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Reader’s wildlife videos

We haven’t heard from Tara Tanaka in a while, as she’s been traveling and off the grid. But I found that she’s posted several wonderful wildlife videos, three of which I reproduce here (along with her notes, which I’ve indented) with her permission. The first two videos are orchestrated with classical music. Tara’s Vimeo site […]

Amsterdam: Part V

This is either the penultimate or antepenultimate of my posts on Amsterdam, as I’m now in Belgium. First, of course, comes food: lunch at the Cafe Sonneveld, highly rated for Dutch food. The proportion of tourists in cafes like this is high, perhaps because the touristy part of Amsterdam as compared to, say, Paris, is […]

End of the pledge drive: a final plea for a donation to Feline Friends London

Here’s one more cat rescue story designed to prompt those of you who haven’t yet donated to the Official Website Charity® (Feline Friends London) to ante up a bit of cash. So far we have about £2500 pounds donated, but if every subscriber donated just one pound we’d have nearly £60,000! I really would be […]

Please donate to Feline Friends London: Cleopatra’s story

So far readers of this site have raised £2,150 pounds for Feline Friends London, a no-kill cat rescue organization that has become this website’s Official Charity®. I’ve put up a couple of appeals this week, and we have about 75 donors. Thanks a lot to all of you who have loosened your pursestrings and donated. […]

Please donate to Feline Friends London

Many thanks to the roughly 70 readers who contributed to Feline Friends London, a no-kill and impecunious cat rescue organization that has become my pet charity (excuse the pun). I have asked readers to donate twice now (here and here), and will do so once more after this, but I don’t like to hector people. […]

Please donate to Feline Friends London

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed in the response when I asked readers yesterday to kick in a few bucks (or pounds) to support the Official Website Charity®, now Feline Friends London, a no-kill and all-volunteer cat rescue organization that re-homes felines taken from the London Streets. I thought that people who […]

An appeal: Please donate to Feline Friends . . . for the cats

I never ask readers for money for myself, as I have all that I need. But there are others who need it, and some of those others are cats.  So this is an appeal for you to kick in a few bucks (or pounds, if you’re a Brit) to a charity of which I am […]

Cats vs. cukes: citizen science

I’ve posted a video like this before, and some readers did try the experiment with their own cats, though some said it was cruel. As I recall, the results were inconclusive, as most cats didn’t react like these ones. My own theory, which is mine, is that cucumbers (which are thin on one end, fat […]

Maru plays the drums

It’s hard to believe that Maru, the tubby Scottish fold who lives in Japan, has been on the Internet for eleven years. So be it: he’s probably the world’s most popular cat, and here he plays the drums with his tail. How cool is that? And notice that, like a good jazz drummer, Maru often hits […]

Mom triggered by anatomically correct toy lion with a willy

I can’t brain today, and have to go downtown, so this is what you get! This story, from, is pretty funny, and I’m not quite sure why this mother is shocked. Click on the screenshot: An excerpt and some photos from the piece: Tanya Husnu, 33, was shocked after her daughter Aylah, three, ran […]