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Only in Japan: cat and dog trains that woof and meow

Matthew Cobb called my attention to this tw**t a while back, which of course intrigued me. Japan has two trains shaped as dog and as a cat.They actually woof and miaow as they pass. — Tim Dunn (@MrTimDunn) August 30, 2016 Here’s a view of the cat train, apparently taken from the d*g train. […]

Sparky the cat saves himself

Here’s an end-of-the-day-Felid from Hi, Homer!, a good source for all things cat. Poor Sparky found himself marooned atop a basketball backboard (how did he get up there?), and finds a funny way to descend. Clever cat!

The best job in the world!

Here we have Kevin Richardson, the famous “lion whisperer,” playing with both a mother lion and her offspring. I can think of no greater honor, and no greater trust evinced by these cats, than to be allowed to play with their cubs. This is surely the best job in the world! (I’ve posted about Richardson, […]

The Continued Adventures of Educating Jerry

by Grania Jerry and I have become the newest members of the Singapura Cat Appreciation Society, a breed of felid that has enormous eyes in a tiny body. I said it reminded me a little of this: Some of you already know that this is a famous Puss in Boots scene from Shrek, where a […]

A one-eyed surfing cat

Let’s end the week with Kuli, the Surfing Cat. Apparently, as you can see from the second video, Kuli went into the ocean of his own accord. And why not? As second video notes, Kuli was brought up in constant contact with water because of his messy eating habits, and from there, the sky—or rather, the sea—is the […]

Cat drums with its staff!

I’m braining on other stuff today, including upcoming talks in Pittsburgh, Singapore, and Hong Kong (I always get my talks done way in advance), so you’ll have to be satisfied with persiflage. As Thomas Wolfe once wrote, though, “I have a thing to tell you” (one of his great set pieces., go here and advance […]

BBC Quiz: Can you tell a wild cat from a housecat?

So, if you have a few minutes, the BBC has a 16-question quiz designed to see if you can tell house cats from wildcats by their appearance. Greg Mayer, who found this, called it to my attention and then boasted: I got 15 of 17 correct, after correcting one of their IDs (tame hybrids don’t […]

Another Jerry the Cat

I have to admit it: in lieu of having children, I’ve opted for having people name their cats “Jerry”, although I will never corrupt the process by offering payment. But there are now five six cats in the world named after me. To wit: Gayle Ferguson’s long-haired orange cat, now adopted out to a loving home […]

Cats and Ping Pong

Let’s end the work week with cat videos, since every reader save one (see previous thread) likes cats. There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing cats purporting to play ping-pong, but this one really does. Of course, he’s playing the net and is powerless to deal with corner shots to the left. . . […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Kurt Andreas’s Instagram site describes him as “a naturalist in Queens,” (a borough of New York City) as well as an “amateur dolphinologist and beeologist.”  He sent some varied photos, and his captions are indented: Zabulon Skipper (Poanes zabulon) on Lantana sp., male, Glendale, NY (August 3, 2016) Hoverfly (Toxomerus geminatus; female). Glendale, NY (June 10, 2016): Leopard […]