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Duck doings

Yesterday the newest mallard, Daisy, had departed the pond. I thought she was gone, but when I went downstairs early this morning for the 7 a.m. feeding (my favorite, as it’s quiet and nobody bothers me), there were Honey and Daisy in the narrow part of the pond, apparently awaiting breakfast: What can I do? […]

Pond update

It’s time to buy more frozen corn, as I now have two ducks to feed, and I have to keep them apart. It’s tsouris to help foster ducks!  Here are Honey (rear) and Daisy (front) at teatime yesterday afternoon. Note the goldfish clustered around Honey, waiting to eat any bits of corn she misses. Sometimes I […]

Duck chase!

Here’s what happens when I try to feed the new to-be-named mallard at the same time as Honey. She lowers her head and swims very fast toward the interloper, driving her away. It’s competition for food, folks! I still manage to slip some noms to the new mallard on the sly, but half the time […]

Jerry has two duckies

(You should recognize the allusion in the title.) When I went down to feed Honey this morning, I thought I was seeing double: there were two hen mallards in the pond, swimming side by side. One was Honey, as I recognize her by her greener head, bill stippling, and her immediate reaction to my whistle, but […]

Honey’s still here

Despite ferocious competition from big red-eared sliders and huge goldfish for her food, my duck Honey remains at the pond. She’s fed twice daily and hangs around with me afterwards. (I have an endless ability to sit next to a floating duck.) Here she is, and you can see that her flight feathers (primaries) are […]

The duck came back!

When I was walking outside this morning, sans duck food, I saw Honey in the pond! It was her, too, because she had those distinctive bill markings. I excitedly emailed Grania to put up a quick post that the duck was back, which she did. I’ve very happy that I’ve got her back for at […]

My duck is back!

Moar later…

My duck is gone

I’m sad and luckless, For my pond is duckless. Yesterday I fed Honey a huge dollop of peas and corn; she was on land, so it was easy to give her large amounts without them quickly sinking below dabbling level. As I fed her, I noticed that her flight feathers had grown pretty big. You […]

Thursday: My duck

On the way back from the hospital (verdict: no surgery, just finger therapy—yay!), I passed the pond and called for Honey, my female mallard (hen), which I do by emitting three quick whistles. She didn’t come swimming towards me as usual, and at first I thought she’d flown the coop for good, which is going […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Ducks today! With babies! These duck photos were taken by reader John Riegsecker, whose notes are indented below: Some duck photos for your Reader’s Wildlife Photos.  Two Wood Duck, and two Mallard shots taken at Waughop Lake in Washington State.  The second two are Harlequin ducks taken at Staircase in Olympic National Park.  The males […]