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End of the Week Felid

For the End of the Week Felid, we have a cartoon by Paul Noth, sent in by reader Merilee. It speaks for itself, though you may have to look up the poker term “tell”:

Tuesday: Hili dialogue (and sartorial cat lagniappe)

It’s Tuesday, and there’s big news tomorrow (well, big for yours truly, not the planet as a whole). Meanwhile, life goes on in Dobrzyn, and, after much tutelage, Hili seems to have finally grasped the concept of naturalism, although it’s not clear exactly what she’s sniffing. (Nor does it much matter, since anything she’s sniffing […]

Saturday: Dobrzyn and Włocławek

Yesterday was a busy day, and though I didn’t feel 100% up to snuff, there were a number of tasks to attend to, the most important of which was walking Leon, the Hiking Tabby. But first, a few snaps of The Princess here in Dobrzyn. Hili on the couch with me in one of her cute […]

Trump kitteh

Let’s finish this week, as usual, with a felid. This was sent to me by reader jsp; I don’t know where it comes from (it has a Facebook tag), but it’s fantastic. The only problem is that the hair on this one is too realistic and too full.  

Wednesday in Dobrzyn

I’ve already settled into the pleasant routine chez Malgorzata and Andrzej: work (in my case on talks) punctuated by walks, cat petting, and delicious meals. Here are some photos from yesterday. Lunch: two kinds of Polish sausages, ham, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, two kinds of cheese, and bread. I brought the “Reserved for Jerry Coyne” […]

Ur doing it rong!

Reader MakingBelieve sent a photo and some commentary. It’s just WRONG to combine cats and woo! I was visiting Ottawa, ON when a car pulled in along side me with this placard on the side. The cat picture caught my eye but I was not impressed with what this woman was using it for. I […]

A highly polydactylous cat (name it!)

Reader Taskin has a friend with a new kitten, one that has extra toes. There are 24, to be exact—six more than the normal number of 18 (five on each front paw, four on the rear). The cat, located in Canada, was obtained from the Humane Society, as it had been abandoned in an apartment […]

Friday felids

I always get more felids from readers than I can use, which makes selecting the Caturday Felids a bit trying. But I try to put up a few on Friday as well, just to round out the week with Our Favorite Animal. Here are two cat-related items. First, an update on Cleopatra (Cleo) from Joyce […]


One of Anthony Hutcherson’s, of course. Can a kitten get any more beautiful than this? And here’s a new litter of seven, along with mom:

Reader’s wildlife photographs: Cleo update and two birds

As I said in the Hili Post, today is part of Labor Day weekend all over the U.S. Don’t expect much substantive, as everyone is on vacation, nobody wants heavy reading on a holiday, and I have a ton of stuff to do before I leave for Poland, Sweden, and Atlanta in late-ish September. In the […]


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