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My ducks are in a row

Aren’t I lucky? When I walked home from work I took a short detour by the pond—I have no free will about such things—and saw this (it’s an iPhone photo): Aren’t they adorable all lined up—and with Daphne standing guard? And I get the extra pleasure of knowing that I helped contribute to them all […]

My wildlife photos: ducks (of course)

Don’t forget to send your good wildlife photos. I have a decent reserve but can always use more. Here’s a short duck report in lieu of other wildlife, but be mindful that these mallards are wild animals. It appears that two more of the oldest brood (Katie’s) flew the coop last night, though this may […]

Thursday ducks: zoomies and naptime

Forgive me while I indulge in a bit of duck display.  First we have a video of the contagious zoomies, in which Katie’s brood simultaneously goes nuts in Botany Pond, swimming around rapidly, flapping their wings, making very short flights within the pond, and diving for short jaunts underwater. I think it’s practice for flying, […]

A miracle! Cherry shaped like a duck!

It’s 95°F (35°C) in Chicago right now, and the ducks are having a bit of a hard time, with Daphne doing some gular breathing and all the babies sequestered in the shade. I hope they’ll be okay. As a sign from Ceiling Cat, reader Rick just found a cherry shaped like a duck, and sent […]

Tuesday: Duck report

UPDATE—Dead duck: I am told that there is a dead duck—one of Katie’s brood—in the shrubbery next to the pond. Its status as a member of the senior brood was verified by one of our fellow duck farmers, but I can’t bear to go look at it. I wonder why it died. Apparently the body […]

Friday: Duck report

Our Secret Duck Farmer (SDF) sent several duck reports on July 4th. And someone has given the ducks a big chunk of watermelon! SDF’s words are indented: We had a hot 4th of July, but all is well at the pond.  All ducklings and mother ducks were present and accounted for.  I’m noticing a lot […]

Wednesday: Duck report

We have two quick videos of the oldest and youngest broods in Botany Pond. But the first one is especially exciting, as it shows some of the first flights of Katie’s ducklings, who are just about two months old. From fluffball to flight in sixty days! Our Secret Duck Farmer (SDF), who took the videos, […]

Saturday: Duck report

We have a passel of duck photos from our Secret Duck Farmer (SDF). You’ll be happy to know that all 27 ducklings and three moms are doing well and eating heartily. And we’ve ordered more duck food to ensure that nobody goes hungry. The SDF’s comments are indented, while mine are flush left: From June […]

Thursday: Duck report

Permit me to bore you with tails of my grandducks. There much to report, and lots of photos and videos, but I’ll try to restrain myself in this post. On Tuesday, one of our duck farmers reported another hen and a newborn brood had entered Botany Pond. There were nine of them, and they were […]

Wednesday: Duck report

As I mentioned in this morning’s Hili dialogue, we have another newly-hatched brood of ducklings who entered the pond today. I am not in Chicago, so I have no idea about whether it’s Honey, but we’ll all do our best to help the mothers raise 27 babies! We have a report on the ducklings by […]