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Duck pics: May 23

I’ve been remiss in posting duck pictures, but my hands have been full tending them. Most of these pictures of Honey and her brood (with a few exceptions) were taken four days ago, on May 20, and the dates of the videos are given below. First, the usual pandemonium on the “beach”, with sleeping ducklings […]

Duck o’ the week

This week’s duck species again comes from evolutionist John Avise. Look at the photos, see if you can identify the species, and then go below the fold to see the ID, some information, and a range map. Learn your ducks! Click “read more” for the ID and more information:

Tips and guidelines for watching the ducks at Botany Pond

Because of the crowds that now flock to see Honey and her brood at Botany Pond, and the occurrence of some unfortunate situations (dogs jumping into the pond, people trying to release orphaned ducklings as well as full-grown domestic ducks into the water, etc.), I’ve formulated a set of guidelines for visitors, and combined them […]

A rough night: Duck farming isn’t for sissies!

Well, it was quite a night last night.  I was home with little Sam, who turned out to be so demanding of affection that I couldn’t leave him in his warm box, as he’d peep incessantly, loudly, and piteously. After trying to settle him down with no success, I decided I had only one recourse: […]

I have another duckling!

Short take: somebody found a single duckling that appears to be one day old two blocks away from Botany Pond. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the brood. When I came down to feed Honey’s brood, a bunch of people were gathered around the channel. There was a sodden duckling in it. […]

Wednesday duck report: videos and pics

Someone asked yesterday, “Where are the duck pictures? The babies are presumably growing.” Yes, indeed they are, and I’ve been remiss, for duck duties seem to take several hours per day. However, here’s a post with some videos and photos.  And the University media people have made a Honey the Duck gif sticker! We still […]

Sunday Duck o’ the Week

John Avise has favored us with yet another duck as we learn how to recognize each North American species of this most fantastic of birds. John’s photos and ID hint (indented) are below, and the ID, a Duck Fact, and a range map are below the fold. Last week’s “Duck O’ the Day”, the Green-winged […]

Management’s wildlife videos and photos: ducklings and duck battles.

We have five videos today, the first taken by me and the rest made by other kind souls. The first and last are peaceful, the other three show nature red in tooth and claw (but nobody got hurt!) First, two photos from May 13 of Honey’s “brood” (not all hers, of course). The gang: Ducklings […]

Mary Schmich’s new column on Honey the Duck and Botany Pond

Thanks to columnist Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune, who’s syndicated in hundreds of papers (and won a Pulitzer Prize), Honey the Duck is certainly the most famous duck in the Midwest—if not America. Mary just wrote a followup column about Honey, Dorothy, and their babies in the paper (first column here), and you can […]

Fierce battle between Dorothy and a drake: Dorothy kicks butt

On May 6, one day after Dorothy and her brood of ten jumped from the ledge and the babies had their first swim, Dorothy was investigated by a curious drake. Or an aggressive drake, because she and the drake quickly got into a huge tussle, biting each other’s necks and circling each other in the […]