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It’s National Cat Day!

For some reason October 29 has been declared National Cat Day, and I’ve missed the announcement. (Why on earth didn’t someone tell me sooner?) Well, reader Phil enlightened me, and so here are some links. At the very least, give your moggie an extra treat today. Wikipedia site (giving origin of the holiday) Pet Home […]

Tw**t of the day

This will be happening before too long. . .

Shopping adventures

I have more errands yet to run this morning, but am posting a few things from my shopping trip to amuse myself. I’ve always gotten up early, but it seems that the older I get, the earlier I rise. Fortunately, my local grocery (actually on Chicago’s North Side, a 25-minute drive) opens at 6 a.m., and […]

Thirsty cat gets pranked

This is one of those moggies who likes to dip their paw into the water glass and get their drink by licking the paw. In this case, though, the owners tricked the cat in two different ways. Poor cat!

A highly talented cat

Poor cat! And I wonder how many cats have this talent. I have to add, though, that I am similarly blessed: I can catch in my mouth most grapes tossed at me from a substantial distance—around 30 feet or so. I’m not sure why, but it’s possibly that I can use my rather large proboscis […]

Some good news: man and cat saved in dramatic sea rescue

From the BBC; click on the screenshot to go to the article and a video. “Both sailor and cat are said to be fine.” h/t: David S.

Jerry walks Leon

It’s taken me a long time to post this on YouTube, but I reported earlier (with photographs) on how I was allowed to take Leon the Hiking Cat for a walk on his leash. We went to a forest preserve outside of Włocławek, where Leon lives with his staff of Elzbieta (she’s at the beginning of […]

My new toy!

Sue Strandberg, who notes that she comments on this site under the name “Sastra,” is responsible for designing the Richard Dawkins Award trophies and getting them made. Each statue is tailored to the work or interests of the recipient. The only limitation is that the object must be a replica of a fossil. So, for example, […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Stuart Coyle from Oz sent a variety of photos, including one of a domesticated mammal.  I’m glad that Australian readers chip in so much. But I’ll request more photos from readers as the tank is getting low. My wife, two cats and I recently moved to Samford Valley, a town about half an hour out […]

The Last Day in Dobrzyn

It’s my last post from Dobrzyn, and with a heavy heart I’ll take leave of this haven tomorrow. Some pictures, heavily weighted with those of The Princess, from my last two days. Andrzej working on the edge of his chair—for obvious reasons. The Editor is on his tail! Andrzej plays fetch with Cyrus on the […]


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