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Mietek the kitten is cured!

At last—some good news about the injured stray Mietek, adopted by Andrzej the Second and Elzbieta, and now the brother of Leon. Mietek, you may recall, had been savagely kicked by some animal abuser and then deposited, badly injured and starving, in a cardboard box in front of a church. Andrzej II and Elzbieta rescued […]

Mietek update

A few readers have asked for updates on Mietek, the new kitten adopted by Andrzej the Second and Elzbieta after they found him starving and wounded in a cardboard box outside a church. The jerk who kicked the kitten caused a kind of hernia that required Mietek to have an emergency operation. The operation was […]

Update on Mietek the kitten (fairly good news)

A few days ago, I reported on Mietek the Kitten, an abused and starving ginger kitten rescued by Elzbieta and Andrzej the Second. As I said, the couple rushed Mietek to the vet for inspection. I’ll let Malgorzata tell you the rest. The good news is that Mietek is alive and kicking (also peeing, frisking […]

Valparaiso 3: Protests, markets, cats, dogs, funiculars, and food

I’m sitting in our hotel in Valparaiso, and out my window I can see our ship, MS Roald Amundsen, sitting at the dock. In a few hours we board, and at 6 pm we head south towards Patagonia and Antarctica. Very exciting! Because I’ll be aboard with spotty email at best, posts from me will […]

Valparaiso, part 2 (with protests, food, and cats)

Demonstrations continue throughout Chile, despite the President’s promise to reform medical care, pensions, and other issues. We’re still under curfew in Valparaiso, and the Guardian reports that the legislature, which sits in this town, was evacuated yesterday after protestors tried to force their way in. In the capital of Santiago yesterday, there was a giant […]

Surprise! Cats are just as attached to their staff as are dogs and babies

There’s a new paper in Current Biology (click screenshot below, pdf here, and reference at bottom), which shows that, using standard methodology for measuring attachment to staff (“owners” in the vulgate), both kittens and adult cats are as attached to their staff as are human babies and d*gs. The paper is very short—two pages if […]

Tuesday big cat trifecta

I’m falling apart, I tell you. Hernia surgery 2.5 weeks ago, and this morning a tooth extracted preparatory to a dental implant. It was, as my dentist said, “a difficult extraction”, as the roots had to be dug out and I have huge lingual tori, which nearly prevent taking x-rays. Both roots were finally out […]

Trump posts bizarre cat video

We all know about “Sharpiegate”, the bogus map Trump presented showing Hurricane Dorian heading towards Alabama, with that direction indicated by a Sharpie line. Somebody had drawn that line onto the map after it was made to vindicate Trump, who had predicted that Alabama would be in danger from the storm, even though it wasn’t. […]

Photos of readers

Today’s reader is Divy Figueroa, who treats exotic animals. She also sent a picture of the family cat. Here are a couple of photos of myself and a third of my beloved Jango for you to enjoy. I’ve worked in the Veterinary field over 18 years, as a Vet Tech and Practice Manager. My husband […]

After Frank’s death, his fosterer adopts a new kitten

How about looking at a few pictures of kittens this afternoon? Although Anna (the British human, not Anna the Duck Farmer) didn’t intend to keep Frank, the kitten she fostered before his liver surgery, she was shattered when he died under the knife; and it’s pretty clear she would have given him a forever home […]