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New Zealand police recruitment video

Reader Diana MacPherson sent me this recruitment video produced by the New Zealand police. (Stuff, a New Zealand news site, explains anything that might confuse you, but it’s pretty clear). It makes me proud to be an honorary Kiwi. As Diana said, “Watch for the police cat near the end!”  

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Andrée Sanborn from Vermont sent a series of pictures of an unusual insect that were taken in July (but sent in mid-October). Her captions are indented. Case-bearing Leaf Beetle larva (Cryptocephalinae) July 22, 2017 This was an exciting find for us. It wasn’t just a lifer, it was one of an entire subfamily that […]

Here’s the snow leopard!

Did you spot it? I’ve made a reveal from the photo Matthew sent:

Wildlife photos: Spot the snow leopard

This is from Matthew, of course, who originated the “spot the” series.  Here we have a hidden snow leopard (Panthera uncia) amidst a group of Siberian ibex (Capra siberica). Can you spot it? Answer later on today. INSANE. Spot the leopard.#camoflague #snowleopard #leopard #scicomm — Matt Jarvis (@jarvismj) November 21, 2017

Farewell animals

Tomorrow there will be a quick Hili post, but don’t expect much more. I am, however, flying business class, so maybe we’ll have some documentation from the lounge (especially the food). To send myself off, and bid readers a farewell, here are three videos. First, a CATerpillar that looks remarkably catlike. It’s the caterpillar of […]

What evolutionists talk about: an email conversation between Matthew and me

First Matthew sent me this tweet showing a thieving moggie and his haul of socks and underwear (check out the original tweet to enlarge the photos). he's so proud of his haul. — Emergency Kittens (@EmrgencyKittens) November 11, 2017 This email exchange ensued: Jerry:  What a diligent cat! Matthew: Why do they do it? Jerry: […]

Paddles is dead

The one year old polydactylous cat Paddles—staffed by recently elected New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford—is dead. She was hit by a car.  Paddles had recently assumed her status as First Cat of New Zealand, and had a Twitter account that was hilarious.  In fact, Paddles was the only creature […]

Why lesbians supposedly like cats

I couldn’t believe the title of this article when I saw it in today’s New York Times (click on screenshot to read it), but the title is hilarious. So is the first half of the article, which explains why she thinks she’ll die alone. The second part of the article, in which Krista Burton gets […]

We have enough black cats now.

I actually have six pictures for tomorrow’s Halloween post, so we’ve reached the limit. If you have a black cat, hold onto your photos for next year’s Halloween Parade, please. Thanks! —Mgmt

National Cat Day felids

I finally got ten cats today, though I had to do that by allowing one reader to submit two separate photos. I thought I’d get the photos within an hour or so, but things went slowly. Anyway, as I noted this morning, in America it’s National Cat Day, and I asked readers to celebrate by […]