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Troubles in the duck pond

The latest duck report is a bit sad. Without telling me, and despite their promise that they wouldn’t do anything to the pond, Grounds and Landscape Services sent two people to the pond this morning to cut down the tall reeds at the north end of the big pond, and they used small chainsaws and […]

Readers’ wildlife: My ducks

We’re down to two ducks: Honey and her daughter Phoebe, once a runt but now getting bigger. Phoebe is able to fly (we’ve seen her take to the air twice), but is still hanging around her mom, as she’s a timorous and clinging duck. She is also well fed on corn and mealworms. (Phoebe is […]

Friday: duck report

All is going well at Botany Pond: Honey has reduced her aggression towards her timorous daughter Phoebe, and they manage to eat together without much rancor. Honey’s wing feathers continue to grow after her molt, but little Phoebe, though her wings seem large, hasn’t yet flown—at least to my knowledge. Still, this year 7 ducklings […]

General of the Ducks

I didn’t think much about ducks until last year when suddenly I became smitten, but if I had been this smitten when I was younger then this kid’s experience would be paradise: far more enticing than 72 dark-eyed virgins. General of the Ducks!!! The YouTube caption This toddler felt powerful as he lead an army […]

Duck caught speeding in Switzerland

Spot the pun in this story (click on screenshot to see the original, which is reproduced below in its entirety): The story: A speed camera in western Switzerland has snapped a duck twice within a period of three days, Swiss police said on Friday. The camera in Köniz, a municipality southwest of the city of […]

Friday: Duck report

What behooves a well-fed adolescent duck to migrate away from a food-filled pond tended by two nice Feeders mystifies me, but they’re leaving indeed. It’s the pull of Nature and their genes. We’re down to two ducklings and Honey now: six have flown the coop, strong and healthy, and the fowl that remain include the […]

Tuesday: Duck report

Well, we’re down to four ducklings now, as one apparently flew the coop (or rather the pond) last night. So we now have on hand (or rather on wing) Honey, who is temporarily flightless because of her molt, and four of the eight ducklings, including the small one who is bullied, Phoebe. But first let’s […]

Sunday: Duck report (with fledging)

Three of the ducklings have left the pond, apparently permanently (they were not there this morning or this afternoon). Five are left along with Honey. The smaller hen Phoebe is still timorous and hard to feed, which makes me anxious. I hope the other ducks go on their way soon so I can take proper […]

76 merganser chicks in the Big Parade

I’ve been sent this story and photo by many readers, and have delayed putting it up. Could it be I was miffed because this duck outdid Honey? At any rate, the photo of a common merganser hen (Mergus merganser) with a train of 76 ducklings has gone viral. The story and one likely explanation is […]

Saturday: Duck report

UPDATE: DUCKLING FLIGHT! During the afternoon feeding, one of the ducklings, sitting on the duck island and seeing everybody get their noms on the other side of the pond, simply took off effortlessly and flew to the other end of the pond. The first flight I’ve seen! Now that I know they can fly, I […]