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Our official Website Physicist

Yesterday was the birthday of Official Website Physicist™ Sean Carroll, and he posted this photo on his Facebook page, which I have permission to display here along with its caption. Do note that there are two kittens in the photo (he and Jennifer are their staff). Can you spot both of them?   “I wouldn’t give […]

Tiny owl asks for pats, and bonus bobcat mom with kittens

Two animal videos to end a long, overcast day. From YouTube: “My pet owl Nicha loves to play and for me to show her attention.” Matthew sent this wonderful trailcam video of a mother bobcat and her two bouncy kittens: Have about 50 trailcam videos to upload this morning – unbelievable captures! — Trailcampro […]

Boomer the Cat breaks skateboarding record

Boomer is the housemate of Didga—both are awesomely trained Aussie cats who can do all kinds of tricks and also propel themselves on skateboards. I’ve posted on their exploits before (see here), but here’s a new one.  Boomer has broken a world record! Owner Catmantoo gives this info: Boomer attempts to BREAK his own Guinness World […]


Six days ago I posted a photo of the tuxedo cat Sterling from staff member and reader Ken Elliott. Confined to the Cone of Shame after being neutered, Sterling was trying to scratch his head around the cone—in vain. Now, Sterling has apparently found a way to look upwards despite the cone, giving rise to […]

Cat o’ the day

Reader Ken Elliott sent a cat photo and the tail behind it: If you are ever in need of a photo of a reader’s moggie and would like to share a sad/humorous capture, I have attached one here. This is Sterling, my son and daughter-in-law’s newest addition, after having been neutered. He’s trying his best […]

Lagniappe: Cat fail

Some cats seem to recognize that a two-dimensional image of a bird on a t.v. or computer screen is not a real prey item, but others, like this cat, cannot.

Rare film of Pallas’s cat hunting

Via The Rainforest Site we get some rare footage of my absolute favorite wild cat, the Pallas’s cat, or “manul” (Otocolobus manul) hunting in nature. It’s a denizen of the Asian steppes, and, with its luxuriant fur and small ears, well adapted to deal with cold. The cubs appear 20 seconds into the video. The […]

Goodnight. . .

. . . from Hili and me.  I’m off to Gdansk early tomorrow, and so to bed.

On illness, dreams and encatment

About a third of the time I make long-distance trips, it seems, I come down with a cold or sore throat at the far end. This time I’ve got both, and I blame it on airplane contamination. As one expert at io9 notes, it’s not the “recycled air” that’s to blame for such illnesses (cabin air […]

Cat eclipse tee shirts: one day left

If you have a spare $30 or so (that includes shipping), and want this lovely cat solar eclipse tee shirt I posted the other day, reader Victoria found out that you can buy it here. Hurry if you want one, as there’s only one day left.  There are also mugs, tote bags, and ladies’ shirts […]