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Tuesday: Duck report

Last week we stopped giving food to the ducks, and they’ve gradually disappeared from the pond. It was a hard decision, but I didn’t want ducks hanging around a frozen pond all winter, begging for handouts. (My theory is that they will migrate rather than find some other place in our area, but I may […]

Crowdsourcing duck information

Here’s the deal: we still have about 15 wild mallards hanging around Botany Pond, and we’re still feeding them. The pond has not frozen over, and the ducks are hungry. They vary in number: sometimes there are only two and sometimes there are none. But they always appear in groups of a dozen or more […]

Tuesday duck report

The pond is now partly frozen, but the ducks are still hanging on, though fewer in number. Our Secret Duck Farmer sent a brief report and a photo: 19 ducks for dinner on the mostly frozen pond. 18 degrees out right now. Look: some ducks are standing on the ice! I haven’t seen that before. […]

On Golden Pond: A handful of intrepid mallards remain

Of the twenty-odd ducks that frequented Botany Pond a week ago, we’re now down to a handful. One of them, though, may be Honey. Our Secret Duck Farmer reported from Botany Pond yesterday evening (report indented): Four ducks this evening. The pond is lovely in the snow, and I think one of the females was […]

The ducks are leaving

Right before I left Chicago, and for a few days thereafter, we had up to two dozen ducks coming for lunch and dinner. That’s over now, as there has already been light snow in Chicago and the ducks have dwindled down to a precious few. Here’s today’s report from one Secret Duck Farmer: Breakfast. No […]

The last duck post

I’m sure the ducks at Botany Pond will have flown south when I return at the end of November, so here are the last photos and videos I took of this year’s crop. Before I left, our beloved waterfowl were coming and going every day, as is their wont before the Big Migration. The lowest […]

A farewell to wings: many ducks come, but I must leave

As the weather gets colder, more and more ducks are arriving at Botany Pond and staying here. I’ve had to buy 100 pounds of duck chow in the last ten days to ensure that they’re well fed before they take off for the fall migration (mallards can lose up to 50% of their body weight […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I have pried some photos out of the hands of Stephen Barnard, especially since I saw one on his Facebook page featuring a gazillion mallards. Here they be (mallard photo last), with Stephen’s captions indented: October is the time of year that elk (Cervus canadensis) gather on my place for the rut. It’s also the […]

Monday: Duck report

Although I have a few batches of wildlife photos left (and I remind you to please send me your good ones), it’s time for a duck report from Botany Pond. Most of the ducks have fledged now and left the pond for good; we take pride that of the 28 hatched, 27 survived (one died […]

Sunday: Duck report

My reserve of readers’ wildlife photos is rather low (send them in, please), and so today I’m featuring a Duck Update, with pictures taken September 6 and 7. Only a few ducks remain.  Honey and her huge drake swain Ritz come and go, but have been here for the past three days. Daphne is here, […]