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Denver Cat Company crowdfunding a new cat bar!

The Denver Cat Company, which featured on this website a while back, was Colorado’s first cat cafe—and one of the first in the nation.  Now the founder, Sana Hamelin, who gave up a promising career in law because she’d rather run a cat cafe (who wouldn’t?) is trying to start a cat bar in Denver […]

The Iriomote Cat

by Greg Mayer The Iriomote cat (Prionailurus benegalensis iriomotensis) is a critically endangered subspecies (sometimes ranked as a full species) of the Leopard cat, a species of small cat distributed widely across Asia from Afghanistan to eastern Siberia and south to the Philippines and Greater Sundas. The Iriomote cat is a dark form, made known to […]

A stealthy cat

From Imgur, and don’t ask me if it’s genuine: h/t: Taskin

A tw**t

Alexandra Petri writes for The Washington Post, and this morning emitted the following tw**t. I don’t know Petri, but she seems to have a good sense of humor, and I issued one of my very rare responses to a tw**t. (You’ll have to go to the post below to see it.) someone got to my […]

Do cats understand the laws of physics?

Betteridge’s law of headlines would suggest that the answer is “no”, but the authors of a new paper in Animal Cognition beg to disagree. This short report (reference and free pdf below) tests the idea that cats can identify a rattling sound in a box as denoting an object in the box, and then, when the […]

Just to clarify about cat roaming

Yesterday I posted some range maps of Australian cats, showing wide roaming detected by putting GPS sensors on their collars.  (I’ve added one below.) Some readers claimed that the long trips might have been visits to the vet’s, another that virtually all the excursions were “artifacts.” Virtually nobody accepted cat tracks like these: Well, the study was replicated […]

Kitten stuck in a sunflower

To end the day on the usual note of warm feeling (aping the television networks), here is a kitten who climbed up a sunflower and couldn’t get down.

Cat o’ the Day: Can you spot the oddity?

Reader Rick B. sent me this photo of his cat, and I did a doubletake when I noticed the weird posture. It’s strange stuff like this that is one of the benefits of running an ailurophilic website. Rick’s notes: This is Quincy, a Persian bi-colour who has been shaved. The reason I am sending you his […]

Cat to all owners: Pick ME!

This appears to be taken in a cat shelter, and is touted as a cat desperately trying to find a Forever Home. I hope that’s the case, and that this eager cat found its staff!

A nice awakening

I saw this as a gif on Facebook yesterday, and today it’s all over the Internet, getting half a million views in just two days. Well, we needn’t reject a video because of its popularity, and this one is lovely. It shows two safari-goers in Botswana being awakened by lions licking the condensed dew off […]


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