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Steve Harvey, etc.

Unless you’ve been in North Korea, you’ll know about Steve Harvey’s blunder at the Miss Universe pageant (go here if you don’t). Reader jsp sent me the photo below, along with some Schadenfreude implying that Harvey is both an atheist-basher and a creationist (I don’t know squat about him): Well, Harvey botched his apology, too. Notice any problems with […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

Today we have two lovely videos from reader Tara Tanaka, a Floridian whose Vimeo channel is here. You can enlarge these (and you should enlarge these) by clicking on the four diverging arrows at the video’s lower right, which will take it to full screen, and then press “escape” to return here. The first is […]

Reminder: send in your Christmas cats

Just a reminder: I’ll be accepting Christmas-themed photos of readers’ cats until Christmas Eve; they’ll be posted the next day. Rules: one photo per customer, must have a holiday theme, and the cat must be yours. Cats don’t have to be living; we do post pictures of cats from Christmases past. A few lines about […]

Send in your cats (for Xmas)!

A reader or two have sent me photos of their cats with a holiday theme, similar to the one Greg posted yesterday of a cat in a Christmas tree. As I would like, by way of having a life, to post a bit less over the Christmas holidays, and will put up almost nothing on Xmas itself (but […]

John Cleese insults Taylor Swift’s cat, she gives it right back

I can’t brain much today, so—moar cats. Here’s a pretty funny exchange between Taylor Swift and John Cleese on the Graham Norton show (BBC America). Both are cat lovers, but differ in what they see as a “proper cat”. Later on, Cleese makes an invidious remark about women, and Taylor responds appropriately. It’s a few funny […]

Catmas tree

This comes from Matthew Cobb, who unaccountably isn’t claiming authorship of this post. I’d save it for Christmas, but I already have a cat Christmas post in the wings, so let’s just use it to get ourselves in the Christmas (and Coynezaa) spirit:

Affronted cat attacks plush tiger, plus real tiger lagniappe

It’s a sign of the television news, which I watch for a few minutes each morning, that it’s taken to putting up YouTube videos and tw**ts. Social media is taking over everything! But they also showed this video: That cat has a mean right hook! And while we’re on tigers, here’s a real one: a […]

Australian placental cats

by Greg Mayer Australia is a zoogeographer’s dream world—it’s the most spectacularly distinctive place on Earth, and we know why. Around 250 million years ago, most of the world’s continental plates amalgamated into a single super-continent—Pangaea. During the Mesozoic (the “Age of Reptiles”), Pangaea began breaking up, with many of today’s southern continents (South America, Africa, […]

The bionic kitty

I’m putting this up because I got it from reader Matt and also learned how to embed a video starting in the middle. Voilà: the story of Vincent, the bionic kitty. You can stop it at 2:04.

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have a new contributor today, Ben Batt (and his cat), who sent a bunch of lovely photos from Oz, including two of his cat. Ben’s notes: These photos were all taken at my parents’ home in the tiny town of Ruffy, in country Victoria, Australia. They have spent the last 30-odd years cultivating a large […]


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