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President Macron’s cat connection

I pass this along for your delectation as a communication from Reader SJL: I just came across a very odd little ‘ailuro-fact’ which may be of interest to you. (Failing that, it could at least prove useful as a Caturday filler item). It appears that French President Emmanuel Macron’s father, Jean-Michel Macron [b. 1951], is […]

The Canada Six: Livestream of rescued orphaned kittens

Call me a sap, but I can use some kittens after a hard day. I’ve been dissed by a philosopher, called a racist for saying that a one-state solution to the Israel/Palestine problem won’t work, gotten an email containing a Biblical quote (clearly to bring me to Jesus), and it’s pouring on my ducks and […]

“Kedi”: a short review

I’ve mentioned the movie “Kedi” several times on this site; it’s an 80-minute documentary about the cats of Istanbul (“kedi” means “cat” in Turkish, and is said to be the origin of the word “kitty”), and was conceived and directed by Ceyda Torun, a woman who grew up in Istanbul and now lives in the […]

Cat pwns dog

This isn’t really news, just like “dog bites man” isn’t news. Still, this tweet, found by Grania, is cute (though embarrassing for the d*g): That face is priceless 😂 — HUMOROUS ANIMALS (@CUTEFUNNYANIMAL) July 6, 2017

Cats in Japan: Shisa

by Greg Mayer “Guardian lions” are widespread in East Asia, where each country has its own particular folklore and practice associated with the common tradition. They are especially common on Okinawa, which has its own version, called shisa.  While on mainland Japan guardian lions are associated usually with shrines, on Okinawa they are everywhere, with […]

Cats appropriating owners

Reader Michael Glenister shows us how humans really do become the staff of their cats. His comment: My cat will often come visit me when I’m on the computer and demand attention, so eventually I’ll put it on my shoulders. The cat will then start moving along my right arm, forcing me to instinctively raise […]

Happy Fourth!

It’s Independence Day in American, celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress. I’d guess that Great Britain would be mourning that rupture today, as they lost citizens like Richard Feynman, Stevie Nicks, and Jonas Salk, as well as clam chowder, apple pie, biscuits, barbecue, and bourbon; but then they’d also […]

Collecting a cold moggie, and a squirrel with a green mustache

This short video of how a Russian tabby comes home from the snow was tweeted by Dick King-Smith and sent to me by Matthew. How clever! That cat could make a good jailbreak, too! Here’s a squirrel named Seymour who’s enjoying a treat of avocado. In the process, he gives himself a green mustache!  

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some photos sent by reader Darrell Ernst in Florida (as noted, they were taken by his daughter). His comments are indented. Here are a few from our local area, not all birds! (All taken by my daughter Brianna). This Eastern Gray Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, doesn’t seem to be the trusting sort. This Florida […]

Cat learns how to knead from video

When cats massage an object or a human by pushing their paws alternately, I call it “making biscuits”. Others call it kneading.  Why do they do it? Nobody knows for sure, but LiveScience has a number of explanations (I favor the first two, as the behavior, seen in nursing kittens, appears very early and seems […]