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More on the Presidential race: Friedman on Bernie, and a new poll showing that socialists and atheists are despised by American voters

Tom Friedman is worried, as am I, that Bernie, though he clearly has momentum among Democrats and the approbation of the young and the “progressives,” won’t fare well against Trump. I’m hoping he will, but I have my worries. Here’s Friedman’s piece in today’s NYT: Some excerpts: So who is the right Democratic candidate? Well, […]

(De)motivational posters on election day

by Grania Rather than patronise everyone here by encouraging everyone in the US to vote, here’s a few carefully curated demotivatonal posters and tweets. Please add your own  if you have any good ones.   This one may be hard to achieve. Solid advice. — You Had One Job (@_youhadonejob1) November 6, 2018 Out […]

What the Dems need to do to win

by Grania I watched an interesting discussion with Rick Wilson, who is a never-Trump Conservative. He’s got some good pointers on why Republicans have been able to pull off wins, and what the Democrats need to do to defeat them, particularly in 2020. It’s worth a listen. If you need motivation to listen, then first […]

We need celebrities to tell us to vote!

This video, from Comedy Central and posted on The Hill, makes fun of those ads in which celebrities tell us to be sure to vote (Hollywood being Hollywood, there’s also an implicit message there). But regardless of how you vote (and I’ve already done so), do a substantial number of people really require being nudged […]