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Ssssh. . . Honey is nesting. And we have a new sign!

As of today, Honey has laid five eggs: one per day. I can see her nest when I peek behind the cover I’ve put up. She’s still laying, of course, and pops out one egg in the morning, after which she and Dorothy, who’s also nesting—but whose nest is hidden behind a locked door—head to […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

Tara Tanaka has been isolating herself in her wildlife blind on her wetland property in Florida, and we are the beneficiaries: she sent two new videos. (Tara’s Vimeo page is here and her Flickr page here.) Be sure to enlarge these before watching. I’ll put her descriptions of the videos in indented text.  First we […]

Thursday: Duck report

I have exciting news: both Honey and Dorothy have started nesting and laying eggs, and I know where both of the nests are. The bad news is that Honey has nested on a ledge on the wrong side of the building (the “non-pond” side), and her nest is 2.5 floors up from a cement porch. […]

The Chicago Tribune does a story on my ducks

UPDATE: Mary emailed me saying that she’d gotten a lot of email from people saying, in essence, “Thank you for making me cry and feel more hopeful this morning.”  Such is the power and value of good journalism! **********   A few days ago, Colleen Mastony, the Director of Media Relations at the University of […]

Sunday: Duck report

I believe it’s nesting season, as both of the hens (Honey and Dorothy) have taken to sitting on the ledges of Erman, the building that overlooks Botany Pond. In the meantime, Wingman sits in the pond, viciously expelling any interloper drake who comes by. (They are few now.) Here’s Dorothy on her customary third-floor perch […]

Readers’ wildlife photos: Duck O’ the Day

From now on, every Sunday’s wildlife photos will comprise ducks, for evolutionist John Avise has kindly offered to send weekly allotments of duck photos to get us through the pandemic. Each Sunday will feature one species of duck, and your job is to guess the species. I will put the correct answer below the fold, […]

A duck teaser

Spot the mallard hen! There will be no answer; you simply have to find her yourself. Yes, it’s Honey, and tomorrow I’ll show close-up pictures to prove it. Click to enlarge:

Friday: Duck report

During this pandemic, it’s a great palliative for me to feed the ducks. I’m in isolation, not near anybody, and the waterfowl are getting ready to nest. Yesterday morning I went to the pond and didn’t see anyone. But then I heard loud and repeated quacking from above. I thought a hen was flying in, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Here we have DUCK PHOTOS from evolutionary biologist John Avise, and he’s posed them as a quiz: “Name the ducks” (there are four species). Try your best, and I’ll post the answers this afternoon (if you access the names of the photos, you’ll also know, but don’t look). John’s notes are indented: Many species of […]

Wednesday: duck report

The weather is warming up, and I suspect both Honey and Dorothy, who leave the pond for several hours at a time, are scoping out nest sites. But it’s a bit stressful, as there are usually from one to four itinerant drakes in the pond besides Wingman (the drake in the henage à trois). At […]