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Hawaii, days 5, 6, and 7: Three meals, one with new friends

Yesterday I visited the Honolulu Aquarium, which, though small, has an amazing collection of corals and tropical reef fish. I’ll put photos from that visit separately, as their inclusion would make this post too long. Instead I’ll write briefly about everyone’s favorite topic: food. On Saturday we were invited to the homes of locals who […]

Wednesday: Duck report

As I mentioned in this morning’s Hili dialogue, we have another newly-hatched brood of ducklings who entered the pond today. I am not in Chicago, so I have no idea about whether it’s Honey, but we’ll all do our best to help the mothers raise 27 babies! We have a report on the ducklings by […]

Monday: Duck report

I’m a bit behind on the duck reports, as this one is three days old. It comes from our Secret Duck Farmer SDF), whose words are indented. It’s heartening to hear that all 18 ducklings are alive and thriving. It was sunny on Friday morning and all seems well at the pond.  I visited in […]

Hawaii: Days 3 and 4

Two days ago I did my first beachy thing, but I dislike simply sitting on beaches, even beautiful ones, and prefer going into the water (and it has to be warm) and snorkeling. One of my favorite things to do is snorkel on a tropical reef where you can see beautiful and colorful fishes. It’s […]

Friday: Duck report

All is well at Botany Pond, with all eighteen ducklings thriving. We have a duck report today, including videos and photos, from our Anonymous Duck Farmer, whose words are indented below (mine are flush left): Everyone seemed happy today at the pond.  Katie and her brood have been foraging in the plants near the stone […]

Thursday: Duck report (with zoomies!)

Here’s the last video Anna (Mueller) made of our ducks before she leaves today for Indiana. This is an awesome clip that she calls “teens with zoomies”. It shows not only Anna Mallard’s brood eating corn in the foreground (they’re much bigger since I left!), but also, fortuitously filmed in the background, Katie’s teenaged brood […]

A farewell to Anna the Human

Anna Mueller’s namesake, the hen Anna Mallard, is still with us, along with her eight healthy ducklings, but Human Anna is leaving tomorrow to take a job at Indiana University in Bloomington. I doubt that she’ll return for the rest of the summer, and so the ducks she tended will grow, and then depart, and […]

Wednesday: Duck report

This will count as “Readers’ wildlife photos” today. Yesterday I had communications from two of our duck farmers, including Anna, both of whom sent photos and gave an optimistic report: all eighteen ducklings, large and small, are thriving. Here’s a report from the non-Anna duck farmer All has been well at the pond aside from […]

Manager’s wildlife photos—ducks!

Because I’m in transit, today’s wildlife photos will be of Anas platyrhynchos, otherwise known as the mallard. In particular, we’ll see the mallards of Botany Pond—the most famous mallards in Illinois. Here is Anna with her eight babies, all thriving and hanging around a mud puddle. They splashed around in it and even drank the […]

Friday: Duck report

Forgive me for boring you with pictures of my grandducks, but I’m leaving on Sunday and there will be no more pictures after that until I return, at which time the older brood may have flown off. First, some pictures of Anna and her young brood, which still comprises eight ducklings. These pictures were taken […]