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The New Yorker event: Cats lost. . . :-(

Here’s a brief report on “You, the Jury: Cats vs. Dogs“, our debate at the New Yorker Festival about the merits of these pets. (Note the correct placement of the comma in the title, as is apposite for the New Yorker.) Despite our best efforts, Team Cat went to the d*gs last night, as the post-debate audience […]

Free ticket to the cats vs. dogs debate in NYC this Saturday

Sadly, one person for whom I’d earmarked a free ticket for the Cats vs. Dogs event is unable to use it, so I’m putting it up for grabs. It’s in Manhattan this Saturday, so you’ll have to live nearby. The event is this one:   I was going to offer it to the first person […]

The New Yorker Festival, avec les chats et moi

Today the New Yorker Festival announced its program, which you can see here.  It takes place in Manhattan, of course, and from Friday, October 10 through Sunday, October 12. As always, there are tons of things to see.  And, I get to be in it, in a LOLzy program of debate—to wit: I will of […]

Two debates on science vs. faith: Craig vs. Caroll and Craig vs. Krauss

I’ve been meaning to put these up for a while, but finally got around to it. I haven’t yet watched either debate yet (one is actually supposed a “discussion”), but now I will. Be aware: each debate is about two hours long. They’re worth watching, I hear, because although Craig is an accomplished debater and […]

Big debate on the afterlife going on NOW

Sean Carroll and Steve Novella on the “no afterlife” side, Eben (I’ve been to heaven”) Alexander and Raymond Moody on the “there’s Heaven” side. See it livestreamed here, and now: it’s already 15 minutes in.

May 7: Sean Carroll and Steve Novella to debate the woomeisters on life after death

Make a note on your calendar: on May 7, one week from today, physicist Sean Carroll and doctor/podcaster Steve Novella will be debating Eben Alexander (author of Proof of Heaven) and doctor Raymond Moody (author of Life after Life) on the issue “Death is not final.” It’s an Intelligence-Squared debate that will be live-streamed at this site starting at […]

Karl Giberson debates Stephen Meyer about evolution

Over at The Daily Beast, Karl Giberson reports on a debate he had with Intelligent Design (ID) advocate Stephen Meyer in Richmond, Virginia: “My debate with an ‘intelligent design’ theorist.” (For some reason the article is headed by a picture of Sarah Palin.) The topic of their debate was “Should Christians embrace Darwin?” and of course […]

Get the popcorn: Sean Carroll goes at it hammer and tongs with William Lane Craig—livestreamed tonight!

I’m sure we’ll all be rooting for Official Website Physicist™ Sean Carroll as he begins his two-day series of debates and discussions with William “Kill the Canaanites” Craig this evening. And you can watch tonight’s debate live (see below). The topic is whether modern cosmology gives any evidence for God, and you can read all […]

Ham/Nye debate archived

Reader Verotchka informs me that, if you missed the live debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye last week, it’s been archived here in high-def, so you can watch in full screen and even download it. (You have to identify yourself as a human by typing in the code they give you, but that’s no […]

Debate postmortem III: BioLogos weighs in, but not helpfully

The people at BioLogos have weighed in with a group reaction to the Ham/Nye debate on evolution. “Ham on Nye: Our take,” which gives the separate reactions of six associates. BioLogos has always fascinated me because it’s an organization that has immense potential for cognitive dissonance. While dedicated to helping evangelical Christians accept evolution—an admirable […]


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