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Caturday felid trifecta: Beach vacations for cat lovers; two cat memes; and the rare Chinese mountain cat

Do you love cats and beaches? Then site Coastal Living has an article just for you (click on the screenshot): The sites include Amsterdam, Key West, the “cat islands” of Aoshima and Tashirojima in Japan, San Francisco (that’s bogus as it’s based on two cat cafes and a cat museum), Tampa, Florida, San Diego, California, Mykonos in […]

Father lion plays with cubs

Or rather, the cubs are playing with him. Either way or both, this is an adorable video, and a meet way to end the week. I need this because James has just been displaced as Honey’s mate by an interloper drake—after a bitter and vicious duck fight in the water (more tomorrow). This involved me […]

Male lion roars, cubs try to imitate him

A friend posted this on Facebook, and I found a YouTube video showing the same scene. Here a roaring male lion (listen how he makes his calls resonate!) is imitated by his cubs. (Matthew asked, “But what is the male trying to say?” My answer is “These are MY cubs!”) The cubs can’t even come […]

Cat aerobics?

When I was walking home I came up behind this guy and couldn’t resist taking a photo. What do those words mean? BTW, that’s Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House in the background.

The cat staffed by Harold Varmus

Harold Varmus is, of course, a famous scientist: he won the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 1989 (shared with J. M. Bishop) for discovering the role of “retroviral oncogenes” in causing cancer. (These are genes inserted by retroviruses that can mutate to produce cancer cells.) Varmus was also head of the National Institutes of […]

Baby goat befriends barn kittens

(Note: there may be an ad at the beginning of the video, which you can skip.) I’m feeling quite sad about the fracas at the pond today: Honey still hasn’t shown, and Phoebe is cowering on the duck island, though I managed to lure her out with some corn to dabble a bit in the […]

Here’s the animal!

Did you spot the animal in the photo sent by Anne Houde? Here’s the reveal, an enlargement, and a photo of the animal out of hiding. It’s a jaguar (Panthera onca)!   And the animal out of hiding: Anne said “I shot the photos along the Tambopata River in Peru.”

It’s International Cat Day!

Yes, August 8 is International Cat Day, except in parts of Europe and Russia, where it’s celebrated in March and February, respectively. You can see a bunch of cat-related tweets at the two hashtag sites, #internationalcatday and #InternationalCatDay on Twitter. The BBC has a short announcement with a video and a poll, and the cats are cleaning […]

The lions drink tonight

This beautiful video of lions drinking in the wild was posted at The Laughing Squid, which includes some background: Wildlife photographer Peter Haygarth staked himself out on the edge of a body of water at the Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa for over 15 hours in order to see what would come his way. The wait was […]

Psychology professor and her two cats write po-mo article on “multispecies inquiry”

This is just for grins: I don’t know whether the journal Qualitative Inquiry, where this travesty was published, is taken seriously (it is, however, a SAGE journal); but I am pretty sure this article is NOT a joke or a hoax. The article is free, and may not even require the legal unpaywall app; click […]