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Readers’ wildlife photos (and one of mine)

Today we’re continuing on with David Hughes’s photos from India, the first aliquot which I posted yesterday. Here’s the introduction, and David’s captions are indented: In December 2018 I went on a wildlife-viewing tour to three tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh, central India, a trip I can thoroughly recommend if it ever takes your fancy. […]

Belated Caturday felid trifecta: Kittens frozen to ground rescued with hot coffee; cat chases d*g; dog dad brings up abandoned kittens (and lagniappe)

Oy! As reader Linda Calhoun reminded me this morning, there was no Caturday Felid yesterday. And indeed, although I have about six such posts prepared in advance, I was rushing out to do my grocery shopping morning, and the feature simply slipped my mind. But one day late is better than not at all, and […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Regular Stephen Barnard has been busy this winter, explaining the dearth of photos from him. But today he sent a batch which weren’t labeled. However, you can recognize the animals, including Deets the Wonder Dog. The landscapes are taken on his property.               And three landscapes. Stephen called the […]

Christmas kitties

by Greg Mayer Peyton, the Philosophical Cat, is not much moved by the holidays, except that, with someone at home during the day more frequently, she’ll be able to have her midday treat more often—her choice between salmon snacks or a paté. Unusually, she’s not taken to sleeping under the tree this year, but she […]

Hero dog in al-Baghdadi chase finally named

Up to now, the Belgian Malinois hero dog who chased Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi down the tunnel has not been named. In fact, on the CBS News I just watched in my cabin, the dog was still anonymous. I was concerned about its fate as it was apparently wounded when al-Baghdadi detonated his suicide vest (taking […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Stephen Barnard has been busy fishing, but he favors us today with a new batch of photos from Idaho. His captions are indented. The first four are rufous hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus). They migrate through in August and put on quite a show at the feeders. They’re gone now. Next is a moose (Alces alces) across […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

It’s been too long since we’ve had some photos by Stephen Barnard from Idaho, but he came through with this nice batch (and an explanation). His captions are indented. I haven’t been doing much photography, for a variety of reasons, one of which is that I’ve been doing a lot of fishing. This is my  […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Since Stephen Barnard sent his recent batch of photos to me in one dollop, and I posted half of them yesterday, here is the other batch; Stephen’s notes are indented: The second batch is a mixed bag. First, a couple of duck mated pairs: Cinnamon Teals (Anas cyanoptera) and Gadwall (Mareca strepera). The next three are […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Stephen Barnard has been sending me photos from Idaho every few days, and let’s see them all together. His captions are indented. The first set of photos came with a “trigger warning: mink/mallards”. I was relieved that the mallards didn’t get eaten. This American Mink (Neovison vison) was working its way down the creek, sometimes […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I saw a photo of a coyote (Canis latrans) on Stephen Barnard’s Facebook page, and asked him if I could use it. He said yes, but told me that I may have published one or more of these several years ago. So be it; I don’t remember, and I bet most readers either don’t or […]