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The origin and migration of domestic cats: a genetic study

I think about fifty people sent me articles about a new genetic study of domestic cats and their ancestor, Felis silvestris—an analysis published in a paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution by Claudio Ottoni et al. Thanks to all for calling this to my attention, as it combines two of my favorite subjects, cats and genetics; but […]

Art: Context is everything

I mentioned the importance of context earlier today vis-à-vis terrorism, but here’s a nicer example. First look at the photo in this tw**t. The art is a woodblock print by Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858), in my view the greatest of the Japanese wood-block print artists. And it has a cat in it—surely a Japanese Bobtail. Meanwhile […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Divy F sent some photos from Puerto Rico; her notes are indented: Hi! You posted some pics I submitted a few months ago, of the fauna my husband saw on his trip through the Indonesian isles. We recently visited our island home of Puerto Rico with a couple of friends who had never been. […]

Kitten rescued from Tesla bumper

Matthew Cobb assiduously scans Twitter, and of course he sends me the cat ones. Here’s the rescue of a kitten stuck in a Tesla bumper, tweeted by Elon Musk. When the kitten emerges, unhurt, you won’t believe how small an animal can make that much noise! Tesla service rescues a kitten stuck in the bumper […]

Cats in Japan: Art and Culture

JAC: Here’s the second installment of Greg’s travelogue about his recent trip to Japan. This one touches a subject dear to our hearts. _______________________ by Greg Mayer Cats are an important element in Japanese culture. In Japan, images of cats, and, in some places, actual cats, are everywhere. While in Kyoto, we saw flyers announcing […]

Biology question of the day

Here it is: Can kittens be identical twins? Now cat litters are usually bigger than two, but that doesn’t mean that identical twins or even triplets (which result from the splitting of a single fertilized egg) can’t occur. The only way to test this, of course, is not similarity in appearance–as with Jerry Coyne the […]

Second feral kitten captured, named “Not Jerry Coyne”

Stephen Barnard in Idaho has been trying to trap a feral cat and her two kittens; yesterday he succeeded in getting the second kitten, which appears to be called “Not Jerry Coyne” since the first one, caught two days ago, was named after me (“Jerry Coyne the Sixth“). The siblings (below) look very similar, though […]

Meet Jerry Coyne the Fifth (and another adoption opportunity)

UPDATE:  Reader Su sent an email titled “When I first subscribed to WEIT. . ” that continued this way: . . . . …I quickly discovered you were the most pro-cat site, pro-cat person in existence. So it made perfect sense that folks would end up naming kittens after you. But it also produced the Spartacus Effect— all […]

You had one job. . .

Reader Paul called my attention to the first tw**t below, which took me to the “You had one job” Twitter site, which in turn I found hilarious. Seriously. go look at that place! I’ve added another cat-related tweet: Why cat racing never took off. — You Had One Job (@_youhadonejob1) June 10, 2017

Caturday felids: World’s first air-to-land radio message: “Roy, come and get this goddamned cat!”; heroic cat saves baby by snuggling; dog carries cat home

In October, 2010 I posted the story of Kiddo the cat, a felid who nearly beat Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic. (Kiddo was on an airship, which ultimately had to ditch, but all hands and paws were rescued by the accompanying boat. Go look at that short post before you get to this update, which I […]