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Leon’s mountain adventure: part sept

Today is the next-to-last day of Leon’s Big Adventure. And the intrepid moggie, moving on, encounters yet another female cat! Malgorzata provides an introduction: Explanation first: they went for a long trek high into the mountains and there was a tiny mountain hostel containing one female cat named Kicia. And there’s a dialogue: Leon: Did you […]

Leon’s mountain adventure: Part cinq

Leon, the intrepid Polish tabby, is still enjoying his winter hiking vacation in the mountains of Poland, but now there’s a new element: he’s smitten by Balbina, the resident female cat! Leon: Let’s admire this sunset a bit quicker because Balbina and a scrumptious supper are waiting at the hostel. The saucy wench Balbina: Leon and Balbina are properly introduced: I […]

Leon’s mountain adventure: part quatre

Leon the tabby is having a blast hiking in the snowy Polish mountains. When I asked how far this cat could actually walk in the snow, Malgorzata relayed my question to Elzbieta, Leon’s staff, and I have this answer: Leon walked yesterday about 6 km. It took 1.5 hours. Then he demanded to be taken up. […]

Leon’s mountain adventure: part trois

The indefatigable tabby continues his hikes in the snowy mountains of Poland. Leon: Come quickly, we can see Tatra Mountains from there! \

Leon in the mountains, part deux

Leon continues his hiking adventure in the mountains of Poland, but the exercise and cold, fresh air has given him an appetite. Leon: This is a nice view but let’s go the mountain hostel to have some dumplings (pierogi).  

Wednesday: Hili dialogue (and lagniappe)

Oy vey! Checking the temperture outside on my weather app, I find that it’s 3ºF (- 16ºC), and it will get colder today, with a predicted  low of -8ºF (- 22ºC). Tomorrow will be at least as cold. The door into summer is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, soaking up sun through the window, Hili […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Sarah Crews, who takes care of many feral cats, is also an evolutionary biologist specializing in insects, and sent some animal photos (including one of her cats, all of which bear interesting names). The links are to the photos on Sarah’s flickr site, and the indented bits are her notes: Grizzled Mantid, adult female, Gonatista grisea […]

Skier blithely passes mountain lion

I presume this skier in Utah was wearing a GoPro camera, and see what he goes by about seven seconds in. It’s a resting Puma concolor! h/t: Melissa

The further adventures of Harry

by Matthew Cobb Regular readers will know that I have become the staff of a small kitten called Harry, who is bitey and scratchy and generally excitable, except when he’s not all floppy and purry and asleep. On Saturday, Harry decided to help me with marking (aka grading) second year university exams. These were short […]

Caturday felids, art edition: The King of the Cats, and a Japanese hot spring for cats

Here’s a tw**t from Bibliophila showing the King of the Cats: But of course all cats are kings! Here’s a tw**t from April (a person) via Matthew Cobb, showing an onsen (Japanese hot spring resort) for kitties, just like the one you’ll soon see for capybaras: The full image is here. Be sure to notice all the details. One cat is washing […]


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