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Rabbits and cat living in harmony

Reader Brigette Zacharczenko, a grad student in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Connecticut at Storrs (she has an insect website), sent me some lovely photos (in an email titled “Some fluffy kitty belly for you to enjoy”) of her rabbits and new kitty that I’m posting with her permission. Her description is indented. My […]

Meet Samson: a big 28-pound Maine Coon cat, and not fat!

If you remember the movie “Boogie Nights”, you’ll know this paraphrase: “This is a giant cat!” Yes, it’s Samson, a big 28-pound Maine Coon cat, said to be “the biggest cat in New York,” which isn’t really a world-class distinction. Still, Samson is a magnificent animal; as I always say, a bigger cat—so long as […]

Black and white cat photos

I think the true beauty and mystery of cats—their status as living sculptures—is best conveyed in black and white photography. Top has a serious of lovely pictures in its post “The mysterious lives of cats in black & white photographs“. Here are my favorites to end the week:

Winner of the Clapham Common Cat Station Contest

As I noted recently, for the next week and a half the Clapham Common Tube station in London will have nearly all its advertising posters replaced by pictures of cats, thanks to a crowdfunded initiative. I offered an autographed (and cat-illuminated) copy of Faith Versus Fact to the first person who had their picture taken […]

Two reviews of a book on killer cats

A new book has appeared whose thesis is, apparently, that outdoor cats are vicious predators who destroy over a billion animals a year, and are endangering wildlife—mostly birds. Stringent measures are required to extirpate the killer cats. Here’s the new book; the screenshot goes to the Amazon site where you can buy it. The Amazon reviews are […]

British ailurophiles: Get your tuchas to Clapham Common Tube station, where there are no ads—just cats!

It’s time! For two weeks (see my announcement here), the Clapham Common Tube station in London will have every ad replaced by pictures of . . . . CATS! No ads, just moggies! This is the result of a Kickstarter campaign that raised £ 23,000 pounds. As the BBC reported a while back: Almost 700 people […]

Only in Japan: cat and dog trains that woof and meow

Matthew Cobb called my attention to this tw**t a while back, which of course intrigued me. Japan has two trains shaped as dog and as a cat.They actually woof and miaow as they pass. — Tim Dunn (@MrTimDunn) August 30, 2016 Here’s a view of the cat train, apparently taken from the d*g train. […]

Sparky the cat saves himself

Here’s an end-of-the-day-Felid from Hi, Homer!, a good source for all things cat. Poor Sparky found himself marooned atop a basketball backboard (how did he get up there?), and finds a funny way to descend. Clever cat!

The best job in the world!

Here we have Kevin Richardson, the famous “lion whisperer,” playing with both a mother lion and her offspring. I can think of no greater honor, and no greater trust evinced by these cats, than to be allowed to play with their cubs. This is surely the best job in the world! (I’ve posted about Richardson, […]

The Continued Adventures of Educating Jerry

by Grania Jerry and I have become the newest members of the Singapura Cat Appreciation Society, a breed of felid that has enormous eyes in a tiny body. I said it reminded me a little of this: Some of you already know that this is a famous Puss in Boots scene from Shrek, where a […]