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Would you (and will you) adopt this “bastard of a cat”?

When PuffHo sticks to animals, it can be tolerable, and it does have the story of Mr. Biggles, an Utter Bastard of a Cat: Pet adoption agency Cats of Melbourne, located in Melbourne, Australia, posted a darkly hilarious memo about Mr. Biggles (also known as Lord Bigglesworth) on its website this week, practically daring a future owner […]

Thursday felid I: Cat rescues on Dublin river

I’m still feeling a bit black-doggish, so how about a felid? I’ll post about the odious Conrad Black in a short while. Here’s a tweet found by Grania. How lovely! Video: Cat rescued from Liffey river, Dublin city centre. — Mark Malone (@soundmigration) May 4, 2017 And if that’s not enough: here’s the story of […]

A successful cat experiment—and a failure

Last Caturday, I put up an item about some cats having a propensity to enter and sit in squares of tape on the floor. I also urged readers to try it. What do you have to lose besides a bit of tape? Anyway, three readers tried it: one failed utterly, one succeeded, but only when […]

Another cat named Jerry Coyne

I’ve lost track of exactly how many cats have been named after me, but most of them were so named at my instigation, usually accompanied by begging and pleading on my part. I see these cats as my legacy, for I’ve passed on none of my genes, and—aside from my (so far) non-reproducing nephew—I’ve reached a genetic […]

On the inability of medieval artists to paint cats

One of our readers, Laurie Sidoni, has started her own website, A Classicist Writes, covering a mix of topics that looks propitious: …on myriad themes, including – but, not limited to – ancient Rome to cats (especially THEO!) to “The Walking Dead” to Amsterdam to atheism to hockey to “Everybody Loves Raymond” to “Les Mis” and almost […]

Bob the Kitten is going to live!

Yesterday Gayle told me that Bob the Kitten (whose name will not be Bob) was losing weight, as he was not eating enough, “He’s going to live, though, right?” I asked. Gayle said she didn’t know.  And that honest response had me worried sick all day. How could such an adorable and lively little thing […]

Bob the Kitten

Gayle Ferguson, a biologist at Massey University who’s hosted me for a day and a half, has fostered twenty-five stray or abandoned kittens, and hasn’t lost a single one: none have died and all have found loving homes. (You may remember her as the rescuer of Jerry Coyne the Cat.) Her latest acquisition, number 26, […]

Further adventures of Business Cat.

by Grania Twitter is the gift that keeps giving. Sometimes. Today is one of those times. Regular readers of  this website will of course be familiar with the doings of Business Cat. (Click on the white play button).

World’s most cooperative cat

It’s getting its paws shaved, surely a most traumatic event for a cat. And yet it couldn’t care less. -Love it!!😻😽😻 — Awesome Planet™ (@Awesome_planet_) March 13, 2017 h/t: Barry

Close cheetah enounter of the first kind

All I know about this 5-minute video is that it was filmed at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, next to the Serengeti, and that the tourists in this vehicle were lucky in two ways. Cheetahs don’t attack humans very often (but some do have rabies). h/t: Stephen