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A cat saves a tiny puppy

Whoever thinks cats are useless, ponder this video! And can you imagine the reverse situation? h/t: Malgorzata

The Cincinnati Zoo’s tiger cubs are growing

Well, these cubs can’t do otherwise, can they? Reader Michael is keeping tabs on the Cincinnati Zoo’s trio of tiger cubs, now two weeks old. They’re Malaysian tigers, and, rejected by their mom, they’re being hand-reared by zoo staff. Is it too much to ask to pet one of these before I die?

John Gray reviews a book on cats

Unless there are two British writers named John Gray, the one to which I’m referring has been problematic: an atheist who loves to attack other atheists and osculate religion (see my posts here). However, you can’t fully dislike a man who likes cats, and Gray clearly does. Gray, the head book reviewer for the New […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Kevin, who tells me that he sometimes posts under the name “LittleBoyBrew” (he brews fine ales), sent some pictures of Aussie animals, and several of his cat. His notes are indented: You have mentioned the need to keep pictures coming. I humbly submit my own. Last June my wife and son and I traveled […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Kurt Andreas sent some lovely photos of insects, fungi and slime molds (for some reason we’ve gotten a lot of fungi lately after a long dry spell). His notes are indented.  I have a mixed bag for you today. I was inspired by Jim Stump’s wildlife contributions, as I have tons of fungi and slime […]

The death of a reader’s cat

Everyone who has a pet (and that includes d*gs) knows how much a part of the family they become over time, and how devastating it is when they die. I’ve always thought that cats should live at least fifty years, so you could get one as a kid and have it your whole life. Sadly, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Let us have grasses today! We never get enough plants here, so I’m delighted to show these photos taken by reader Amanda Ingram. Her notes are indented: This loyal reader, a fellow William & Mary alumna (who also studied population genetics with Bruce Grant!), thought you might enjoy some wildlife photos from a charming but […]

Merry Kitmas! Readers’ holiday cats

Here are the submissions  to this year’s “Merry Kitmas” thread (see last year’s thread here). Readers’ comments are indented. Happy holidays to everyone! If you sent me a kitty photo before noon and it didn’t appear, please inform me, re-send it, and I’ll add it to the thread. We’ll start with one of the three […]

Send in your kittehs!

I’m going to stop accepting Christmas cat photos at noon Chicago time (in about an hour), so if you want yours to appear in the Merry Kitmas thread, send it it pronto! I’ll post the thread at 12:30 Chicago time. We already have about three dozen photos, proving that the readers here love their kitties.

Send holiday photos of your cat

If you have a moggie and something that denotes the holiday, send me (via email; you know how to do it) a holiday themed photo of your cat. Please try to do it by noon Chicago time, and see the directions in last night’s post.