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The End Times for the humanities?

NOTE:  A post by David Silbey on his website gives data showing that the decline in humanities enrollment (as percentage of all majors) really declined precipitiously in the from 1970-1985 (when I was in school) and hasn’t dropped much since then. He also claims that the 1970s were a peak, and modern enrollment, while lower […]

Pew Poll: American evolution-acceptance holds steady, partisan divide widens

UPDATE by JAC: Dan Kahan of the Cultural Cognition Project of Yale Law School has further analyzed this survey and finds some problems with it: some data are missing in both the summary and the full report, and this makes it impossible to determine whether the pro-creationist tendencies of Republicans reflects a shift in ideology […]

Fundamentalism I: Religion and creationism in UK schools

Today we have another two-part post, this time on fundamentalism in Europe. This post is on fundamentalism in the UK’s Christian “faith schools,” some of which are funded by the state.  To those of you in the UK: why are you tolerating government funding of religious indoctrination?  Is there no movement against publicly-funded indoctrination of […]

Ball State University President retires. Is this anything beyond a normal retirement?

Jo Ann Gora, president of Ball State University (BSU) in Muncie, Indiana, has just announced that she will retire in June. As The Muncie Star Press reports: Gora had informed the BSU Board of Trustees on Friday of her plans to retire. “This year will be my 10th as president at Ball State but my […]

The last homework assignment

Now I suppose this might be a fake, but I’m posting it under the assumption that it’s real. It’s the last homework assignment of a dying Japanese teacher, who apparently passed away soon after he wrote this on the board: (from RocketNews24 via Twitter) And the translation (Japanese-speaking readers please verify): Final homework assignment No due […]

Atheism to be taught in Irish schools

Some days most of the news is about atheism vs. faith, and I suppose today is one of those days.  But this time the news is good. According to the Guardian, mandatory lessons that include instruction in atheistic thought will soon begin in Irish primary schools: In a historic move that will cheer Richard Dawkins, […]

Radio debate: Dan Barker vs. Casey Luskin on the Ball State case

Michael Medved, a conservative radio host of the Rush Limbaugh stripe, hosted a 20-minute “debate” on his show the other day between Dan Barker (co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, or FFRF) and Casey Luskin, creationist and research director of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute, an intelligent design “think” […]

Is there any hope for people like this?

Stuff like this shows up every day in my inbox, and I usually don’t let it through, but I suppose it’s salutary from time to time to let readers see it. This post came with the reader’s name: Hassan Badr : ) commented on Talk in North Carolina next week Dear Evolutionists, I stand before you here […]

“Science” course at Ball State University sneaks in religion

Ball State University,  in Muncie, Indiana, is a public university (i.e., part of the state university system).  As such, it must abide by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which has been interpreted as disallowing religious viewpoints (or religiously based theories) in public-school science classes. It is of course kosher to teach courses on […]

Kansas public school mandates “Creation Truth Foundation” assemblies

by Greg Mayer According to The Raw Story, Hugoton [Kansas] Public Schools invited Creation Truth Foundation’s founder Dr. G. Thomas Sharp to teach the “Truth about Dinosaurs” at two assemblies next week. At least one of the assemblies will be mandatory for all students and teachers. You’ve probably never heard of the Creation Truth Foundation […]