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Readers’ wildlife photos

Let us have grasses today! We never get enough plants here, so I’m delighted to show these photos taken by reader Amanda Ingram. Her notes are indented: This loyal reader, a fellow William & Mary alumna (who also studied population genetics with Bruce Grant!), thought you might enjoy some wildlife photos from a charming but […]

Merry Kitmas! Readers’ holiday cats

Here are the submissions  to this year’s “Merry Kitmas” thread (see last year’s thread here). Readers’ comments are indented. Happy holidays to everyone! If you sent me a kitty photo before noon and it didn’t appear, please inform me, re-send it, and I’ll add it to the thread. We’ll start with one of the three […]

Send in your kittehs!

I’m going to stop accepting Christmas cat photos at noon Chicago time (in about an hour), so if you want yours to appear in the Merry Kitmas thread, send it it pronto! I’ll post the thread at 12:30 Chicago time. We already have about three dozen photos, proving that the readers here love their kitties.

Send holiday photos of your cat

If you have a moggie and something that denotes the holiday, send me (via email; you know how to do it) a holiday themed photo of your cat. Please try to do it by noon Chicago time, and see the directions in last night’s post.

Take a Christmas photo of your cat

Tomorrow morning I’ll be delighted to post any Christmas-themed photos of readers’ cats, as we did in the “Merry Kitmas” thread last year. Please send a photo (must be holiday-themed) along with a few words, including the cat’s name, age, and any interesting information. I’ll be putting them up on one thread throughout the day. […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We’re continuing on with the African adventures of reader Joe Dickinson, who has some FELID PHOTOS for us. His notes are indented: Once more out of Africa, here is a feline-centric bonus set. Remember the Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) profile?  Here is an alternative I like almost as well. Here is the context: A mighty yawn: […]

New Chrome extension replaces pictures of Donald Trump with kittens

According to Cheezburger’s Fail Blog, there’s a new extension for the Chrome browser that replaces pictures of Donald Trump with pictures of kittens. Here’s an example: You can supposedly download the extension here, and 8 people have given it four stars. The rationale?: Now I’m a bit wary of this. How does it identify pictures […]

A rock-climbing cat

This free-climbing moggie shows a lot of talent, including upper body strength. Clearly there are some climbs a human makes that a cat can’t, given their disparities in size, but I wonder if there are some climbs a cat can make but a trained rock-climber can’t. h/t: Grania

A cat on a cat

Here’s a photo I took at the entrance of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum a few years back. Istanbul is full of cats, and many people, including those who run mosques, take care of them. Thus many of the strays are in good condition. Here’s one worshiping her ancestors:

A cruel trick on a kitty

What kind of sadist would offer spinach to his cat as a treat! That guy should be forced to eat kibble. Watch this short clip: