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Is just quoting Beyoncé a form of cultural appropriation?

You know the answer to the question above. According to Black Lives Matter, it’s a strong “YES!”, although nobody would have batted an eyelash about this five years ago. What happened in March is that Niki Ashton, a New Democratic Party member of the Canadian Parliament, emitted a tweet announcing that she was going to […]

One of Them: Part V

This is probably the last of Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur series about the “Religious Freedom Restoration Acts”, aka the Freedom-To-Discriminate laws. The Haters have left, but Eddie (the lobsterman with the self-satisfied cat on his shoulder) is still at the diner. h/t: Ben Goren

Are you against gay marriage based on the Bible?

The Nib provides a handy flowchart to inquire about about your beliefs about gay marriage, and to let you know the problems of rationalizing any opposition from the Bible. Most of us, however, will be on the right side, which is the right side. h/t: jsp

Who lobbied Indiana’s governor Pence to sign the pro-discrimination bill? He ain’t saying.

Three days ago I posted a picture of the signing of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Bill” by governor Mike Pence: Apparently there was another photo, too, with a different group of “guests” at the signing, including lobbyists  And some of those guests were identified by the GLAAD Facebook page with the caption, “Some of Indiana Gov. Mike […]

Women in Saudi Arabia protest driving ban by driving

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that forbids women to drive. Even foreign women can’t drive.  This is part of the religiously-based conservatism that pervades that Islamic nation. You might have heard about the biological consequences of driving: about a month ago a prominent Saudi cleric declared that driving while female damages […]

New study shows gender bias in science against female students

In February of last year I reported on a study by Ceci and Williams  showing that, at least according to the authors’ methodology, there was little evidence of gender bias against women in academia for getting grants, being hired as a faculty member, or getting papers published. Although women still occupy faculty positions disproportionately less […]