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Now hoop earrings have become cultural appropriation

Among the venues becoming Authoritarian Leftist (actually, it’s been largely like that for a while) is Vice News, which now cements its ideology with an article called “Hoop earrings are my culture, not your trend.” It’s written by “Anonymous author,” which shows both the cowardice of taking this risible stand, but also the willingness of […]

Hiroko successfully settles case against company producing knockoff cat shirts

A while back, the Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota produced a wonderful shirt for me on which she embroidered the likeness of Hili. Here’s one of the series of photos I posted: I really should wear this more often, but I’m afraid of wearing it out! Hiroko also produced a book of her cat shirts, and […]

Best eye makeup ever?

From Bored Panda: Check out this amazing cat make up by Tal Peleg, make up artist and designer from Israel! Tal turns her model’s eyebrow into a cat’s tail, and the body is painted on the upper eye lid. To make it more playful, the artist even attached a little thread ball under the bottom […]