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Paw de deux

A tw**t from Emergency Kittens  shows us a lovely dance between man and moggie:

An optical illusion dance

Matthew Cobb sent me this, demanding that I post it.  Since he’s a good contributor here, I bow to his wishes: You have to admit that it’s quite clever—and disconcerting. According to Dr. Cobb, there are others like this on YouTube. I’ll take his word for it.

The grace of a moggie

Another awesome cat video from Japan. In less than a second, this tabby leaps into the air and catches a toy bear.  In slow motion, the grace is revealed: the cat catches the bear with its front paws, transfers the toy to its mouth, twists around using its tail as counterbalance, and then retracts its […]


This is an amazing shadow dance performed by the renowled Piolobolus Dance Company in Germany. They spell out two words with their bodies, and if you speak German you’ll understand them. What else can you say except the kids have talent? h/t: Dr. Moto

Astaire Week: A coda—Fred’s favorite

The Nicholas Brothers (Fayard and Harold) were a pair of fantastically talented tap dancers who were underappreciated because, being black, they appeared only in minor films of the 1930s and 1940s starring other black actors.  But they were stupendous, highly acrobatic, and, as you’ll see in this performance from the film “Stormy Weather” (1943), could […]

Astaire Week Grand Finale: Four easy pieces with Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers (1911-1995) appeared in 11 films with Fred Astaire and was paired with him in more than 35 numbers. She is, by far, the partner most often associated with Astaire.  She wasn’t as adept a dancer as, say, Rita Hayworth, but compensated for it with her charm and acting ability. As one commenter said […]

Fred Astaire Week: Fred and Cyd Charisse

Fred Astaire Week is drawing to a close. I envision only about two more posts, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the artistry of Astaire and his partners (and don’t forget his co-choreographer Hermes Pan). This lovely sequence, a jazz dance, is from the 1953 MGM musical The Band Wagon. Remember that Astaire was 54 at […]

Fred Astaire Week: Fred and Rita Hayworth

I love this clip—it’s full of energy and brio. How can you not smile when you watch it? Rita Hayworth makes a great partner for Astaire, and although she can’t match his grace (nobody possibly could), she matches his energy and still makes it look effortless. They dance to “The Shorty George,” whose name comes from […]

Fred Astaire Week: Hatrack dance from “Royal Wedding”

Fred made even a hatrack look good. This famous clip, called “Sunday Jumps,” is from the movie Royal Wedding, made in 1951 when Astaire was 52. There’s another famous dance scene in this movie—you might know it—which I’ll highlight later in the week. We haven’t even gotten to his famous partners yet: Cyd Charisse, Rita […]

Fred Astaire Week: I Won’t Dance

Astaire was an artistic polymath: this clip, from the movie Roberta (1935), demonstrates his singing, dancing, and piano playing. Yes, that’s Fred at the beginning, playing hot stride piano, and he’s really good! He then segues into a duet, the Jerome Kern tune “I won’t dance“, with his most famous dancing partner, Ginger Rogers (I’ll […]