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The further adventures of Harry

by Matthew Cobb Regular readers will know that I have become the staff of a small kitten called Harry, who is bitey and scratchy and generally excitable, except when he’s not all floppy and purry and asleep. On Saturday, Harry decided to help me with marking (aka grading) second year university exams. These were short […]

Caturday felids, art edition: The King of the Cats, and a Japanese hot spring for cats

Here’s a tw**t from Bibliophila showing the King of the Cats: But of course all cats are kings! Here’s a tw**t from April (a person) via Matthew Cobb, showing an onsen (Japanese hot spring resort) for kitties, just like the one you’ll soon see for capybaras: The full image is here. Be sure to notice all the details. One cat is washing […]

Levitating cat

Not really, it was just soaking up the sun on someone’s skylight, but it does look like Hovercat, and I like to end the work week with a felid. From imgur: h/t: jsp  

Update: Matthew’s new kitten

Harry, Mattew Cobb’s new kitten, is proving both a boon and an annoyance, as kittens are wont to be. He is cute and affectionate, but also hyperactive, scratchy, and bite-y. The good news is that he’s getting along well with one of the adult cats, Ollie. Here they are re-enacting the prophecy of Isaiah. (I […]

Caturday felid trifecta: zombie cat story gets complicated, heroic cat saves abandoned human baby, and cat finds The Door into Winter

Cat news seems to come in threes: here are this week’s Caturday news items, with an extra photo for lagniappe: Remember Bart the Zombie cat, who was supposedly hit by a car, and then, supposedly showing no sign of life, was buried by his owner? Bart then supposedly revived, clawed his way out of his grave, and was returned […]

Peyton on Futuyma

by Greg Mayer Today was the first day of class for Biological Sciences 314 Evolutionary Biology, and already last night Peyton, the Philosophickal Cat, was well into her reading of Doug Futuyma‘s Evolution. Here, she’s boning up on the evolutionary developmental biology of wing and bristle morphology in insects. To her right is a list […]

End-of-Tuesday cats

I don’t like Tuesdays, though given my schedule there’s no reason why I should dislike them more than any other day. But I’ll lift my spirits by showing a cat picture and a cat cartoon. First is a picture I got from Matthew in an email titled “Cat peace.” It shows his new kitten (Harry) […]

Name the kitten! (and lagniappe)

Reader Joe from Bristol, England sent this gorgeous photo of his new kitten, and is searching for a name. The information (I’ve chosen one photo to show) is below. I’ve never seen a Bengal like this—it looks like a tiny snow leopard. We picked up an new addition to our family on Saturday (you’ve featured our […]

Dear Kitten. . . . Superbowl version

ZeFrank’s video shows an older cat enlightening a kitten about the mysteries of today’s Big Game.

Readers’ wildlife photgraphs

Today we’re stretching the boundaries of “wildlife” again, so that this time it includes geology.  Reader Jonathan Wallace encloses some nice photos of the English coast that give some history: These were taken from a coastal dune system a little way north of where I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.  During the last ice age […]


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