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A farewell felid

I take my leave with the latest Maru video, called “And the box becomes a part of Maru!?” This is truly an enigmatic cat; who knows what drives him to enter boxes? Perhaps the same compulsion that drives Deepak Chopra to constantly mention the word “quantum”? If I die, this will be my last post.

Your Thursday felid

Don’t expect much substantive today, except for tomorrow’s post on fish speciation. Now we’ll have a felid! Reader Matt sent me this lovely cat gif, and the laws of physics determined that I post it:

My page in “Neko Shirt”, translated

Steven Nelson is a professor in the Japanese Department of the Faculty of Letters at Hosei University in Tokyo. When he offered (along with several other kind readers) to translate the page about me in Hiroko’s book, Neko Shirt, I thought he was certainly qualified to do it; moreover, he said he could do it […]

Felid of the day

Four felid posts in one day? Why not? This tw**t from CarnivoreScience was sent to Matthew Cobb by Randy. I presume the photographer survived. I want to know, though, how he knew the cat was a female.  

Hiroko’s cat-shirt book

I have written before about Hiroko, who made my lovely embroidered Hili Shirt, and I recently noted that she has published a book about the shirts. That book, Neko Shirt, recently arrived in the mail, along with lagniappe of a bag of miniature Japanese green tea Oreo cookies (the cream filling is flavored with matcha tea, and the […]

Two Sunday morning tw**ts

Here are two tw**ts that Matthew Cobb (who had insomnia last night after nightmares about his young cat Harry dying [Harry is fine]): This one has a cute gif, but I don’t understand the title at all. Can any reader furnish a good explanation? and That species, known from Sri Lanka and southern India, is also […]

A cooking cat

by Greg Mayer In today’s New York Times, there is a paean to a cast iron skillet with which Jocelyn Cooper, a music industry executive, prepares her grandmother’s traditional dishes. While we may marvel at the breadth of the Times‘ coverage that gives us a profile of a frying pan, what brings this to our […]

Kitten Rescue Clickbait

by Grania Reader Mark sent Jerry this sweet story about a kitten that had to be rescued from a Tesla Model S by a team of helpful humans.   What can we learn from this? Kittens have no shame when it comes to inconveniencing humans. Kittens may have reasonably good taste in cars. Kittens are […]

World’s oldest cat is no more

by Grania Reader Barry alerted Jerry to an article in HuffPo relating the sad new that Tiffany Two, the world’s oldest living cat has died. As cats go, she had a pretty good innings of 27 years in the lap of luxury. Her staff, Sharron Voorhees had this to say: “She was truly remarkable. I […]

A cat’s “solicitation purr” contains a cry, and sounds more urgent and unpleasant than a normal purr

Sadly, I haven’t owned (or rather, been owned by) a cat in a while, but those who do may recognize that there are several different kinds of purrs. The two most notable are the “solicitation purr,” in which your cat purrs urgently when it’s mealtime or it wants fusses, and the “non-solicitation purr”, in which your […]


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