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Should there be a “Third Way” of evolution? I think not.

Someone just called a fairly new “Evolution-Needs-a-New-Paradigm” website to my attention, and I wish they hadn’t. The site, “The Third Way of Evolution,” has been going for some time and, according to the its notes, was created last May by two biologists, James Shapiro (here at the University of Chicago) and Dennis Noble, a renowed physiologist who was formerly a […]

Chemical mimicry in an aphid

I’ve posted a lot about morphological mimicry in animals: the evolved resemblance of one species’ appearance to that of another, or to the environmental background. This mimicry can serve to protect animals from being spotted by predators, or, if you’re a predator, to hide yourself from your prey. The latter situation, in which animals resemble something else […]

Nicholas Wade writes a shamefully ignorant review of Bill Nye’s new evolution book

For a long time I’ve thought that many of the senior science writers of the New York Times have outlived their usefulness. It might not be a function of age, but simply poor quality journalism. Regardless, the Times could use a serious shake-up in its science section. Happily, one of their senior writers, Nicholas Wade, retired in […]

Readers’ wildlife photo, and an evolutionary lesson: speciation in action!

Reader pyers from the UK sent a photo of a bird at his feeder that brings up a cool evolutionary story. Birders and biologists have known for more than 40 years that this species, the Eurasian blackcap, may be splitting into two species before our eyes, as birds going to their original overwintering ground have now split into two different […]

Come on down!

The latest Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner purports to show a deep flaw in creationism. But creationists already have an answer to this; I’ll leave it to you to give it in the comments (there’s also a wording problem in the first panel): h/t: jsp

Templeton has another Big Ideas piece in Slate: What’s the future of religion?

The John Templeton Foundation has formed what seems to be an unholy partnership with Slate, for Templeton’s new “Big Ideas” post, “What is the future of religion?”, although really an advertisement, comes with the Slate website imprimatur ( and a Slate icon on its tab. If you look closely at the top, though, you’ll see in faint letters, […]

Big surprise: You can’t get Americans to accept evolution by giving them the facts

A new piece in The Atlantic, “You can’t educate people into believing in evolution” (shouldn’t that be “accepting evolution?”) reports the results of a survey by Calvin College sociology professor Jonathan Hill. The survey was commissioned by BioLogos, the accommodationist organization funded largely by the Templeton Foundation, so although the results aren’t surprising, they’re spun […]

Dilbert: On the origin of tetrapods

A Dilbert Classic by Scott Adams:   h/t: jsp ~

But organisms still evolved!

Baseball writer Keith Law—suspended from tw**ting by the television sports network ESPN for reasons that are unclear, but almost certainly had to do with his Twi**ter battles about evolution with the creationist pitcher Curt Schilling (also an ESPN employee)—is back. Law, who eloquently defended evolution against Schilling’s stupidities, was given a forced hiatus from Nov. 19 to Nov. […]

My “Road to Reason” interview

If you missed it and want to see it, here’s the YouTube version of my Skype interview last Sunday with Rob Penczak and Larry Mendoza, hosts of Fairfax County’s cable-access t.v. program “Road to Reason.” After some announcements and news, the interview begins at 12:30. I can’t bear to watch these things (Rob gave me […]


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