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Friday moggie: Simon’s Cat gets scientific

An old favorite, Simon’s Cat (website here), has added some Science to the cartoons, combining the usual amusing animations (in this case, one called “Let me in”) with an expert’s explanation of cat behavior (the expert here is Nicky Trevorrow). Apparently “Simon’s Cat Logic” will be a continuing series. Note that throughout this video, Simon […]

Thursday felid hijinks: Snow leopard showing off

Grania found this tw**t, and although we already have a surfeit of felids, I thought it was sufficiently awesome to post by itself: Max Roser is a researcher at Oxford, and the snow leopard is Panthera uncia.

1935: Epic battle between firemen and cats over burning fish

Matthew Cobb found this tw**t from the New York Times archives, dating to October 24, 1935: And, with some due diligence, I found the whole article. (The things I do for the readers. . . ).  The first and last sentences are classics! Here it is, and it happened in my town:

Let sleeping tigers lie!

This video of one tiger waking up another, with a reaction by foreign visitors, was taken at the Dublin Zoo and posted on YouTube April 9. It already has nearly a million views. Listen to those roars!

Dinner in Houston

The famous “Doc Bill”, retired chemist and programmer, commenter on this site, lover of noms, and the staff of Kink the Cat, invited me over to dinner at his place in Houston last night, along with Kevin McCarthy, writer of the Skeptic Ink site Smilodon’s Retreat. The co-host was his wife Helen, a retired geologist. It was a […]

Friday afternoon Felid Fail

Be sure to put the sound on so you can hear the pathetic meow at the end! h/t: Barry

Woman raises cats in a gender neutral way

Several readers called this piece to my attention, at last one of whom assumed it was an April Fool’s joke. But I’m pretty sure it’s not, if for no other reason than that it was posted on April 5. The piece, by Lauren P. Taylor in the Washington Post is called “Don’t laugh: I have a […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

by Grania Good morning from a suspiciously sunny Ireland! I say suspicious because only the day before yesterday we had a freak hailstorm that sent cars on the freeway careening into a spectacular pile-up. Fortunately, no-one was seriously hurt. There’s a cat extravaganza today, and it seems that they are all getting up to their […]

Bangalore: Noms for all beasts

Bangalore is not a city of great historic interest; it is the IT and science capital of India, and has grown spectacularly since I first came here in the 1980s. Because of that, the western influence on merchandising is much greater than in other places I’ve visited here. This is, for instance, the only Indian […]

Noms for humans and cats, Bangalore

It’s possible that I will die in Bangalore from overeating. Though most of the food we’re served at Mr. Das’s house is vegetarian, guests are also offered meat and fish dishes, and at least four different desserts, which are my weakness. Moreover, this happens three times a day: at 8:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 8:30 p.m.  Here’s last […]


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