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More news on Jerry Coyne the Cat

Gayle Ferguson, Rescuer of Jerry the Cat, has forwarded a report from Jerry’s new owners in Christchurch, New Zealand, complete with two pictures of the boy. Here’s the email that came from his forever home (I’ve omitted the names of Jerry’s staff lest someone be tempted to kidnap the cat): Was just thinking I should […]

Caturday felids: Reader’s report of a cat hotel in Malta

My friend Sarah Lawson, whom I met while visiting Malgorzata and Andrzej (she is a very old friend of theirs) is both an inveterate traveler and a lover of felids. That’s a felicitious combination, and makes for this week’s Caturday Felid, as Sarah encountered a “cat hotel” on a recent visit to Malta. When I heard […]

Caturday felid: exchange cat

A couple expects an exchange student but gets a lovelorn French moggie instead. It’s a hilarious video, and there are others at the Cat CATastrophes channel. h/t: Doc Bill and Kink

Two cartoons on cats and heaven

From Scott Hilbrum’s comic The Argyle Sweater (via reader Mark), we see an outcome neglected in Pascal’s Wager: It’s not just rodents who should worry. . . And reader Al sent this cartoon whose point is familiar to all cat owners. I can’t find the source, but perhaps some reader can name the artist and post […]

Reader’s cat pees in electrical socket

First, no harm done to the cat, thank Ceiling Cat (praise be unto Him). This would have made a good story for the Cat Confessions Contest, but, sadly, it came in too late. (BTW, I’m slowly sending out books to the winners.) It was submitted by reader Lorena Moore (“ironwing”): Here is a true story from […]

Butter gets a lion cut: photos and an awesome video

It’s spring, and time to think of the cats! (It’s always time to think of the cats.) And that means keeping them cool. Butter, who’s been featured here regularly, is an extremely long-haired rescue cat, a flame-point Himalayan, who owns reader Stephen Q. Muth.  Last week, in view of the impending hot weather, Butter got […]

Caturday felids: Feline topiary and an attempt at roaring

OMG, I was just reminded that I hadn’t yet posted my Caturday Felid. Had I forgotten, it would have been the first time I missed one since this site began in 2009. Fortunately, as always, I have some felids in reserve. First, here are some lion lion cubs at Kruger National Park in South Africa. […]

The world’s most polite cat

Meet Willie, who, like many bad moggies, unrolls the toilet paper. But Willie is different, for he re-rolls it! I know a certain Canadian reader who’s wondering if he can also reverse the direction of the roll itself.

Update on Jerry Coyne in his new home

Here’s a nice end to a long week: Gayle Ferguson has forwarded photos of Jerry Coyne the Cat in his new home in Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m glad to report that all is well, although Jerry and Loki (the senior resident cat) are still a bit wary of each other.  And Jerry is inspecting the […]

More feline humor from readers

A spate of readers’ contributions are forming a big backlog, but that’s good as I’ll be in California most of next week, unable to contribute much beyond stored posts.  But let me put up two items now. The first is a report on the famous rescue cat Butter, whose awesome technical skills (exercised under the name […]


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