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Mallards can play dead when caught

As I’ve discovered in the last few years, mallards have far more complex behaviors than the casual duck-watcher thinks. For example, they can play dead when caught.  Here are two examples: This one runs away after a d*g picks it up by the neck and puts it down: And here’s a fascinating paper, though I […]

Host’s wildlife: Sunday duck report

I’m woefully behind on my duck reports (you’ve all missed them, right?), as it’s hard to feed all those ducks and take pictures at the same time. Fortunately, we’re now down to 12: Daphne (who is flightless because she’s molting) and her brood of nine (who are flightless but on the verge of flying), as […]

A soprano duck

We have a special treat this afternoon: Tara Tanaka, after immense labor (true!), put together this video of a black-bellied whistling duck with a penchant for classical music. Be sure to turn the sound up and make the screen big. Tara’s Vimeo page is here; her Flickr site is here, and the duck is Dendrocygna autumnalis. Tara says, “Nothing to say […]

Readers’ wildlife photos and videos (my ducks)

I’m way behind on documenting my ducks, as feeding them is more laborious than last year, hence there’s less time for photography. Here are a few photos and videos taken on July 28 and 29; I’ll catch up soon. As of today, we have all 9 of Daphne’s brood, which can’t yet fly, plus mom […]

Why did the (45) ducklings cross the road?

Reader Ken called my attention to this site, which includes the video below. The site doesn’t say much except that we see 45 ducklings crossing a five-lane road in Maine, and all the drivers stop to let them cross. Mainers are an amiable bunch, and so that’s completely in character, but 45 ducklings? What’s that […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and a video)

We have a potpourri of videos and photos today, for sometimes readers send only a few photos. And we have a duck video! From reader Barry Lyons, a Procyon lotor and offspring: This is from my sister Annette, who lives in Salem, Massachusetts. This is from her back yard. Weird halo effect on that baby […]

Sunday: Duck report

I am WAY behind in duck reports due to the press of other stuff, so these photos and a video were taken on July 25. But I have more recent photos still in the camera. All will be revealed. All the ducks are well, and all are lively and eating vigorously: I’ve never seen ducks […]

Michael Jackson reincarnated as a duck

I was going to write at least one substantive post today, but I’m too sad about Frank (and others recently departed) to do that. Tomorrow is time enough. Here, to cheer us up, is a video called to my attention by reader Norm, who gave it this caption: The Tibetan Lama Council has recently proclaimed […]

Thursday: Duck report

I’m way behind in my duck reports, and these videos and photos, now nine days old, are pretty obsolete. Daphne’s brood, shown below, has become almost fully feathered, and Anna’s brood has been seen making short “hop flights” within the pond. It’ll be only a few more days before the middle brood (Anna’s) is flightworthy. […]

Duck quickies

No, not copulations, just three photos I took with my iPhone camera (ergo the low resolution) on my way to the store. Duck flower (Anna’s brood dabbling together: Oldest and newest broods on the shore: Katie and her remaining two in the foreground, Daphne and her nine to the rear.   Daphne’s brood (almost fully […]