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Close cheetah enounter of the first kind

All I know about this 5-minute video is that it was filmed at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, next to the Serengeti, and that the tourists in this vehicle were lucky in two ways. Cheetahs don’t attack humans very often (but some do have rabies). h/t: Stephen

My Handicat!

Last Caturday I highlighted the “Handicat” finger puppet, and told you where to order it.  Well, a kind reader named Michael (THANK YOU!) sent me a Handicat in the mail, and it’s quite funny. This morning I entertained my office cleaner with a little puppet performance; she was pretty amused.  Here’s my new toy: Look at those […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader John Conoboy sent. . . CATS!  His notes are indented: Here are some photos from my recent trip to Tanzania. I will start with cats. Lions, leopards and cheetahs are the big draws, and the guides all communicate by radio whenever there is a sighting and swarms of vehicles converge at the site and […]

Kevin Richardson cuddles lion cubs

Kevin Richardson is an animal behaviorist and conservationist who works in South Africa. He’s also called “The Lion Whisperer” because of his remarkable ability to bond with wild lions, and the fact that he’s never been seriously injured. He does have a rapport with those cats, one honed from a lifetime of experience (he’s 42). […]

Cat misjudges leap

Dogs don’t have real dignity, but cats do, making it all the more distressing when a cat (like this one) loses that dignity.

A cat saves a tiny puppy

Whoever thinks cats are useless, ponder this video! And can you imagine the reverse situation? h/t: Malgorzata

The Cincinnati Zoo’s tiger cubs are growing

Well, these cubs can’t do otherwise, can they? Reader Michael is keeping tabs on the Cincinnati Zoo’s trio of tiger cubs, now two weeks old. They’re Malaysian tigers, and, rejected by their mom, they’re being hand-reared by zoo staff. Is it too much to ask to pet one of these before I die?

John Gray reviews a book on cats

Unless there are two British writers named John Gray, the one to which I’m referring has been problematic: an atheist who loves to attack other atheists and osculate religion (see my posts here). However, you can’t fully dislike a man who likes cats, and Gray clearly does. Gray, the head book reviewer for the New […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Kevin, who tells me that he sometimes posts under the name “LittleBoyBrew” (he brews fine ales), sent some pictures of Aussie animals, and several of his cat. His notes are indented: You have mentioned the need to keep pictures coming. I humbly submit my own. Last June my wife and son and I traveled […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Kurt Andreas sent some lovely photos of insects, fungi and slime molds (for some reason we’ve gotten a lot of fungi lately after a long dry spell). His notes are indented.  I have a mixed bag for you today. I was inspired by Jim Stump’s wildlife contributions, as I have tons of fungi and slime […]