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Cheetah urine may help save the species

The song at the beginning of this cheetah video shows what it would sound like if Barry White got involved in saving wildlife. Here’s a cool video from VICE about breeding cheetahs (Acinonyx jubata), and I hope they’re breeding them for release. I still get queasy about saving a species by keeping it permanently in […]

Here’s the cat!

Did you spot the cat? This was one of those cases, at least for me, when the cat is obvious but you miss it. I’ve circled it below; it’s reclining on a tree branch. The cat’s name is Cupcake, she’s part Siamese, and here she is:

Spot the cat!

Reader Margaret sent a “spot the cat” picture. Can you see it? I didn’t until it was pointed out to me. I’ll put up the reveal at 10 am Chicago time.

A man, a lynx, and a hare

I don’t think I’ve posted this 6-minute video before, but if I have, watch it again. It’s about an intrepid camerman (Sam Ellis), a wily and elusive lynx (Mad Max), and, after 76 days of tracking, how the cameraman got a fantastic video of a lynx chasing a snowshoe hare. Note that the CBC’s title […]

Readers’ wildlife video

Reader Tara Tanaka (Vimeo site here, Flickr site here) has a beautiful new video taken at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. Although the park was closed due to The Wall Fiasco, Tara wouldn’t let a little thing like that prevent her filming. Her notes: All of this footage was shot in January 2019, except […]

Spot the Persian leopard

Matthew sent me this tweet, but I thought it deserved to be elevated to a “Spot the. . ” post. Can you spot the Persian leopard? (It’s a subspecies of Panthera pardus, which includes the familiar African leopard.) There will be no reveal as this is of medium difficulty. But it does show how well […]

Theo died

I’m terribly sad to report that Theo, the beloved cat of readers Laurie and Gethyn, passed away yesterday. Although I never met Theo, who lives with his staff in London, he’s been featured on this site several times, most notably because he drank espresso coffee without cream or sugar (see here).  I hoped to meet […]

Christmas kitties

Merry Christmas! Here are a few felids to brighten your day, though you should be ignoring this site and celebrating, eating, giving presents, and the like. The best way to cross-country ski: Andy Warhol’s rendition of a Christmas cat: A festive Festivus tree:   Buzzfeed has “19 cats in Christmas trees whose prey is exclusively […]

Do crows instigate cat fights?

In lieu of Readers’ Wildlife Photos today (I have a comfortable backlog), please watch these three short videos and tell me what’s going on. In all of them, hooded crows (Corvus cornix) are associated with vicious cat fights.  And while the third video purports to show a crow “breaking up” a cat fight, that’s simply […]

It’s International Cheetah Day!

How could I have missed this. Reader Michael called this to my attention, but Cheetah Day is almost over in the UK, and has about 9 hours to go in the US. Well, here’s the main website for the Day, and there are lots of things to read as well as cheetah-related activities in various […]