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Clouded leopard cub overwhelms the internet

One of the world’s most beautiful cats (my favorite is still Pallas’s Cat) is the clouded leopard Neofelis nebulosa, a denizen of southeast Asian forests—and highly endangered.  Habitat loss and poaching have reduced the cat’s population to around 10,000, and that’s not many. That’s why people are excited about the birth of a clouded leopard cub […]

Leon sends birthday greetings to Andrzej

As I mentioned in this morning’s Hili dialogue (which you might have missed), my dear friend Andrzej, who constitutes half of Hili’s staff, turns 75 today—exactly one year older than Richard Dawkins (happy birthday, too, Richard!).  And Leon the Hiking Cat (via his staff Elzbieta) has deposited good wishes and a monologue on Andrzej’s Facebook page: Leon: […]

Family tries to include cat in 1911 census

Don’t ask me anything about this; it was tw**ted by Dapper Historian  (who noted “An extra family member was added here in 1911 but an angry enumerator has scratched it out & added “this is a cat”!), and sent to me by Matthew Cobb. For reasons lost in the mists of history, some family wanted […]

Wellcome Image Awards for 2015

Wellcome Images, a famous and extensive source of medical and biological imagery, held a contest for the best biological/medical photos of 2014, and you can see the twenty winning images in a slideshow at the link just above. I’ll show just four, with one of them having an accompanying video. I prefer the non-medical ones, but by […]

Bring out your felids: ‘Tis the feast of St. Gertrude of Nivelles, patron saint of cats

UPDATE: The time is up for submitting your cat photos. Thanks to all for doing so! _______ The occasion was announced in a tw**t by Rev. Richard Coles (via Matthew Cobb): Let’s make that wave a tsunami. Readers, send in one picture of your favorite cat, along with its name and perhaps one sentence about it […]

Cat scratches woman! Taylor Swift’s cat injured her $40 million legs

Here’s some rare celebrity gossip on this site, posted because it involves a celebrity-scratching cat. Taylor Swift is reportedly getting her legs insured for forty million dollars. Although I didn’t believe that because it was reported by The National Enquirer, the Instagram photo and caption below, showing a scratch made by her cat Meredith, either substantiates that rumor or mocks it. […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

When I beefed that my tank of readers’ photos was low, reader Russ Collins came through in spades, with a bunch of lovely Big Cat pictures from Africa. I’ve often thought of contributing to your reader’s wildlife photos series, but never seem to get around to doing it. Your mentioning that the ‘tank was low’ […]

The Turks know what’s important

Here’s the final treat of the week: a cat, of course. Reader Natalie sent me this photo taken by her friend Chia-hsuan in Anatolia, Turkey. Turks love their cats, as I discovered on several visits to the country, and apparently this park is full of them (I spot three), necessitating a warning sign for drivers […]

Kitty City

Reader Florian sent me this with the note that this might be the first cat video I hate. But I actually love it.  Warning: don’t watch this if you’re baked! A friend told me that this is full of references to various genre of Japanese anime, but I’m totally ignorant of that. If you catch […]

Spotted yesterday

This car was outside my building yesterday. If you don’t understand the plate, you didn’t watch American cartoons as a kid:  


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