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A good critique of panpsychism but a lousy alternative

The article at hand was published by the Institute of Art and Ideas, a British organization that I hadn’t heard of but is described by Wikipedia thusly: The Institute of Art and Ideas is an arts organisation founded in 2008 in London. Its programming includes the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn and the online channel IAI TV, where […]

Monday Deepakity

It’s always a good week when it starts with Deepak trying to show his credibility as a scientist. He tw**ted this at me yesterday (I got informed by email), with the obvious message that REAL SCIENTISTS take him seriously. Or, perhaps this is a tacit admission on his part that HIV causes AIDS after all. . . […]

Morning LOL with Deepak

When reader Ant sent me a link to this tw**t by Deepak, I realized that I had no choice but to post it, for, like all of us, I lack free will. But if I need to confabulate, I have no choice but to add that Deepak’s lucubrations are a very reliable source of amusement. Check out […]

Monday entertainment: Deepak Chopra tries to attack Dawkins, fails miserably

Let’s start off the week with something light and amusing, and by that I mean the recent lucubrations of Deepak Chopra, always good for a giggle or guffaw. This PuffHo Live video was made last November, so I’m late to the party, but I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else. Click on the screenshot below […]