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Tuesday: Duck report

As usual, a lot is happening at Botany Pond. As I reported yesterday, I’ve located the nest of a hen, on a window ledge three floors up on a building overlooking the pond. The hen sits on her eggs (I have no idea how many) all day, making rare forays to the water for food […]

Monday: Duck report (with nest sighting)

Heaps of drakes are still invading Botany Pond, with Gregory Peck, who’s still waiting for Honey, trying his best to drive them off. But it’s futile. Even at feeding time, when I try to feed Greg but not the others (I don’t want a bunch of drakes in the pond at Duckling Time), he eats […]

Saturday: Duck report

It’s chilly but sunny today, and the weather is predicted to be warm for about a week. The good news is that the interloper drakes have largely fled the pond—at least for today. This leaves just Gregory Peck, who has the whole pond to himself.  He’s down there snoozing in the sun right now, but […]

Ceiling Cat bless the Phoenix Fire Department

I doubt the quacking mother here was asking for help rather than just quacking in distress, but that’s not implied. At any rate, these firefighters restore my faith in humanity. Lagniappe: Another duck rescue, which I believe I’ve posted before, but so what? This one (contributed by Heather Hastie via Ann German) may be in […]

Wednesday: Duck report

Four drakes have been patrolling Botany Pond for several days; three are smallish, and perhaps yearlings—maybe they’re Honey’s offspring. But the Boss Duck, who tries to get rid of them constantly, is Honey’s mate Gregory Peck, who’s identifiable by his large head and his head color, which has more purple in it than the other […]

Monday: duck report

As usual, there’s never a dull moment at Botany Pond.  As I mentioned in my last report, there were SIX drakes at the pond yesterday. Later in the afternoon, I noticed that some violent fights had broken out among them, with up to three drakes biting each other’s necks in a furious tangle of beaks […]

A duck sausage fest: six drakes

It started out with two drakes this morning. Then it began snowing and then there were three (photographed from my office window): Now there are SIX. That’s Gregory in the foreground, doing his best to defend the pond and drive the others out, but I dare not feed him lest the others stay:   What […]

Duck report: The Battle of the Drakes

We’ll be back to Readers’ Wildlife tomorrow, but I wanted to slip in a duck report. What took place was an epic battle of the drakes that started yesterday afternoon and continues this morning. (Honey is off somewhere, perhaps sitting on her eggs.) Since the trees outside my office haven’t yet leafed out, I get […]

Saturday duck report

Honey hasn’t shown up at the pond for 2.5 days, but I suspect she’s off incubating her eggs. Meanwhile, her mate Gregory Peck (aka Mallard Fillmore aka Dr. Quackenstein) spends most of his day swimming around and around the pond, often quacking. He rarely rests, and will eat only a bit when I feed him. […]

Thursday duck report

Honey’s been absent from the pond for two days, but I’m not worried; I suspect she’s nesting. However, when I looked at my records from last year, she showed up on March 15 but the first duckling (she had ten) didn’t appear until shortly before May 20, when I returned from France. One duckling died […]