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Readers’ wildlife photos

This will probably be the last RWP post in a while, as I leave for O’Hare and India tomorrow morning. So let’s have another potpourri of photos from various readers. Reader Tom Carrolan works with raptors, and this is the photo for his Christmas card this year. The caption is “Happy Owlidays,” and his note […]

Are dogs smarter than cats?

Yes, that’s the perennial question, and of course it depends on what you mean by “smarter”. Several people (mostly dog owners, of course) have sent me articles touting a recent finding that dogs are smarter than cats because they have more neurons in their brains. For example, this article reports a new article in Frontiers in […]

It’s National Kitten Day!

How could I have missed this? Reader Amy informed me that it was National Kitten Day, and although the evidence supporting this is thin (see here), I’ll go with it. Here’s a celebratory video: And just to remind you that kittens grow up into lovely cats, here’s a picture I got today from reader Ken […]

Here’s the snow leopard!

That wasn’t too hard, was it? I’ve circled the cat:

Spot the snow leopard

This picture comes from a tweet by Shannon Kachel (a Ph.D. student in wildlife ecology at the University of Washington); he apparently studies snow leopards. His tweet was called “snow leopard or rock?” and there is a cat in the photo below. Can you spot it? Answer at noon Chicago time. I consider this one […]

A woman who truly loves her cat

One more cat to brighten this dreary day. . . Reciprocal tee shirts! (From the Animals in Random Places Facebook page). Now if only Hili would wear a Jerry shirt!

New Zealand police recruitment video

Reader Diana MacPherson sent me this recruitment video produced by the New Zealand police. (Stuff, a New Zealand news site, explains anything that might confuse you, but it’s pretty clear). It makes me proud to be an honorary Kiwi. As Diana said, “Watch for the police cat near the end!”  

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Andrée Sanborn from Vermont sent a series of pictures of an unusual insect that were taken in July (but sent in mid-October). Her captions are indented. Case-bearing Leaf Beetle larva (Cryptocephalinae) July 22, 2017 This was an exciting find for us. It wasn’t just a lifer, it was one of an entire subfamily that […]

Here’s the snow leopard!

Did you spot it? I’ve made a reveal from the photo Matthew sent:

Wildlife photos: Spot the snow leopard

This is from Matthew, of course, who originated the “spot the” series.  Here we have a hidden snow leopard (Panthera uncia) amidst a group of Siberian ibex (Capra siberica). Can you spot it? Answer later on today. INSANE. Spot the leopard.#camoflague #snowleopard #leopard #scicomm — Matt Jarvis (@jarvismj) November 21, 2017