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Dissident Saudi journalist in America probably killed on Turkish soil after going to Saudi consulate in Istanbul

I’m not absolutely sure that Jamal Kashoggi has been murdered, but it’s pretty likely. Kashoggi, a Saudi journalist became self-exiled when he began criticizing —in the pages of the Washington Post—the new Saudi government (i.e., Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and his father King Salman). Last Tuesday, Kashoggi went to the Turkish consulate in Istanbul to […]

Trump screws up in Singapore

Of course Trump wasn’t going to get Kim Jong-un to give up his nukes; that was never on the table. There is a lot of talk of how Trump gave away the farm (no more joint U.S./South Korean military exercises) and got precious little in return, while the DPRK got a propaganda triumph. Still, that […]

Tom Nichols on the Big Summit

I’ve been appalled at how ham-handedly Trump has handled the Singapore summit with Kim Jong-un, and how casually he seems to take it. On again, off again. . . “I can size him up in 10 seconds”, “I know everything I need to know”, and so on. Trump doesn’t have near the knowledge or savvy […]