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Sunday: Duck report

PCC(E) here, and we have the latest update from Anna. The headline, though is “Ducks still here.” Subheadline: Crustacean carnage Anna’s note: Here are more pics and a video. Apparently a crawfish met its end. Now I don’t know if ducks eat crayfish, so I’m agnostic on that point, but knowledgable readers can weigh in: Note […]

Weekend movies: a DUCKumentary

Don’t waste your time this weekend going to a blockbuster movie that is, in effect, one long chase scene. Instead, take an hour and watch, on a big screen if you can, this terrific PBS documentary on the ducks of the world, called “An Original DUCKumentary” (their capitalization). While the video concentrates on the life […]

Sunday: Duck report

After yet another one-day absence, Honey’s been here the last two days, and she’s been eating corn and mealworms as if they’re going out of style. This morning she wasn’t here for the 7 a.m. feeding, and she wasn’t here at noon, either.  However, she wasn’t here yesterday morning, either, but showed up a few […]

Honey is back!

Honey the duck is pulling the same stunts she did last year: before finally leaving, she absented herself from the pond for a day or so, and then returned. She did this about three times in late August of 2017 (she finally left on September 1), and has done it again—she was there this morning, […]

The bill is gone

Well, I looked up the records for Honey’s appearances last year, and between the 25th and the 31st of August she left the pond three times and then returned for a day. She left for good on September 1. We’re still hoping she’ll return for a goodbye and a feed, but don’t know for sure. […]

Honey’s back again!

UPDATE: According to Anna, Honey is at the pond this morning. Well, I don’t know what’s up with Mother Duck. She’s vanished twice in the last week. The first time was after the Great Chainsaw Episode, when both she and Phoebe disappeared. Then Phoebe reappeared after a day and, a day after that, so did […]

Report from Jerry: Phoebe’s gone again

Anna reported yesterday that, after spending a day with Honey in the pond, Phoebe departed again. Perhaps this time it’s for good, but it was time for her to leave, and at least she had a grand reunion with her mother before taking off. Now I’m not sure whether Phoebe really has flown the coop […]

Both Honey and Phoebe have returned!

The duck soap opera continues at Botany Pond. Yesterday we learned that, after both ducks were driven away by chainsaws and commotion as the Pond’s reeds were cut down by an unwise order from Buildings and Grounds, Honey returned after a day’s absence. Phoebe remained AWOL. Late yesterday afternoon, Anna sent me a text message […]

Troubles in the duck pond

The latest duck report is a bit sad. Without telling me, and despite their promise that they wouldn’t do anything to the pond, Grounds and Landscape Services sent two people to the pond this morning to cut down the tall reeds at the north end of the big pond, and they used small chainsaws and […]

Readers’ wildlife: My ducks

We’re down to two ducks: Honey and her daughter Phoebe, once a runt but now getting bigger. Phoebe is able to fly (we’ve seen her take to the air twice), but is still hanging around her mom, as she’s a timorous and clinging duck. She is also well fed on corn and mealworms. (Phoebe is […]