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Readers’ wildlife photos

Luke Hunter, President and Chief Conservation Officer of Panthera, a wild-cat rescue organization highly ranked by Charity Navigator, and worthy of a donation (give here), sent some photos of a hydrophilic jaguar (Panthera onca) from the Amazon, enticing me to visit. I just found these photos, which were sent a bit more than a year […]

A reader’s take on why medieval artists couldn’t paint cats

For many months I’ve been urging reader (and writer) Laurie Sindoni (half of the staff of Theo, the coffee-drinking cat), to examine the question of why medieval artists couldn’t paint cats. I’ve given examples on this site of ludicrously substandard cat art—and it isn’t just medieval art, either. For some reason, artists up to the […]

It’s National Cat Day!

How could I have missed this? As the tweet below (h/t: Grania) indicates, it’s NATIONAL CAT DAY!  And the hashtag #NationalCatDay is full of swell pictures. In honor of this day, the first five readers who send me a photo of their cat, along with two sentences giving its name and some salient facts, will […]

A new paper confirms six subspecies of tigers, promoting conservation of the species (with some curmudgeonly comments on conservation genetics by Professor Ceiling Cat)

It’s a sad situation that the tiger (Panthera tigris), the world’s largest and arguably most magnificent wild cat, is heading towards extinction in nature. Fewer than 4,000 of them remain in the wild, and there are more in captivity than are roaming free in nature. Their current range is only 7% of the territory they […]

Super Cats: PBS 3-part special begins tonight

Reader Tom brought my attention to a three-part series on PBS (U.S.) that starts tonight and broadcasts eac Wednesday until November 7. The shows will be online after that, though I’m not sure whether those outside the U.S. will be able to see them. I’ve put below a summary of the show from its website and […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Beach vacations for cat lovers; two cat memes; and the rare Chinese mountain cat

Do you love cats and beaches? Then site Coastal Living has an article just for you (click on the screenshot): The sites include Amsterdam, Key West, the “cat islands” of Aoshima and Tashirojima in Japan, San Francisco (that’s bogus as it’s based on two cat cafes and a cat museum), Tampa, Florida, San Diego, California, Mykonos in […]

Father lion plays with cubs

Or rather, the cubs are playing with him. Either way or both, this is an adorable video, and a meet way to end the week. I need this because James has just been displaced as Honey’s mate by an interloper drake—after a bitter and vicious duck fight in the water (more tomorrow). This involved me […]

Male lion roars, cubs try to imitate him

A friend posted this on Facebook, and I found a YouTube video showing the same scene. Here a roaring male lion (listen how he makes his calls resonate!) is imitated by his cubs. (Matthew asked, “But what is the male trying to say?” My answer is “These are MY cubs!”) The cubs can’t even come […]

Cat aerobics?

When I was walking home I came up behind this guy and couldn’t resist taking a photo. What do those words mean? BTW, that’s Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House in the background.

The cat staffed by Harold Varmus

Harold Varmus is, of course, a famous scientist: he won the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 1989 (shared with J. M. Bishop) for discovering the role of “retroviral oncogenes” in causing cancer. (These are genes inserted by retroviruses that can mutate to produce cancer cells.) Varmus was also head of the National Institutes of […]