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Tonight’s debate

I watched half an hour—all about healthcare—and I give up. Harris won’t admit that she’s banning employer-sponsored healthcare, nor tell us where the money for her plan comes from. Biden is being overly polite. And Americans care about other stuff, too. It’s dispiriting.  Something about an internecine squabble, necessary thought it may be, makes me […]

David Brooks on the Dems

Read this op-ed by David Brooks in today’s New York Times (click on screenshot) and see if you disagree with it. His fear, which is also is mine, is that the Dems, by moving ever further left in an effort to out-woke each other, will improve the prospects of Trump: An excerpt (Brooks is a […]

The first Democratic debate: your take

I missed all but the last ten minutes of the first Democratic Presidential debate, as I was out and about. All I saw was a bunch of self-promotion, and some heated moments as the Dems attacked each other. Well, that’s to be expected. Weigh in below with your opinion, though it’s early days. Who did […]

Tonight!: Livestreamed Intelligence-Squared Debate on God and Woo with Deepakity Chopra, Michael Shermer, Heather Berlin, and Anook Kumar

Lucky you! Tonight you get to watch, for free—and it costs $40 to attend live—a debate at this website, which runs from 7:00 to 8:45 pm this evening, Eastern US time. Just click here or on the screenshot below to see the livestreamed fun. Here’s the topic, which is just plain weird: Does God have […]

Tonight’s debate

UPDATE: And so the madness begins. From CNN: Donald Trump made a surprise appearance with women who in the past have accused Bill Clinton of inappropriate sexual activity. The women are expected to attend Trump’s debate with Hillary Clinton, which is airing on CNN at 9 p.m. ET. The town hall forum is co-moderated by […]

Anthony Grayling vs. Rabbi Rowe on God’s existence

This video, a recent debate in London between philosopher Anthony Grayling and Rabbi Daniel Rowe, was sent to me by reader Mark, who made this comment: I have to admit to finding the prospect of an orthodox rabbi holding his own in a debate with Dr. Grayling on God’s existence rather disheartening, but I’m afraid that’s exactly […]

A documentary about Hitchens and his debates with an evangelical Christian

Since we’ve been discussing Christopher Hitchens’s discussions of religion with the faithful, Michael Shermer sent me a link to this 1.5-hour documentary about Hitchens’s interactions and debates with one Christian man. Michael’s description: Along the lines of what I mentioned previously about how Hitch would often engage people “on the other side” in order to […]

God vs. physics: Krauss debates Meyer and Lamoureaux

I haven’t yet watched yesterday’s Religion and Society debate at Wycliffe College in Toronto: “What’s behind it all? God, science, and the universe,” whose description is this: Has a scientific explanation of the universe replaced the need for God as cause of its origins? Could life on our planet exist apart from divine intervention? Is […]

Intelligence Squared debate: Is free speech threatened on campus?

Well, I’m putting up two talks today, but perhaps this is a lazy Sunday and you’d like some brain food. Submitted for your approval: an Intelligence² debate on the topic of free speech on campus. Held last Tuesday at Yale University, a hotbed of student authoritarianism, the topic is this: Yes or no: free speech is […]

Are science and religion compatible?: a discussion TONIGHT between Larry Moran and Denis Alexander

Tonight there will be a debate at 7 p.m. on the topic of accommodationism: the announcement is below, and if you’re not in Toronto, you can watch it live on YouTube (see below). The participants are Denis Alexander, one of the more amusing accommodationists I’ve read, and Larry Moran, an evolutionary biologist and biochemist at […]