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A real ceiling cat!

The photo and notes below come from reader Judy: Sasha has learned to walk on the screen cover of our patio. We are the staff of our resident ceiling cat. Please feel free to use this photo of her magnificence when you wish. And, with some judicious cropping, you can get this:

A smart cat and a brave cat

Click on the screenshot to see a brave cat, in a video posted on George Takei’s Facebook page: h/t: Barry, Keith

Rare footage of only jaguar living in the U.S.

I had no idea that any jaguars lived in the U.S., but there appears to be at least one. The species, Panthera onca, is the largest cat in the New World, and the third largest in the world after lions and tigers. Its former range extended from the southern U.S. through Central America to southeastern South America, […]

How to humiliate a cat

Just pile a bunch of mice around it while it’s asleep, and wait for the fun when it wakes up! Or, better yet, send the pictures out on social media to the cat’s friends. This is Mimo, a tabby in Japan: And this story at The Dodo, which I offer in the spirit of conciliation, […]

Poorly educated cat

It just can’t spell!!! (But I’m sure it loves fish. . . .) h/t: Chris G.

The man who mistook his cat for another cat

By Matthew Cobb This is a rather sad story, although it does have a happy ending. A paper by Ryan Darby and David Caplan from Harvard Medical School [reference below] describes an unusual case of Capgras syndrome – in this unpleasant condition a patient is convinced that someone close to them, such as a family […]

Tw**t of the day

From the wonderful site Why My Cat is Sad: Contribute your own cat acronyms below! Here’s mine: ROFWBR: Rolling on the floor waiting for belly rub h/t: Grania

Cat game!

For reasons I don’t understand, many secularists and atheists are also gamers. While I can appreciate their enthusiasm, I don’t really share it, as I’d rather read a book or go to a good movie than play a video game. However, here’s an exception that I enjoyed for about 15 minutes. It’s called Chat Noir […]

Caturday felid trifecta: A Useful Cat, Hachiko gets a feline companion, and cats crash Nativity scenes

I now have a comfortable backlog of Caturday Felids, so I can be at ease, leaving me to worry about the other stuff.  We start with a tw**t from Ryan Eby, showing, to my knowledge, the first time a cat has ever been helpful to a human: ******* Second, you probably know the story of […]

Worse than a cat?

And so another week ends: a week that brings us closer to death. Have you lived it well? Cats and computer work don’t mix, but this beast is even worse than a felid. Be sure to turn the sound on by clicking on the speaker icon at lower right (hover over the photo to visualize […]


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