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Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Christopher Moss sent a passel of baby spiders, a bird, and Eastern chipmunk babies: Araneus diadematus [the European garden spider] I think. The nest is on the glass of my conservatory, here in Nova Scotia. It doubles as a greenhouse at this time of year so there’s lots of garden spiders in there. These are the kind […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

I am having trouble braining today, so posting may be light. But there are two videos filling the wildlife slot. The first comes from Tara Tanaka in Florida (vimeo site here, flickr site here), who took some video of Bob the Bobcat, whose picture I posted yesterday. It’s not clear to either of us, though, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributors today, and the last one sent a felid photo. First up is Randy Schenck from Iowa, whose contribution is called “Finches Gone Wild”: I cannot identify specifically but maybe the House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus).  The water fountain continues to amaze every type of bird and they become unhinged in this water […]

“Oh revoir”, Henri

With stoicism and dignity (and the usual bad French), Henri, the existentialist “chat noir”, retires from making videos. I’m sad to see him go: This is the eleventh and final Henri video. To see the first ten in order, go here.

New Mexico: The penultimate post

I have one more day with my friends Avis and Bill, and, despite their having to work Wednesday and Thursday, we still had lots of fun (plus I have my own work to do when they’re working). Here’s what happened yesterday (Thursday).  I first returned the CeilingCat RentalMobile to Enterprise, where, mirabile dictu, they fully […]

Gus is right-pawed

Reader Taskin, staff of Gus, took a tip from Simon’s Cat Logic—those episodes of Simon’s Cat in which Nicky Trevorrow of Cats Protection gives cat-tending advice. One of her suggestions for cats who were housebound and possibly bored was to give them some stimulation by making them search for their food. She suggested building a […]

Tara’s latest video: bobcat catches wood duck hen

Tara Tanaka just sent this video filmed yesterday which is ineffably sad, showing a bobat making off with what appears to be a fully conscious wood duck hen. I know bobcats gotta eat, but a mallard hen? It struck to close to home, and made me tear up a little. As Tara said, it was […]

The best biscuit ad EVER!

My favorite biscuit (or “cookie,” as we Yanks call them) is the McVitie’s Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuit. And imagine my delight when I found this ad for the milk chocolate version (not quite as good, but still superb)!

Lynx battle in the trees!

Here’s an amazing battle between two Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) that appeared on the Famous Amos Photography Facebook page. The notes: I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life watching 2 lynx mating/fighting with the male chasing the female up a tree twice but the female fighting him off! Here is a […]

Cat sticks a perfect landing

Another fantastic cat gif. What a moggie (from the Cheezburger site)! This cat wins the gold in the Feline Biathlon. h/t: Su