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Spot the cat!

Can you spot Hili? Answer below the fold (click “read more” at bottom):

A lad tore his shirt, and you won’t believe how his genius mom fixed it!

Clickbait title! Here’s a tw**t brought to my attention by Matthew Cobb. Be sure to watch the embedded gif: A friend's shirt ripped and his Mom offered to fix it. This is was what she gave him back. — Nick Bilton (@nickbilton) July 31, 2016

The Princess

The Furry Princess, undoubtedly Poland’s most famous cat, is now four years old, with many years to go. I finally got some quality time with her, and here are some photos of my favorite felid. Malgorzata squeezes a tube of Japanese “Cat’s snack” into her bowl. Hili eats it with relish (but no mustard): After the […]

DemoCATic National Convention: our feline delegates cast their votes

This morning I announced the convening of the DemoCATic National Convention, in which readers were invited to send photos of their cats and a note about how their cat would vote. I thought that maybe I’d get a couple of entries—a half dozen, max. Little did I realize that people love to show off their cats (e.g., […]

Larry the Chief Mouser defeated in battle

Larry the Cat is the Official Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, and his brief is to mouse at 10 Downing Street. (There has been such a mouser since the days of Henry VIII!) Sadly, Larry was an ineffectual mouser, and his job (but not his title) has been usurped by Palmerston, a tuxedo cat who mouses […]

A gift from Dr. Cobb

How could I resist putting this up? The man is ruining me with cat tw**ts! These twin tiger cubs have just made their debut at @zsllondonzoo — BBC London Newsroom (@BBCLondonNews) July 15, 2016

This cat is soup!

Brian Cox is continuing to tw**t pictures of his cat in dire situations. Here’s the latest. I asked Matthew, who is Brian’s colleague, what the cat’s name was (it’s obviously female, and I hope you know why). But then Cox amended his tw**t to give the answer: Just got back from filming and nothing in the […]

This cat is toast

I was pleased to see that the physicist Brian Cox, like all good atheists, has a cat: Ran out of bread this morning. — Brian Cox (@ProfBrianCox) July 16, 2016   h/t: Jiten

Kitten steals money; won’t relinquish it

A greedy and clearly penurious kitten won’t let go of this money. (What’s the language and the money?) He clearly wants to go buy drugs—catnip!

Oldest cat pawprint ever: two millennia

UPDATE: I thought this looked familiar; Matthew published the same story a year ago. Oh well, maybe people have forgotten, or we have new readers. __________ From the BBC and Mental Floss via reader Don B. we have the new discovery of a cat’s pawprints on a Roman roof tile in Gloucester. Here’s the photo: […]


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