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Caturday felids: cat and squirrel play cat and mouse, kitty history, epic cat door fail, Google cat map in Japan

Lucky you—we have no fewer than four cat items today. In the first, a cat and squirrel play hide-and-seek around a telephone pole. The squirrel wins, of course! Click on the screenshot to go to the video: ***** Don’t let the light-hearted music mislead you: this funny video on “Kitty History” is also left-wing, has […]

Isaiah’s prophecy fullfilled: cats and birds lie down together

Let’s begin the Labor Day weekend with a cute video, one sent to me by reader/writer Heather Hastie with the superfluous comment, “I hope you like this.” Who wouldn’t? And the kitten shall lie down with the bird. . . ??

Weekend special: cat shows its feelings about Putin

This shows that cats cannot be fooled (although most of Europe was):

Readers’ domestic-life photos: a writer’s new kitten

I thought I’d take a break from wildlife today to show some domesticated animals, and that of course means cats. And not just cats, but Bengal cats, one of which I’m contemplating acquiring. (No cracks, please, on acquiring breeder cats rather than shelter ones; I’ve done my share of the latter!). But wait—there’s more! This […]

The Argument from Felinity

From reader John H., we have a new proof of God:

The cartoon that has it all

As reader Ben Goren said when sending me this Non Sequitur strip by Wiley Miller, it has it all: evolution, faith, and cats!   But it also shows one of Americans’ most common misconceptions about evolution: that what evolves are individuals over their lifetimes, not populations over long periods of time. This is a common misunderstanding […]

Chilling with Jonas the tiger

Reader Wendell sent me this cool video, which I found on YouTube. I’m so jealous! The YouTube notes: This is how Bowmanville Zoo does it. We love our animals just like family. This is not a pet! Nor do we believe that exotic animals make good pets. WARNING: Do not try this at home!

Caturday felids: Cats with specs, kitten imitates mom, lazy cat won’t get up to drink, newborn sand cats

Thanks largely to readers, Caturday material is coming in at a good clip. Today, then, we have no fewer than four items, all videos. I suppose someone can find Deep Meaning in this. I can’t, but perhaps readers can suggest something. At any rate, it’s Cats with Spectacles: ******* This video is adorable: it’s a […]

At 26, Corduroy becomes the world’s oldest living cat reports that Corduroy, who’s just turned 26, has been declared by the Guinness Book of World Records (now a website) as the world’s oldest cat. Guinness announced the news Thursday, when Corduroy was 26 years and 13 days old. Born August 1, 1989, in Oregon, he’s lived with Ashley Reed Okura since she picked him […]

A reader’s d*g saves her cat’s life

Reader Robin Cornwell, who has a black dog (Kali) and two black cats (Artemis and Luna) sent me this story. I have to admit that my caninophobia is lessened by hearing this kind of stuff, at least by the notion that dogs can protect cats but not vice versa (although a cat did rescue a child […]


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