils that include the transitional stages of whale and horse evolution. But today I’ll put up my two favorite subjects. First, a late lunch on Thursday: an ELKBURGER (yes, real elk, farmed […]

Hiroko successfully settles case against company producing knockoff cat shirts

A while back, the Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota produced a wonderful shirt for me on which she embroidered the likeness of Hili. Here’s one of the series of photos I posted: I really should wear this more often, but I’m afraid of wearing it out! Hiroko also produced a book of her cat shirts, and […]

Cats! Cats! Cats!

by Grania To end off the day, here’s  little something that Matthew sent Jerry:  15 hilarious comic strips every cat owner will understand. My personal favorite is this one from Jeffrey Brown Comics who perfectly captures their ineffable cuteness and whimsical bloodthirsty ways. but this one from cat versus human is lovely too. There’s plenty more on […]

Felicitations on this glorious Neko no Hi

by Grania Today is Cat Day, and it is (of course, where else?) in Japan. It is celebrated on 2/22 every year, the BBC notes: Known as “Neko no Hi”, it was chosen because the date’s numerals, 2/22 (ni ni ni), are pronounced fairly closely to the sound a cat makes in Japan (nyan nyan […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

You’ve probably noticed that photos by one of our most regular regulars—Stephen Barnard of Idaho—have been missing. That’s because he was on “Christmas Island” in the Pacific, more properly known as Kiritimati. Like Aldabra, home of the tortoises, it’s a coral atoll. Here’s where it is and what it looks like (I have no idea what […]

Smokers: Think of the cats!

This video, sent by reader Simon, apparently aired during the Grammy Awards.

End of the week cat

By the time you’re reading this, if you’re a Yank, I’ll be speaking about evolution and atheism.  The End of the Week felid comes from reader Michael, and it’s from The Adventures of Business Cat, who has found paradise in his office: It’s a spandrel!


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