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Baby goat befriends barn kittens

(Note: there may be an ad at the beginning of the video, which you can skip.) I’m feeling quite sad about the fracas at the pond today: Honey still hasn’t shown, and Phoebe is cowering on the duck island, though I managed to lure her out with some corn to dabble a bit in the […]

Here’s the animal!

Did you spot the animal in the photo sent by Anne Houde? Here’s the reveal, an enlargement, and a photo of the animal out of hiding. It’s a jaguar (Panthera onca)!   And the animal out of hiding: Anne said “I shot the photos along the Tambopata River in Peru.”

It’s International Cat Day!

Yes, August 8 is International Cat Day, except in parts of Europe and Russia, where it’s celebrated in March and February, respectively. You can see a bunch of cat-related tweets at the two hashtag sites, #internationalcatday and #InternationalCatDay on Twitter. The BBC has a short announcement with a video and a poll, and the cats are cleaning […]

The lions drink tonight

This beautiful video of lions drinking in the wild was posted at The Laughing Squid, which includes some background: Wildlife photographer Peter Haygarth staked himself out on the edge of a body of water at the Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa for over 15 hours in order to see what would come his way. The wait was […]

Psychology professor and her two cats write po-mo article on “multispecies inquiry”

This is just for grins: I don’t know whether the journal Qualitative Inquiry, where this travesty was published, is taken seriously (it is, however, a SAGE journal); but I am pretty sure this article is NOT a joke or a hoax. The article is free, and may not even require the legal unpaywall app; click […]

Courting tigers

Tigers are my favorite big cat (Pallas’s cats are my favorite small one), and here’s a video from BBC Earth about courting tigers. It’s pretty anthropomorphic, and only an interlude in the solitary life of this species. Plus it looks a bit dicey with all the roaring and all; and on top of everything, mating […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Christopher Moss sent a passel of baby spiders, a bird, and Eastern chipmunk babies: Araneus diadematus [the European garden spider] I think. The nest is on the glass of my conservatory, here in Nova Scotia. It doubles as a greenhouse at this time of year so there’s lots of garden spiders in there. These are the kind […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

I am having trouble braining today, so posting may be light. But there are two videos filling the wildlife slot. The first comes from Tara Tanaka in Florida (vimeo site here, flickr site here), who took some video of Bob the Bobcat, whose picture I posted yesterday. It’s not clear to either of us, though, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributors today, and the last one sent a felid photo. First up is Randy Schenck from Iowa, whose contribution is called “Finches Gone Wild”: I cannot identify specifically but maybe the House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus).  The water fountain continues to amaze every type of bird and they become unhinged in this water […]

“Oh revoir”, Henri

With stoicism and dignity (and the usual bad French), Henri, the existentialist “chat noir”, retires from making videos. I’m sad to see him go: This is the eleventh and final Henri video. To see the first ten in order, go here.