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Sunday: Duck report

I was going to write another post today: about immigration, the Wall, and Andrew Sullivan, but I see people are busy crowing about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s demonization, which makes another post superfluous, and also makes me disheartened. Let’s talk instead about DUCKS! Here’s today’s report on Anas platyrhynchos in Botany pond.  First, a video from […]

Spot the duckling!

Duckling in the lily pads! Can you spot it? (Click photo to enlarge.) Answer at 3 pm Chicago time.

Saturday: Duck report

I’ll start with a photo from yesterday morning when the ducks were huddled on the bank in the rain. I think it’s one of the best “brood” photos I have, mainly because of the duckling at upper left of the Duck Pile sticking its bill out (click to enlarge): It’s stopped raining here (we had […]

Friday: Duck report

Anna and I just fed the brood, which were resting, huddled in a cold, sodden mass on the bank, sadly unable to rest on their inundated duck island. Anna told me that when they saw me approaching, without my making a sound, they perked up. She suspected that they know me from my appearance!  Anyway, […]

Wednesday: Duck report

The weather has cooled down (right now it’s a comfortable 70°F (21°C) in Chicago, and the ducks are happy and healthy. Now they’re up to four feedings a day—but only if, after the third, they still act hungry. When I walked by the pond on my way to the library this morning, they were all […]

Monday: Duck report

All is well here at Botany Pond, though it’s bloody hot today: 93°F (34°C) at the moment. But the pond is shady and the ducks are paddling around in cool, fresh water. Here are some scenes from yesterday. They all came streaming to my lunch whistle, and lined up facing me, waiting for their duckling […]

Sunday: Duck report

All is still well at Botany Pond, though it’s hot today (about 35°C), and I fed everyone early so they could nap during the heat of the day. When I was approaching the pond this morning, a rather large mammal was walking on the nearby sidewalk. I thought, “Holy jeez: that’s a big cat!” before […]

Friday: Duck report

Good afternoon, all. This duck report covers both yesterday and today, as I lacked time (and photos) to do a proper one yesterday. Here’s yesterday’s postprandial bathing. I love this photo as Honey looks as if she’s smiling at her brood (I suggest enlarging it). Yes, there are eight ducklings there. And this morning’s feeding […]

Wednesday: Duck report—with THREE videos!

All is well with the ducks despite yesterday’s trauma. I had a mini-trauma today: I went to the pond and there were FOUR DRAKES swimming about: Henry, Hank, and two new interlopers. Honey spent a long time chasing them around, and I worry that this wears her out. The ducklings stayed on the island and […]

Honey is back!

Here’s the sad sight that greeted me this morning: the brood huddled together on the cement edge of the pond, peeping pathetically. I spent an hour looking all around the pond for feathers, a duck carcass—and nothing. And there was no sign of mom. I went back to my office and spent another half hour […]