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Conversation with attorney Andrew Seidel on June 11 about the secular origins of the United States

If you’re in Chicago, mark your calendars for June 11. For on that evening I’ll be having a conversation in town with Andrew Seidel (sponsored by the Freedom from Religion Foundation [FFRF] and the End of the Line Humanists) about Andrew’s new book, The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American. To be released in […]

Dan Dennett versus two believers (including Reza Aslan): a discussion of faith at the University of Chicago (tickets free)

Maybe it’s a bit clickbaity to use the word “versus” in the title, but since Aslan is a faith-coddler, and the other religionist, William Schweiker, is identified as “Leading Theologian and Ordained Minister of the United Methodist Church, Author of Dust that Breathes: Christian Faith and the New Humanisms, and Director of Enhancing Life Project”, this […]

The Atheist/Science event last night

Here are their names in lights! I watched the people walk in, and if you didn’t know this was an event rife with discussion of science, meditation, and atheism, you wouldn’t have guessed from the audience: a diverse group of all ages, ethnicities, and sartorial quality. I especially looked at the sex ratio given that […]

Discussion thread: The Google fracas or anything else

I’m hellishly busy today, and posting will be very light. I will, however, put up the Five Cat Winners at about 2 pm Chicago time.. In the meantime, maybe we can try a discussion thread. As you may have heard, a Google employee wrote a ten-page “diversity memo” that you can find here; it’s called “Google’s […]

On the way home: discussion with Dawkins

I’m cooling my heels at R*agan Airport in DC, which I’d prefer to call National Airport, its old name. I’ll be home about noon Chicago time. You may remember the first bit of this post’s title as a Beatles song; if you also remember the album it was on, you get extra credit. The event […]

My conversation with Richard Dawkins: Washington D.C. (and your chance to submit questions)

Richard Dawkins is doing a four-appearance visit to the US next month: The four stops on the tour are Los Angeles, Boulder, Washington, and Miami (with Dave Barry doing the discussion there!), and they’re being held to benefit the Center for Inquiry. On May 24, at the Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.C., I’ll have an hour’s conversation […]