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Caturday: Big & Small

Felids are no longer confined to the four-legged mammalian body. Behold: KITY radio! This was Jerry’s contribution to Caturday, he wrote: It’s a Llano, Texas station, and an oldies station I was listening to while driving. Today we have a whole lot of videos, from the ridiculously cute to the sublimely majestic. Here’s some cavity-inducing sweetness […]

Peregrinations: New Mexico, part I

Las Cruces, New Mexico is the home of New Mexico State University (NMSU), where two of my friends teach: evoutionary biologist Avis James (named by a mother who was an ornithologist), and ecologist Bill Boecklen. I’ve known Avis for a long time, since she was a postdoc at Chicago working on flies, and later became […]

The Last Trump

Ceiling Cat (PBUH) has communed with His Emissary on earth and announced the close of the Trump Your Cat contest. Here are a few last entries. Pauline sent us this note: This is our skinny, no svelte, black Zelda of 18 years, working the Trump do. At this golden age, she’s still a master mouser. […]

Playing your Trump card

We have two more Trumped cats for your delectation. If you still are planning to send in your Trumped felid, get it in to us soon. When the cats find out what is really going on, there will be retribution. Ben Goren sends us one of Baihu saying: Not sure if this counts, but…. And […]

Coming up Trumps

by Grania Readers have been sending their entrants in for the Trump Your Moggie contest. Here’s Kevin Henderson’s Lyra Here is Lyra taking a break from a three-mice-kill weekend.  We give her a bath every time she brings one in; you might think this would curtail the carnage.  [Hairdo is courtesy of her Siamese-Calico housemate […]

Trumped: Booker, Carmen, and Sherlock

We now have four entries to the Trump Your Cat contest; eleven more and the contest becomes official. Reader Merilee Trumped her cat Booker: As well as her cat Carmen (looking here like Ed Grimley from Saturday Night Live): And reader Lori Way trumped her moggie, too: Here’s Sherlock, AKA Homie, “donning” (get it??) his Trump toupee! […]

Trump your cat: Submission #1

Professor Ceiling Cat has halted for the day in Indio, California, where the current temperature is 106°F  (41.1°C). I’m within striking distance of Mesa, Arizona, home of Official Website Artist™ Kelly Houle—only 3.5 hours away (today was a relatively easy 8.5-hour drive, though the freeways around Los Angeles were daunting, even though it’s Sunday and I […]

Peregrinations: Oakland

Today Professor Ceiling Cat is visiting a friend who owns a mansion in the Berkeley Hills, and I’m living in high style. Tomorrow I’m off for Mesa, Arizona to meet Kelly Houle (I’ll arrive on Monday a.m.), admire her artwork, and then pick up Ben Goren and drive to Kelly’s parents’ cabin in the mountains, […]

Guess who’s back? Lions return to Rwanda!

by Grania Lions were wiped out in Rwanda during the civil war in 1994, and tragically the last ones in the park were poisoned by refugees displaced by the violence who were occupying part of the park. More than two decades later, seven lions (five female and two male) are being translocated from South Africa to Akagera […]

A farewell felid

I take my leave with the latest Maru video, called “And the box becomes a part of Maru!?” This is truly an enigmatic cat; who knows what drives him to enter boxes? Perhaps the same compulsion that drives Deepak Chopra to constantly mention the word “quantum”? If I die, this will be my last post.


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