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A cat’s “solicitation purr” contains a cry, and sounds more urgent and unpleasant than a normal purr

Sadly, I haven’t owned (or rather, been owned by) a cat in a while, but those who do may recognize that there are several different kinds of purrs. The two most notable are the “solicitation purr,” in which your cat purrs urgently when it’s mealtime or it wants fusses, and the “non-solicitation purr”, in which your […]

Monday humor: Felidae

Shall we start off the week with some felid humor? Yes, why not. First, a tw**t about the World’s Worst Idea: And here’s yesterday’s Get Fuzzy, featuring Bucky, a cat who is a complete, self-centered jerk (and of course in that way represents all cats). Bucky’s staff consists of Rob, the human, and the long-suffering […]

Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the cats of war

Finally, for Memorial Day, Janis Row has written an article for PetPlace called “Honoring the cats of war.” Here’s just one of many stories: In more recent times, cats and dogs have been banned from Naval vessels, but they are still valuable on land. In 2004, a tiny Egyptian Mau kitten wandered into U.S. Army […]

A panacea

I could use a dose of this nostrum right now!: I want the one that’s Bengal-flavored. h/t: Dennis

Caturday felid trifecta: Cats wanting in, a cat realizing that it’s a cat, and a kitten climbs owner to drink milk from bottle

We have three items today, coming from readers in Brazil, Europe, and Japan! Reader Ronaldo, who obviously speaks Portuguese, sent me this video, translating the title (which, in English, is the title given above), and adding this: People are speaking in (Brazilian) Portuguese; female voices say, in a loose translation, “how cute”, “I didn’t know cats […]

The “most embarrassing moment” contest winner

When Leo Glenn won the contest with his story about having to bathe nude in a Japanese hot spring with his nether parts dyed bright red from his bathing trunks, he wrote this response (I asked him what kind of cat he’d like drawn in it): What a thrill to win the contest! Thank you so […]

Cat gets a brain freeze

This is a minimalist cat video, but it’s one of the best I’ve seen. The cat, named Napo, is having some ice cream. Now brain freeze, also called the “ice cream headache,” is a real phenomenon, and scientists have theories about how it works. For one explanation, go here, and for a general overview go here. h/t: […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs: Special travel edition

Reader Susan Heller sent me a bunch of photos from her recent (April) trip to Istanbul, a city I’ve visited three times and absolutely love. So did she. Her are her “wildlife photos” from that fabled town. I’m not in the habit of posting travel photos, so keep on sending me wildlife , but these were […]

Caturday felids trifecta: Cat masseuses, Japanese stroller man, and the woman with a thousand cats

Once again it’s your lucky day, as kind readers have sent me three cat items for the week. The first comprises a series of three videos showing cats giving massages. Granted, they’re not as thorough as human massages, but the cuteness factor more than compensates. This first one looks like a Bengal cat, the future breed […]

Tuesday cartoon

This one, sent by reader Paul, is by Hillary B. Price, one of her Rhymes with Orange strips. Many of you will recognize the problem.


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