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Cat o’ the Day: Can you spot the oddity?

Reader Rick B. sent me this photo of his cat, and I did a doubletake when I noticed the weird posture. It’s strange stuff like this that is one of the benefits of running an ailurophilic website. Rick’s notes: This is Quincy, a Persian bi-colour who has been shaved. The reason I am sending you his […]

Cat to all owners: Pick ME!

This appears to be taken in a cat shelter, and is touted as a cat desperately trying to find a Forever Home. I hope that’s the case, and that this eager cat found its staff!

A nice awakening

I saw this as a gif on Facebook yesterday, and today it’s all over the Internet, getting half a million views in just two days. Well, we needn’t reject a video because of its popularity, and this one is lovely. It shows two safari-goers in Botswana being awakened by lions licking the condensed dew off […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Hizzoner the Cat, cats follow monks in ceremonial procession, cat gets job as Russian museum guard by accident

I’ve held onto this story a while (there are usually three or four Caturday Felid drafts in different stages of production), but the March 8 New York Times had an article on “The Cat-Mayor of Carroll Gardens“. It’s about Petro, a 13-year-old Tom who was a Brooklyn house cat until a baby was born in […]

Man plays with wild ocelot in Costa Rica

It’s Friday afternoon, and that means CAT TIME! This video was put up only 3 days ago, and already has nearly 1.8 million views. Such is the power of cats on the internet. I’m not sure who Coyote Peterson is, and I’m dubious of a guy who takes the nickname of a d*g. I’m also worried that […]

Traffic delays at Kruger

It’s hard to brain today, and things are hectic as they’ll begin renovating my office tomorrow (part of my retirement deal). Posting may be light as I have to move my tuchus next door, and, like a cat, I do best in familiar surroundings. But here’s a nice traffic report: h/t: Grania

Jaguar catches a crocodile

Reader Merilee called my attention to this video on Facebook, showing what appears to be a jaguar catching a crocodile. The cat simply leaps into the water and snags the beast, dragging it away for lunch. What an amazing feat, and what a brave cat! Click on the screenshot to see the 44-second clip: I […]

The world’s most vociferous cat

Shall we end the work week with a cat? Would you like to own this one? It’s cute, but oy, does it make noise! Click on the screenshot to see. Imagine being woken up at 5 a.m. by that. On top of it all, it looks polydactylous. h/t: jsp

Wonderful students give kittens to teacher whose cat died

Meet teacher Tonya Andrews in Joshua Texas, who was sad because her beloved 16-year-old cat had just died.  She said she’d replace it, but almost immediately several of her students did it for her, giving her two kittens. The video showing it, as tw**ted by one of her students, is priceless (click the blue arrow). […]

Spot the cat!

No, that’s not the cat’s name. Can you find this hiding cat? From BuzzFeed’s “16 cats that are absolutely terrible at hide-and-seek“


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