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Reader’s wildlife: a Friday duck report

Please indulge me while I show you photographs of my grandchildren in lieu of a “regular” readers’ wildlife post. As I mentioned this morning, all ten ducklings are thriving, which makes me very happy (well, at least complacent: a true Jew is never “happy”). I’ll be leaving for three weeks from mid-June to early July, […]

Ducklings in a sink

In response to Trump’s new immigration plan, whose details I don’t know except that even Republicans don’t like it, I give you four parts of “Ducklings in a Sink”, courtesy of reader Amy. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Part 1 doesn’t have sound, but the other parts do. For some reason I find these […]

Monday: Quackie duck report

The good news (it’s all good) is that all ten ducklings are alive and thriving, and are frisking about in the warmer weather. They’re eating well, too, and mom has gotten a bit tamer so it’s easier to feed them. I’ll have a longer report with videos and pictures in a day or two, but […]

Friday: Duck report

The good news (there’s no bad news) is that all ten ducklings are fine and have survived their first two days of life. They also seem to be thriving, eating well and swimming around vigorously, sometimes diving underwater and popping up like a cork a few feet away. And we’ve named mom Katie Peck in […]

All ten ducklings survive first day and are eating well

Anna sent a report about feeding the ducklings this evening. When I tried feeding at about 3 pm, the hen (she’s not yet named) and her brood were skittish. But when I tossed some food in the water and withdrew, they eventually came over and ate. They’re all very timid—much more so than were Honey […]

Now there are ten. . .

The Big Leap happened this morning. Early in the morning there were two ducklings in the pond, with no sign of mom, and I heard peeping from the windowsill above. I knew, then, that there was a larger brood on the way. About a half an hour ago (I didn’t see it), they jumped, and […]

Just one. . .

It’s not Honey, though. Enlarged. Mom is VERY caring about her single offspring, as I saw by watching them.

Thursday duck report

Honey’s been absent from the pond for two days, but I’m not worried; I suspect she’s nesting. However, when I looked at my records from last year, she showed up on March 15 but the first duckling (she had ten) didn’t appear until shortly before May 20, when I returned from France. One duckling died […]

Friday duckling

For my next birthday, I’d like a rescue duckling on a leash, please. The background: Vegeta, a 4-week-old duckling who was rescued after his mother died, confidently charges ahead while walking on a leash. Vegeta?

In which I unfriend people on Facebook for wishing that Trump would sicken and die

A few days ago  one of my Facebook friends posted a comment on their timeline wishing that someone would send Donald Trump E. coli-contaminated romaine lettuce, with the clear implication that this would sicken or kill him.  Much as I despise Trump and his views, I found that comment insupportable, and after a testy remark […]