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Cat game!

For reasons I don’t understand, many secularists and atheists are also gamers. While I can appreciate their enthusiasm, I don’t really share it, as I’d rather read a book or go to a good movie than play a video game. However, here’s an exception that I enjoyed for about 15 minutes. It’s called Chat Noir […]

Caturday felid trifecta: A Useful Cat, Hachiko gets a feline companion, and cats crash Nativity scenes

I now have a comfortable backlog of Caturday Felids, so I can be at ease, leaving me to worry about the other stuff.  We start with a tw**t from Ryan Eby, showing, to my knowledge, the first time a cat has ever been helpful to a human: ******* Second, you probably know the story of […]

Worse than a cat?

And so another week ends: a week that brings us closer to death. Have you lived it well? Cats and computer work don’t mix, but this beast is even worse than a felid. Be sure to turn the sound on by clicking on the speaker icon at lower right (hover over the photo to visualize […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today have an eclectic collection of photos, and don’t forget to keep sending in your good snaps! Josh Sutcliffe, who lives near Olympic National Park in Washington State, sent the following photos and notes: I keep trying to get pictures of the local wildlife, but they won’t stay still. I’ve got a bunch of pictures of […]

Deactivating a cat

This video shows a brilliant idea: calm a cat down at the vet’s by using a clip to make it think it’s being carried. It apparently activates the cat’s “go-limp” reflex—a holdover from its kittenhood—without hurting it. Try this with your cat (don’t hurt it!) and let me know if it works. h/t: Dennis

Another reason to ban guns: your dog could shoot you (and your cat won’t)

Reader Susan called my attention to an alarming situation: d*gs shooting their owners. As the Washington Post reports, since 2004 ten people have been shot by their d*gs, one fatally. Here are the data: The fatal shooting? It involves “a Texas hunter who, in 2008, took a shotgun blast to the thigh when his dog jumped on […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue (and lagniappe)

It’s Wednesday, and the weather is gonna get really frigid in Chicago, with lows of -16°F (-27°C) on the weekend. And so be it: as a long-term resident, I have the proper clothing. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is still trying to run Listy, though she is only an impediment (don’t tell her!) A: What are […]

Spot the lynx!

Given my earlier post on the lynx, it’s appropriate that reader Brad Day sent in one of his own photos showing that cat. Your job is to spot it. Brad’s story first: Here’s a pic from an encounter I had with a lynx while kayaking on a remote river in the Yukon. It shows the place along […]

The enormous paws of the Canadian lynx

Although I have a comfortable backlog of readers’ photographs, I’ll take a break today to highlight a magnificent felid, the Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis), and especially its gigantic paws. This beast is a denizen of northern North America; here’s its range: First have a gander at its paws (photos from Boredom Therapy). Now those are some mittens! Note that the […]

One ticked-off moggie

Reader John S. sent me this from imgur, noting that it wasn’t his cat.


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