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Today is World Cat Day

by Grania If felids are not your thing, my apologies, but Jerry would never forgive me for not marking the event somehow. So declared by the International Fund of Animal Welfare to raise awareness of feline needs, you can also simply use the day to gawk at cat pictures on the internet (it appears to […]

Theo becomes twelve today!

Theo, whose staff is Laurie and Gethyn in London, is having a special day today: it’s his twelfth birthday. You might remember him as one of the finalists in the Awesome Cat Confessions Contest, as he owned up to drinking his staff’s coffee. As the only cat I know who drinks coffee (and favors it […]

Now it’s time to say goodnight. . .

Dream sweet dreams for you. . . Good night, good night, everybody Everybody everywhere Good night.

Litter box fail

It’s the end of a long day for me; I’ve written much of my chidren’s book, worked on my talk for Monday, finished a blurb for a book, wrote posts here, pulled weeds, and raked rotten apples. So forgive me if all I have to offer is a kitten who’s not yet mastered the Big […]

How cats learn to mouse

I couldn’t resist reproducing this tw**t sent to me by Matthew Cobb, another Twi**er user whom I parasitize: 🎨 "Cats reading a book about the the art of mouse-catching and being instructed by an owl", circa 1700. — Bibliophilia (@Libroantiguo) August 2, 2016

Spot the cat!

This is from Bored Panda (via reader Debby), and the title is “There’s no way you’ll find the cat in this pic in 10 secs“. So you have ten seconds to find it. I’ve put the answer below the fold (click “read more”). You can comment on how hard it was for you, but please […]

Spot the cat!

Can you spot Hili? Answer below the fold (click “read more” at bottom):

A lad tore his shirt, and you won’t believe how his genius mom fixed it!

Clickbait title! Here’s a tw**t brought to my attention by Matthew Cobb. Be sure to watch the embedded gif: A friend's shirt ripped and his Mom offered to fix it. This is was what she gave him back. — Nick Bilton (@nickbilton) July 31, 2016

The Princess

The Furry Princess, undoubtedly Poland’s most famous cat, is now four years old, with many years to go. I finally got some quality time with her, and here are some photos of my favorite felid. Malgorzata squeezes a tube of Japanese “Cat’s snack” into her bowl. Hili eats it with relish (but no mustard): After the […]

DemoCATic National Convention: our feline delegates cast their votes

This morning I announced the convening of the DemoCATic National Convention, in which readers were invited to send photos of their cats and a note about how their cat would vote. I thought that maybe I’d get a couple of entries—a half dozen, max. Little did I realize that people love to show off their cats (e.g., […]


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