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Lagniappe: Cat fail

Some cats seem to recognize that a two-dimensional image of a bird on a t.v. or computer screen is not a real prey item, but others, like this cat, cannot.

Rare film of Pallas’s cat hunting

Via The Rainforest Site we get some rare footage of my absolute favorite wild cat, the Pallas’s cat, or “manul” (Otocolobus manul) hunting in nature. It’s a denizen of the Asian steppes, and, with its luxuriant fur and small ears, well adapted to deal with cold. The cubs appear 20 seconds into the video. The […]

Goodnight. . .

. . . from Hili and me.  I’m off to Gdansk early tomorrow, and so to bed.

On illness, dreams and encatment

About a third of the time I make long-distance trips, it seems, I come down with a cold or sore throat at the far end. This time I’ve got both, and I blame it on airplane contamination. As one expert at io9 notes, it’s not the “recycled air” that’s to blame for such illnesses (cabin air […]

Cat eclipse tee shirts: one day left

If you have a spare $30 or so (that includes shipping), and want this lovely cat solar eclipse tee shirt I posted the other day, reader Victoria found out that you can buy it here. Hurry if you want one, as there’s only one day left.  There are also mugs, tote bags, and ladies’ shirts […]

The cat tweets after the Barcelona tragedy

It may seem churlish to tweet pictures of cats after the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona, but that was the response after the Spanish Police issued this notice when they saw horrific pictures of the dead and injured posted on Twitter: 🚩Por respeto a las víctimas y a sus familias, por favor, NO compartas imágenes […]

Readers’ cats

As today is International Cat Day (for reals!), this morning I offered to put up the first five pictures that readers sent me of their cats. Well, I didn’t have to wait long: within half an hour I had received five, and put up a note to hold off.  People like to show off their […]

A different cat named Gus died

Reader Robert Dally had a tabby named Gus (same name as White Earless Gus in Winnipeg) who just passed away. The saddened Robert sent in an obituary and remembrance, and I post it here, along with pictures of the late moggie. The story about the iPad announcing Gus’s dinner is clever and adorable. I’m a […]

The complex evolution of the big cats

A new paper in Science Advances by Henrique V. Figueiró et al. (reference below, free download with legal UnPaywall app) resolves the contested phylogeny (family tree) of five big cat species: lion, leopard, jaguar, snow leopard, and tiger. In so doing, the researchers uncovered some interesting evolutionary history. Previously, the family tree of this group had […]

The best video ever?

Well, there’s a lot of competition for this title, but this is surely among the best videos involving cats. This is the best video ever — Keith (@lad) July 20, 2017