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Caturday trifecta: Cats rescued from freezing weather, people surprised with gift kittens, one-eyed cat guides his blind brother

We have three videos (and lagniappe) today. The first shows the capture, rescue, and adoption of two freezing feral cats, Clarence and Midnight. ************** Here’s a compilation video of people getting kittens as presents (and one little girl retrieving her lost cat Cursor after it had gone missing for three years). I dare you not […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Remember to send in your photos! We have some shots from a new contributor, Robert Ashton. His notes are below: Photos taken outside Beaumaris Castle, built at the very end of the 13th century. In #1 a female mallard duck [Anas platyrhynchos] and her duckling are in the foreground.  #2 is a close-up.  #3 is […]

Wildcat catches mouse in the snow

Reader Rick Longworth sent this video of a “wildcat” (I’m not sure whether this is a feral tabby or a European wildcat [Felis silvestris silvestris]) catching a rodent in the snow. Nor can I be sure if he actually sees the prey, or is, like a fox, hunting by sound. It’s hard to gell. Finally, […]

Richard Posner uses cat analogy in a legal decision

Richard Posner is not only a very distinguished federal judge, but also my colleague: he’s a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, author of many books, and the most cited legal scholar of the 20th century. He also loves cats.  I emailed him five years ago asking about his well known ailurophilia, and […]

Spot the leopard!

(The title could refer to the name of a cat, but it doesn’t.) This is part of a series by famed wildlife photographer Art Wolfe, who has a series of hard-to-see wildlife (I’m not gonna tell you where it is, as that would spoil future fun). Can you spot the leopard (Panthera pardus)? This is […]

Here’s the leopard!

Did you spot the Persian leopard in the tweet-picture below? استار یعنی این …. می تونین پلنگ را بین صخره ها پیدا کنین ؟Incredible camouflage of a Persian #leopard at #Tandoureh NE #Iran — Mohammad Farhadinia (@MSFarhadinia) January 20, 2018 Here it is!

Spot the Persian leopard!

(Note: the original title, which went out over email, was “spot the snow leopard,” but this is a regular leopard; see below.) Here’s a tweet from Mohammad Farhadinia asking you to spot the Persian leopard (Panthera pardus tulliana; I had no idea that “African” leopards were in Asia, which shows how ignorant I am).  I’ll put […]

A man raps to his cat (and a poll)

Well, it looks as if the government is going to shut down in about 8.5 hours. If you were going to go to the Smithsonian today, do it now.  But first, place your bets here, then I’ll show you a cat rapper: Your reward for voting: Moshow the Cat Rapper making up a spontaneous rap […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some of the most beautiful wild cat photos I’ve posted here. They were sent by reader Steve Adams, and his notes are indented: This is Steve Adams. I sent you some images last July of baby foxes. I was recently going through photos from a safari my wife and I took to […]

A cat tail

Reader Merilee sent this, which appears to come from the Internet. I make no claims for its veracity, but be sure to look closely at what’s going on: