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I have landed—in Zagreb

I made it here—no thanks to United Airlines—and was only 3.5 hours past my scheduled arrival when I was supposed to fly on that infernal carrier (I flew Lufthansa after rebooking). Only a 45-minute flight from Munich, Zagreb is a small town for being Croatia’s capital, with  a population of just 800,000. It was largely […]

More on Trevor, the Loneliest Duck in the World: New Zealand tries to help

This is one of the reasons I love New Zealand. I’ve written before about the sad tale of Trevor, a lone and lonely mallard drake who had somehow landed himself on the small island of Niue, a self-governing state affiliated with New Zealand. He was alone, friendless, and didn’t even have a lake to swim in. The […]

Duck report: Lonely James is still here

As I’m leaving for Croatia tomorrow, Anna (who’s also leaving in a few days) and then Sanja will be on Duck Duty, assuming that lovelorn Frank remains in Botany Pond. I haven’t yet checked to see if he’s there this morning, but I hope he leaves soon and joins the others on their imminent Great […]

Sunday duck report: Heartbreak at Botany Pond

James returned to Botany Pond yesterday—alone. Honey was no doubt off somewhere canoodling with her new lover Billzebub, who won the Big Duck Fight two days ago. Anna found James yesterday evening, and tried to feed him, but he wasn’t interested in food, and swam away from her. James was heartbroken, as are Anna and […]

Saturday duck report: A mallard fight at Botany Pond; sadness ensues

The soap opera continues at Botany Pond, culminating yesterday in a terrible duck fight between James and an invading drake, and then the apparent displacement of James from Honey’s affections by the new interloper duck.  That incident also included the interloper getting trapped in a window well, and me having to rescue him. But let’s […]

My efforts to help Trevor the Duck come to naught

THIS DUCK NEWS JUST IN: After an absence of two full days, Honey and James have returned to the pond. It’s cold and rainy, but I fed them anyway. To add to the drama, one of our office staff reported that earlier this morning there were two drakes in the pond, and one of them chased the […]

Neglected ducks get their first swim!

Reader Michael called my attention to this video of ducks that came from a “hoarding case,” that is, they were kept improperly and crowded, and had never before seen a body of water. Here they’re freed and see water for the first time. It’s heartwarming to see their instincts kick in, and their almost joyous […]

Monday Duck report

Well, the ducks are largely here these past few days, although on Saturday they were both gone in the morning but both appeared by 10:30.  I have no idea where they went, which is a great mystery. And I have no idea when they’ll leave for good, though I’m fattening them up for the Big […]

Friday duck report and wildlife humor

Duck update: Honey was gone this morning, though she was here with James all day yesterday. At 7:30 a.m., James was again swimming disconsolately around the pond, and even attempting to quack, though not much of a noise came out. (Previously he’d just uttered low quack-y noises, but now he opened his bill wide and […]

Duck report: Wednesday (a time of coming and going)

Well, the duck situation is fluid and emotionally destablizing for us Duck Farmers. On Monday, Honey and James were both here, eating well and disporting themselves in the warmth. Here they are two days ago:   Bathing and clambering onto North Duck Island: Here they are eating corn in a rare appearance ashore. I love […]